Version: 1.1.0 || Release Date: 2012-09-09 || License: Freeware Developer: Water Drop Software | App Owner: straw000

TuneLyrics is a lyrics-fetching freeware and is a perfect companion with iTunes. [now with high-quality artwork search]

Ever wish that you could know the lyrics to the songs you are listening to on iTunes? Not willing to spend money on costly lyrics-fetching applications? Not anymore. Introducing TuneLyrics, a free alternative lyrics-fetching application that fetches lyrics on-the-fly, while you enjoy your favorite songs on iTunes. No more worries about filling in the lyrics for your songs anymore!! As of now, TuneLyrics will also help you search for high-quality album artwork for your songs : )

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I use TuneLyrics in combination with Get Lyrical. If one does not find the lyrics the other does. I like the TuneLyrics options to auto-search with google for you if you are out of luck. Sometimes the lyrics might be listed under a different artist (or album), that is something you need to clue out sometimes. :D

How to use? Start playing a song in iTunes whilst TuneLyrics is open and bingo. The TuneLyrics window will show the lyrics, click Accept for them to auto-copy to the song. Click Google if it cannot find the lyrics.

One advantage of Get Lyrical is you can simply select the songs to tag with lyrics (can select lots of songs at once.) I think this would be a great improvement if added as an ability to TuneLyrics, no need to play the song first. This would speed the process up for lyric tagging an entire album.

I just got TuneLyrics and I have mixed feelings. It gets lyrics for every song so far, unfortunately only about 75% were the correct lyrics, often it gave lyrics for a totally different song... I didn't throw anything obscure at it either, popular 1960's Motown music. For that reason, I would definitely NOT recommend using this in automatic mode unless you don't care that a good portion of your lyric tags could be wrong.

Artwork search is just Google image search. My album art was already in order so no need to use that feature but I highly doubt it would perform much better than iTunes "Get Album Art" feature does.

Pros: it works most of the time, has a simple interface, and it is very fast
Cons: it doesn't work every time/ it is untrustworthy in auto mode
MyRating: 3 out 5 stars

Never finds lyrics, worthless.

It works, it's simple and lightweight, growl support is a nice touch :)
Now if there was a way to hide the app from the dock or make it a menubar item it would be perfect!

@lolcaz Crashed? How?? plz give more details : (

I was happy with this, until I realised that it crashed every time I used it. Now I'm using GimmeSomeTunes with much more success.

where the heck are the instructions?
I ain't that smart.
here's no user group,info page or anything

this is not good. i reaslly want to use this app.

Awesome app. You can go into prefs and tell it to automatically send lyrics to iTunes, and just hide it. Nice interface too.

It seems to work quite well here. Very simple but does its job.
A bit strange that Command+, takes you to update and not the preference window.

Interface? Um... there's like nothing. And, it doesn't work. Two signs an app is bad.

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