Version: 1.7.1 || Release Date: 2013-08-21 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: | App Owner: herveo

TouchDraw is a vector drawing application for the Mac.

TouchDraw is a retina optimized application that gives you everything you need to create structured 2D vector graphics such as flow charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, logos and floor plans just to name a few. TouchDraw for the Mac is fully compatible with the iPad version and files can be freely exchanged between both versions.

TouchDraw differs from a paint program in that objects are always managed independently of the drawing they're in. You can move a figure around, change it's shape, change it's color, group it, without affecting other shapes that are around around.

Retina Optimized

Shape Libraries
* Create your own libraries of re-usable shapes, or use one of the bundled libraries. The following libraries are included with TouchDraw
- Common networking shapes
- Basic Flowcharting
- Basic Architectural shapes
- Basic Icon Library
- Balloons and Callouts
- Simple Shapes (hearts, diamonds, arrows, etc...)
- Import, Export and Sharing

  • Export your drawings via the following formats:
    - Bitmap Image (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF)
    - PDF
    - SVG
    - Visio (VDX/XML Drawing format only)
    - EPS
  • Import drawings in the following formats:
    - SVG
    - Visio (VDX/XML Drawing format only)
    - EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile)
    - WMF (Windows Metafile)
  • Support for inserting images into TouchDraw in the following formats:
    - JPEG
    - PNG
    - GIF
    - TIFF
    - BMP

Standard Features
* Lines
* Squares/Rectangles
* Rounded Rectangles
* Circles/Ellipses
* Polygons
* Path Tool
- Easily create complex curves, shapes and paths
* Freehand Tool
- Turn freehand lines into smooth curves
* Image Tool
- Add images from your photo library to your drawings.
* Text Tool
- Support for font, style, size and alignment configuration
* Grouping/Ungrouping
* Locking/Unlocking
* Rotation
* Unlimited levels of zoom
* Dynamic canvas size
- No artificial limits on the size of your drawings
* Grid & Rulers
- Unit aware grid support with optional snap to grid support.
- Visual feedback to your current location within a drawing.
* Alignment (align left, align right, etc...)
* Ordering (move to front, move to back, etc...)
* Shadows
* Line decorations (arrowheads, etc...)
* Layers
- Organize your drawings into multiple layers.
* Printing

Advanced Tools
* Connectable graphs
- Support for creating flow charts and other diagrams.
* Convert text to paths
* Boolean Path Operations
* Add, subtract, intersect or exclusion

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