Version: 1.4.5 || Release Date: 2011-01-10 || License: Shareware ($ 24.95) Developer: NimbleWorks | App Owner: nimbleworks

Track your activities, projects, music and websites on a beautiful timeline.

TrackTime tracks all your activities on a timeline and provides statistics on applications, music, websites and your own projects.

You can see:
- how long you listened to music by a specific artist,
- which websites you visit most and how long,
- which applications you use and when,
- your own activities that can be logged manually or automatically (using AppleScript)
and much more.


- A beautiful interface - All your activities are arranged like in a multi-track-recording application. You can quickly see, how much time you spent on each "track". Discover forgotten music and websites in your personal history and enjoy them instantly again.

- Detailed statistics - Get a quick glance on your activities and discover which are your most used applications, best rated artists and favourite websites.
Date Range - Specify any time frame to examine. You can for example only view the music you played last month.

- Your projects - Track working hours or your hobbies with TrackTime's easy-to-use project tracking capabilities. Running projects can be indicated in the menubar using a colored dot.

- Easily delete unwanted items from your Timeline or pause logging, just like Safari's "Private Mode".

- Growl support - Get notified what happens – using your own style.

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6 Opinions

And it's been transferred again, apparently — this time to NimbleWorks. To their credit, they seem to be putting out updates. Good to see this great app still getting some love.

This has now been transfered back to Mamooba and a new version released, so far from dead. Need to get all the info changed here though.

obviously apokalypse software did nothing good to tracktime.

i've bought tracktime when it came out (on mamooba) and communication have initially been good.

i still have no news from the new company. no new license keys, nothing at all. tracktime still checks for updates though the transfer to apokalypse is ages old.

i'd call this dead, though it is (or was) a good tracker

Maybe I can explain the name of this application:
"Hora" in Portuguese (my language) and in Spanish means "hour".
Just think of it when considering what this appication does...

Apparently (well, according to the website) the name is a reference to the book 'Momo' by Michael Ende. But I'm afraid I don't know much about that...

Anyway, this is a sweet looking app, and I have to say the developer is very friendly fellow. I emailed him requesting Firefox support in the web browsing tracking (it's pretty neat how it works - but only with Safari at the moment) saying he'll try and get it done within the next few days, and that he'll notify me when it's done! Pretty bloody awesome in my opinion.

You really can't beat independent developers for creative software, and customer support.

And I have to stress, this app is SEXY, as well as very functional. Worth checking out anyway, IMHO!

The app name is a bit unfortnuate for Swedish users. Hora is a rather nasty patronising word used on girls or one who sells here body to men. I believe the english word is "whore".