Version: 4.4.2 || Release Date: 2013-09-10 || License: Shareware ($34) Developer: Panic | App Owner: cabel

The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app

Transmit is an excellent FTP (file transfer protocol), SFTP, S3 ( file hosting) and iDisk/WebDAV client that allows you to upload, download, and delete files over the internet. With the most Mac-like interface available, Transmit makes FTP as simple, fun, and easy as it can possibly be.

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The bestest and FTPest and overall Panicest FTP, SFTP client. Thou shalt buy this.

Beats sliced bread hands down.

The best and fastest FTP app with many useful features. The transfer process is very stable also for a large number of files.

version T4 it's a must have!

I love my truck works well and is smartly designed. Well done Panic

Bad non-English characters support (including search). Switch to Forklift.

I've used Transmit for a very long time. I love "my little truck." Reliable, powerful, easy, quick. I can always count on it. Never a complaint.

Elegant UI, excellent functionality, occasional performance hitches; despite being a paying user for years, I've switched to YummyFTP for SFTP and vanilla FTP, because I prefer its Finder-like hierarchical view. (I do web dev for a living; I don't use Amazon S3, and avoid WebDav like the plague!) But if you're only gonna pay for one FTP app, Transmit is the one to buy!

My favorite FTP, and I've tried lots. Plus: the owner of the company responds to email -- lightning-fast and very polite.

Stable, reliable and simple. Other FTP clients are cheaper, have more features or have a slicker design. But somehow I always end up using Transmit.

I think of it as a professional tool. Expensive and boring. :-) Transmit doesn't get in your way. It gets the job done. It has the perfect feature set. It just works. What more can you want from an FTP and WebDAV client?

Not only is it a great, fast SFTP app, but it's a beautiful Mac app. One of the best around.

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