Version: 1.6.1 || Release Date: 2009-12-01 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.95) Developer: TuneUp Media | App Owner: mikeopedia

Your music collection is a mess. TuneUp fixes it. Automagically.™

TuneUp fixes your music collection. It automatically cleans your mislabeled music and finds your missing cover art.

Be alerted to upcoming concerts based on your collection. Get the best music content from the web and more!

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12 Opinions

Been using this app since day one and I hate it. It does an okay job at actually renaming tracks and including cover art but that's only when it feels like running at all and I have the patience to sit there and wait for hours not listening to music. I only continue to use it because I actually paid for it. Seeking alternatives.

Its a horrible app. Very buggy, slow and inaccurate. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Seems broken with the latest iTunes (9.2.1(4))

Very buggy.. bought it, was a waste of money

Demo version won't run unless you register your email address with them. Not good.

I don't see this as a costly purchase.....I like the program.....it's nifty

Wonderful application, but I have to admit, it works incredibly slow on my macbook. And by that I mean 1 or 2 minutes for tagging one song. It's probably only my problem, because I haven't seen other users complaining about it, so give it a shot! It's actually a good app.

Afaik is "MPFreaker" more mature.

@yesno : Please off some better alternatives if you're going to trash something. Who are these "many competitors" you speak of?

Buggy pile of junk that doesn't work nearly as well as the many competitors.

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