Version: 0.95 || Release Date: 2007-11-12 || License: Freeware Developer: Vacuous Virtuoso / Rixstep | App Owner: ankur

Delete junk files, clear resource forks, strip universal binaries, clean out NIBs, strip debug symbols, compress TIFFs, remove foreign languages - do all the things Apple do but third party vendors don't. Recover lots of disk free space.

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Not very useful for me (10.4.11):
- broke Acrobat Professional 8
- made iTunes and iMovie 40% bigger, backup copy didn't work.
- crashed on iWeb, reducing its size to 0 KB. Backup copy didn't work, found a working version in /private/tmp)

Although Xslimmer has a more polished interface, this tool does much more. It works for most applications. I'm glad to read from @wwwluckyro that the developer is responsive. I hope that a more full-featured UI is forthcoming.

Great app and the developer is answering support email fast and is willing to take advices from people willing to help. Let's make this app the best! Why pay for Xslimmer when you can get this free?