Version: 0.8.18 || Release Date: 2012-04-09 || License: Freeware Developer: Cyan.K | App Owner: aekinou

A Dashboard Widget displays lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes. If you don't have lyrics data, TunesTEXT searches online lyrics databases and download lyrics automatically. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. (Freeware)

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RIP, TunesTEXT. Still displays lyrics, but no longer fetches them.
from the developer's website:
"Today, I stopped development of TunesTEXT. I'll no longer update this software.
Thanks for all your feedback. Thanks for your cheers.
And I'm sorry for causing inconvenience to you. At present, TunesTEXT 0.8.18 can't search lyrics on Metrolyrics or However, I won't fix this probrem. Sorry again.
Nov 13, 2012 -- Cyan.K"

An easy way to get the lyrics of your songs.

Thanks for the slick widget.
First, I appreciate the fact that it actually works. Then it does what you want it to do without asking and does more if you ask it to, for example, letting you edit the lyrics and then it saves the corrected lyrics into iTunes. If you close without saving the lyrics, it asks if you want to save the lyrics. It just works the way such a program should work.
It is also nice to have a variety of skins to choose from. :-D
PS. I am in China and Canto can not reach any lyrics!

Finally, this works right and let you edit the lyrics as well. Good job! =]

really good widget after all...i like how it doesn't paste incorrect lyric when you change the song...everything is good except for one fact if you want it to go download quickly you need to make it so that it only has one source (metro lyrics recommended) and then it's still pretty slow. oh and i miss singthatitune's album artwork catcher which this doesn't have bcus of the simple fact that the iTunes store doesn't have every single piece of album artwork. Plus Harmonic is much faster but other than that it's alot more solid than its companions much more recommended than the rest =)

Better than Harmonics (can't find a lot of songs), SingthatiTune (unstable) and of course rather more up-to-date than the unfortunate pearLyrics.

Love this app, finds more lyrics than any of the other apps I've tried. Props to the dev.

the search results are definitely better (than some other widgets I've tried). give this one a try!

This is perfect, it finds many of the lyrics and covers that other similar widgets don't!

Best of the lyrics widgets I have tried since pearLyrics.

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