Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2010-06-16 || License: BSD License Developer: Jim Riggs | App Owner: jhriggs

TruePreview is a plugin for Apple's that allows you to truly preview messages.

Instead of the default behavior of immediately marking viewed or previewed messages as read, this plugin allows for a delay before marking a message as read.

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Installed TruePreview-1.8a7.pdg and 1.2.0 in Mac OS 10.9.5. New TruePreview options appear in Apple Mail preferences, but function does not work. No matter if "Automatically mark messages as read" is set to "never" or "After x seconds" mail is still marked as read immediately. Can you help? This looks like a wonderful app that I would love to get working properly. thanks

Great work. A life saving app.

Well done! MailActOn has similar features + a whole lot more, but for a simple straight forward solution to customize how handles marking-as-read mail, this is GREAT!

I've been irked from day 1 of use that this isn't built in. Thanks!

great !!!!!

great !!!!!

great !!!!!

Brilliant add in. So glad i found it. Thanks Jim.