Version: 1.6.27 || Release Date: 2015-06-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($18) Developer: BinaryAge | App Owner: dr_win

Brings tabs to your native Finder and more!

  • Tabs like in Google Chrome!
  • Adds a dual mode
  • Finder available system-wide on a hot-key
  • Cut and Paste
  • Stops creating .DS_Store litter
  • Show the folders always on top

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Nice enhansment to native Mac OSX Finder. Good features inside. Absolutely helpful.

I really have to concur with the latest comments, the current version (1.1.11) is a wonderful piece of software. Last I wrote in here about stability issues, but all of these have been addressed, and added to that, Cut/CMD+X functionality has been added. Wuhu.

Only little thing nagging me, is the fact that tabs seem animated, as I bet they could be even faster with a no-nonsense approach.

But, this is certainly what the Finder should be. And lightweight, superintegrated also. Bought. :-)

The best thing to happen to OSX productivity since Quicksilver!! Now one of the few apps I default install on a new computer before I can start using it.

I still heavily use Spaces for purpose-built environments so it's actually a pleasure to be able to pop-up the Visor of all my tabbed Finder windows from the bottom of any Space that I'm in.

Some extra features that aren't immediately apparent that also speed up repetitive operations for me are:
- drag-and-drop files/folders from one tab to the Tab label of another tab to immediately copy over.
- Key Shortcut to quickly show/hide System files (easily the fastest way yet to do this).

Best of all, has become very stable, responsive and frequently updated!

The best Mac app ever. It's real killer!

I bought the full version (1.0) and "folders on top" works in all views now. Brilliant.

The tabs are absolutely fine the way they are. Some people want Safari style tabs - I hope that will become merely an additional option in the preferences.

0.9.6 failed to install and the app sent a auto-msg to the author, and within hours, I received an email from Antonin himself, with a link to the 0.9.8 update.

This update works flawlessly !

Here's a link to the update page :

I have used TotalFinder for a few weeks now and it has really boosted my workflow. I switched off Apple's "Spaces" for good after only a few hours with TotalFinder.

It runs absolutely stable for me, zero crashes. One small niggle: the "folders on top" option works in list view but sadly not in column view.

However, the tabs alone are such a huge improvement over Apple's finder that I'll happily pay for TotalFinder once it is out of beta.

I am using it since the very first launch and I must say it is impressive alternative to native Finder and any other one that is available. Best part it is Open Source - so far.
Thanks Antonin!

@jespar A bit confused, it is still in alpha, and you cannot pay for it.

I have been using this for about 6 weeks, and it is such a part of my workflow now I will have to buy it once it reaches 1.0.

It is stable on both my home and work mac, perhaps 3 crashes in total.

One last note, excited about the one license multiple machines.

Still really unstable on my Mac (freezes), I can't believe money is charged for this application at the current step of development.

But, the app has surely come a long way since the first version, tabs and drag'n'drop being well-implemented now. Although, before even considering a purchase I would still need:

1) Stability. A lot more.
2) Cut-n-paste of files (preferably using CMD+X and CMD+V)

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