Tune Wiki

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2012-01-21 || License: Freeware App Owner: joymlarson

The TuneWiki Desktop app brings the award-winning TuneWiki mobile app and synced lyrics experience to your Mac.

• Listen to the music on your computer with synced lyrics
• Share and comment on your favorite songs to Facebook & Twitter
• Get lyrics instantly translated into 40+ languages
• Use Twitter, Facebook or TuneWiki to login and access your TuneWiki mobile profile
• What does that song mean? Link directly to comment on and discuss the meaning of lyrics and songs on the TuneWiki website
• Discover new music in your SongBox – songs that are being played and recommended by your friends
• Explore Song Maps and real-time Top Charts to discover popular songs nearby and around the world
• Create, manage, and edit playlists
• View and edit detailed tag info for artists, albums, and songs

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