Version: 3.6.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($12.00) Developer: Tom Hancocks | App Owner: akurtz

TuneBar (previously TuneX) allows you to access iTunes through a minimal interface that slides underneath the menu bar when not in use. This controller gives access to the most important features of iTunes such as Play/Pause, Back Track, Next Track, Volume, Rating and more from within any running application on your computer. Supports Growl notifications.

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Yeah, I liked this app alot too, but then I found SizzlingKeys, which is not quite as pretty, but

1) controls iTunes volume (important for Airport Express streaming)
2) is a preference pane so it doesn't take up menubar space
3) is more stable; searching is faster
4) is free except for two unimportant features

I really do like the look of TuneX, but SizzlingKeys is the better app

I loved this app, at least for the time it would work. It tends to crash a lot on my MBP. So much so that I just gave up on it.

Nah. I'd rather have Quicksilver and growltunes to have an even better, and free product.

A few bugs:
Despite having the artwork already in my iTunes, TuneX still refuses to display any.
If you click the dropdown, a ring appears around one of the buttons and doesn't go away (regardless of my settings inside SystemPrefs/KeyboardSettings).
I wrote to the author but he refuses to acknowledge these bugs exist so they may not ever get fixed.
Apart from that, a very slick app.

I'm running on a 450mhz powermac G4 and this thing does not slow me down one bit. Wonderful program, it's well worth buying.

(4 pounds came out to roughly $7.50)

Very very slight delay before activation (almost unnoticeable) but apart from that, a great app with a VERY nifty little pop down menu.
From the screenshot, that black menu isn't there when working normally on other things. It only appears when you hover your mouseover the menubar.....neat.
As you can read from the description above, this app probably has more info re:track, position, rating etc than any other iTune controller.

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