TotalTunes Control

Version: 2.5.4 || Release Date: 2008-12-16 || License: Shareware ($8) Developer: MacXeagle | App Owner: el_cravito

TotalTunes Control gives you control of iTunes.

It simply does what other controllers do too. However, you will be able to quickly select a playlist. You will also be able to select an other track corresponding to the current track album.

Close the iTunes window, and get TotalTunes Control ready!

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From the dev: "TotalTunes Control is no longer developed. Please think twice before buying it !"

From what I understood, it's lack of time to keep TotalTunes Control competitive against Coverstream and the likes that made him stop (he's a student).

For me it works perfectly.

Screenshot is here:
(Upload to iusethis failed, maybe because of 1200 width.)

@deef : 10% on what machine + OS?

I switched to CoverSutra a few versions back when the MacHeist came out -- see comments there -- this program was using 10%+ of CPU when idling, comparing to <1% for CoverSutra.

Don't upgrade to 2.2.3 It's now shareware :( Time to look for a free alternative or go back to using my CoverSutra

This has changed to shareware ($8). I didn't appreciate that the last update started demanding money without giving an option to stick with the last free version.

TotalTunes Control phones home with update checking turned off. No thanks.

it has a search feature in Leopard but there doesn't seem to be any way to act on the results ....they're listed but you can't play them :(

It only seems to show the artwork about 2/3 of the time, even in files where the artwork is in the file. I haven't spotted a pattern but I'm guessing that it only shows artwork in iTunes database of artwork, not when it's embedded in the mp3 file. Not so nice if much of your collection consists of recordings that aren't on iTunes.

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