Version: 7.1a || Release Date: 2012-02-07 || License: BSD License App Owner: rawn027

Create encrypted volumes on a Mac that protect your important files.

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It's a good platform independent encryption app.

Encryption software SHOULD be OpenSource to make sure no hidden "backdoor" is installed. Some governments have a strict control over encryption software (search for Strong Encryption Export Controls).

This app can encrypt the entire hard disk. Recommended when your adversary (competitor company or even a dictatorship government) might get access to your computer. You can even make a decoy system if you're forced (torture/extortion) to reveal a password (read PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY in the USER GUIDE).

For simple things like sending (or saving) a encrypted file(s), just create a volume (it's like a folder), choose a size and put the file(s) inside. TrueCrypt is needed to decrypt.

EVERYONE have sensitive files on their computer and It doesn't have to be illegal. Could be your personal pictures, enterprise docs, bank statements among others. That's why you should use this app and if you're serious about protecting your privacy you should read the USER GUIDE (included in this app).

works with snow leopard

does not work with Snow Leopard

The icon on mac sucks. I found an alternative:

You can use FastIcns to convert the png to a 512 icns for Leopard use.

OK, sorry for posting before googleing, maybe this helps someone with the same problem: After downloading the .bz2 file, don't double-click it, just erase the bz2 extension, i.e. change the name to truecrypt.dmg then it will mount.

Anyone else problems with mounting the .dmg? Says something like no mountable file system when doubleclick on the .dmg.
Did anyone already got this to work? I have a Macbook with Tiger.
Hope to get it working soon, one of the very few programs I really missed after switching from XP!