Version: 1.1.0 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: GPL App Owner: chriseldred03

This is an addicting FPS that I found, think it was on digg a while ago...

Note: the developer site doesn't ahve a link for the Mac version, the download points to
I guess "tjw" ported the mac build...

I don't know if it is UniBi yet.

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There's an enhanced custom build for Intel Macs only (with a nice replacement icon too) here:,907.0/topicseen.html

It enables SMP support and allows you to disable mouse acceleration (which some people don't seem to like).

Here is the download link for the Mac version! Hosted at Apple:

Cool game, but it's a little too... fast for me :) Guess I'm no real gamer any more.