TotalTunes Control

Version: 2.5.4 || Release Date: 2008-12-16 || License: Shareware ($8) Developer: MacXeagle | App Owner: el_cravito

TotalTunes Control gives you control of iTunes.

It simply does what other controllers do too. However, you will be able to quickly select a playlist. You will also be able to select an other track corresponding to the current track album.

Close the iTunes window, and get TotalTunes Control ready!

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This app has a lot of potential as a free replacement for CoverSutra. It only needs more polishing on the interface.

Very good, but there are two shortcomings I've found. 1) if you use an Applescript to control iTunes while this program is running, it beachballs and needs to be restarted. 2) it doesn't seem to refresh the artwork display -- if you download artwork for an album, you need to restart the program before it will display the new artwork.

The only complaint is that it uses quite a lot of screen space. Tidy up the UI, make it smaller and you get the best Itunes controller.

Wow, this is hands down the best controller. Unobtrusive, fast, and sleek. Awesome.

@the Developer
Actually it would look cooler if it would use an iPhoto HUD window-style, but thats just my opinion =)

Nice interface and does what's supposed to do.
Very good!
And... did I mention that it's free?

Man, this app rocks!
"Everything that a controller needs" hits the point.

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