Version: 1.7 || Release Date: 2015-07-15 || License: Commercial with demo ($2.99) Developer: Jibapps | App Owner: webjib

Display iTunes track info and cover art on your desktop.

TunesArt offers new features for iTunes : display cover art and track information on your desktop (many themes available), get notification on track change, display bezel notifications (play/pause/next/prev...), search your iTunes Library, scrobble to, post to Twitter, display/edit lyrics, fetch missing artwork from Amazon, support for Growl notifications, edit Tags...

Available in English, German, French, Italian, Slovak, Dutch, Russian, Traditional/Simplified Chinese and Turkish.

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much better than coversutra (and it's free!) :D

Finally, 1.0 is out. Kudos to the developer who has responded to my e-mails to him and has been adding requested features. The new release has just pretty much filled in all I could ask for. Fantastic. Now, time to download it and check it out.

FINALLY!!! An app worthy of replacing Sofa ( I've been searching high and low for a great app that captures both album art and lyrics automagically while the tunes play and this app does it. Great job.

I have started to use this app and it's great. Awesome job!! The thing is I just don't want to start it at login and I am use to start first iTunes, so what I am missing is an option where TunesArt launches automatically after iTunes just as LastFM plugin does. Thank you for sharing your job with all the users.

This app is great!, it does everything Coversutra does, for free!, however, integration is a bit flaky but I know it's gonna improve.

Don't want to copy Coversutra at all, I want to make TunesArt as perfect as possible. Your first suggestion has been implemented.

Jib (TunesArt author)

And one more, when I play movies or tv shows in iTunes. Typically the album art for movies and tv shows is like a dvd case or a poster with different dimensions. So, the movie art gets stretched and looks very odd.

Another thing that CoverSutra does very well, it just zooms and takes the squarish middle part of the movie art and makes it looks nice. Have a look at CoverSutra if you can, sorry to be such a pain.

Just a suggestion to improve the application to make it perfect.

Another thing when the title of the track is too long, you should try keeping it under the album art, and just use '...' to show that it is long.

For example, I was playing the song, Higher State of Consciousness [Dirty Sound Mix]. I had the album art on the right hand side corner of my screen. I would recommend if the title became shorter to stay as wide as the size of the album art, hence becoming something like this, Higher State of Consciousness ..

Take a cue from CoverSutra, you'll get an idea what I'm talking about. This request and the first two would make this application perfect.


Just the app I was looking for, the perfect balance between CoverSutra & TuneTEXT, with 64-bit goodness.

It covers small things that were missing from CoverSutra for me. Like being able to choose what info to display with the album art on the desktop, and being able to rate songs from there. The default covers are good, but if there was a way of being able to add custom covers would be nice, makes me think of Bowtie.

I can finally get rid of running both 32-bit apps CoverSutra & TuneTEXT separately. The only things I would request from the developer are as follows.

1. Being able to right click on the cover, and select songs from that particular album, a CoverSutra feature that I miss. As of now, the right click on album art is same as clicking on the menu bar icon, being able to do what I suggested would be fantastic.

2. Polishing up the searching UI when searching would be added bonus, take a cue from CoverSutra.

But all in all, it is fantastic. 5/5 from me.