Version: 3.6.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($12.00) Developer: Tom Hancocks | App Owner: akurtz

TuneBar (previously TuneX) allows you to access iTunes through a minimal interface that slides underneath the menu bar when not in use. This controller gives access to the most important features of iTunes such as Play/Pause, Back Track, Next Track, Volume, Rating and more from within any running application on your computer. Supports Growl notifications.

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I bought this app for one key feature: It places the name of the currently playing iTunes track in my menu bar. I've been running TuneBar 3 for a year now and I love. It's never crashed, it's never showed down my system and the preferences have been more than enough to customize it to my liking. $12 is nothing for an app that meets your needs. TuneBar has been totally worth it to me. Plus when I bought it, the FileActions app came free with it... which has been awesome as well!

The worst piece of software I've ever bought. Period.

I bought it through PayPal, where I have my name with accented characters. TuneBar had some problems with it and disallowed me to register. So I wrote to Tom Hancocs (author) what should I do now. Nothing received, author haven't replied. This looked very unprofessional to me, but it was just a beginning (until now no trace of activity from his side, so don't expect he will reply to anybody with any complains).

Thanks God I got some unicode tools here so I successfully registered even with those nasty characters (I don't remember how was it done, it's a year ago). OK. So now I got a full version of TuneBar.

As I am a Flash developer I often work with remoting and sockets. How was I surprised Tom uses LOT of sockets to handle internal communication. So it's nearly impossible to debug any remoting while TuneBar is running (it's very difficult to find information in the middle of tom.local connections, which are constantly created and destroyed).

That's another reason for hangs TuneBar time to time suffers to. When you disconnect a network, TuneBar is unable to handle these connections and everything you get is a bouncing ball.

I've never seen any application which behaves like that.

Ok. I uninstalled it. I thought everything is ok. But today I've got some issues to fix in network utilities app and I got mad once again. Netstat is full of tom.local connections. I would be really glad to know how to completely remove this piece of crap called TuneBar from my computer.

IN ANY CASE DON'T BUY IT. Worst spent money ever.

Version 3 is a major improvement; I'm really enjoying this app personally.

This is a good-looking app. It's pretty useful. However, it's not worth $12. Maybe 2. Or free. Just get Quicksilver for free instead, it does itunes keyboard shortcuts amazingly.

Not very good.

Many other apps such as sizzling keys in combo with the multiple iTunes widgets out there give the same functionality without hanging or crashing or interfering with your workflow/productivity.

I agree in that it should be avoided...

jo66, the comment about moving the cursor to the top of the screen getting frustrating and annoying as it interferes with other apps, is kind of mute really. There is a option in the preferences to turn this off, and use Hot Keys instead, or to require both Hot Keys and the cursor being at the top of the screen.

All apps have bugs, and yes TuneX 2.0 through to 2.4 has suffered quite a large amount, which have been completly fixed for 2.5. It has meant recoding the entire core engine, and basing it around AppleEvents by using the EyeTunes framework.

No it isn't.
This is a TERRIBLE app. Horrible and buggy and everything that OSX apps shouldn't be.
I also get glitches in the GUI, and the app tends to hang/crash a lot too which is the worst part.

The novelty of moving your cursor to the top of the screen for the black menu thing quickly dissappears as you find it interferes with the menu's of virtually every other app you use.

Overall, this is poor and should be avoided. As you can see from MOST of the users comments so far, there are much better alternatives to be had elsewhere.

And they're free too.

AVOID. Really.

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