Tubbler - YouTube Standalone Player

Version: 1.51 || Release Date: 2014-01-14 || License: Commercial with demo (Unknown) Developer: Celmaro | App Owner: celmaro

A cute YouTube Player for Your Mac (no Flash required)

There is no better place to find movies than on the YouTube website, but did you ever want to play YouTube movies outside of your web browser in a sophisticated way right on your screen.

Find movies on YouTube and drag the movie URL's on Tubbler to add them to the movie query or play them instantly.

Arrange the play order of your movies easily and sit back to watch movies in fullscreen, on your secondary display, or in a tiny floating window while working with other applications.

Apple Remote Support -> Control movies comfortable with your Apple Remote.

No Flash Required -> Tubbler plays movies without the requirement of the Adobe Flash Player.

Low CPU Usage -> Without using the Flash Player Tubbler will lower CPU usage and increase your battery life.

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1 Opinion

dont like how you have to search the video up on youtube first