Version: 0.8 intel || Release Date: 2009-08-30 || License: GPL App Owner: patrickg

TriTag helps you to get a clear MP3 collection by either creating a new filename out of the ID3Tag or filling the metatags using the information found in the filename using a user defined pattern - easy due to a pattern builder.
The first mode also allows to create a unique directory structure (artist/album/) similar to the one generated by iTunes "Consolidate library".
Search the FreeDB database if neither the filename nor the tag contains correct information.

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A little gem! For those who don't subscribed to the iTunes way of life, preferring a well ordered and tagged music directory (for use with the wonderfully simple Cog player), TriTag does exactly what you need. Lets you tag, and then sort correctly into folders! Excellent!

The best id3 tagger. It just do it. Well, YOU have to do it, but what i mean is that it don't mess with useless features. Just edits tags faster and better than any other.
Just need a minor update to make the right clicks work proper and another thing, but it seems they've stop the developing.

This app broke some mp3 files... they just stop working!!

v0.8: the FreeDB feature is quite basic: it doesn't use the tracks' lengths to query, but prompts for a keyword. Moreover, it didn't return anything for the keyword I entered, which should have returned some results...

TriTag looks quite constraining, eg: you can't just set the album tag of a set of files by entering it, it seems that you always have to enter a pattern to get tags from the filename.
Erratum: you can: just check 'force use of default values' and put the tag in the filename pattern (eg: %t). :)
But can't tell it to ignore a (changing) part of the filename (like you could with regular expressions for instance).

WARNING: TriTag erased the tags of some of my files: I applied some values to 3 tracks of the same album, and it worked for the first track, but erased the tag values for the two others. Note: Tag didn't recognize the format of these files at all, before and after I applied the changes with TriTag.

However, the source code is available and the license is GPL. :)

@gulli: there's also Tag which is quite nice, but there are some mp3 it doesn't recognize.

The actual release date was 2004-08-20. No time for a new release atm.

ugly interface, but seems to be the only free id3 editor

This program is a godsend when trying to clean up badly formed ID3 tags before importing into iTunes.