Tri 2: Tri Again

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-03-31 || License: Shareware ($13.33) Developer: Day Late & Dollar Short Software | App Owner: bitnix

Can you master the "Con-TRI-ption"?

The Con-TRI-ption —the unusual tri-geared contraption— traverses a triangular game area by feeding a single loop of chain through three large motorized gears and three small pulleys that slide along the boundary of the game area.

The challenge is to master the gearing system to make the Con-TRI-ption go where you want, accumulating fuel and points while avoiding deadly tri-pedoes.

Adding to the challenge in Tri 2 are new spinners that temporarily change the positions of the color-coded gears ... and triple the value of the point targets.

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