Version: 3.1 || Release Date: 2010-12-05 || License: BSD License App Owner: aaton

Tunnelblick is a simple graphical user interface for the great VPN software OpenVPN 2.0 and higher. It is written in Cocoa and comes in a ready to use distribution with all necessary binaries and drivers. Versions of OpenVPN older than 2.0 are not supported, because they lack the management interface used by Tunnelblick. Please send feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

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Works fine for me and is the default client provided with the excellent AlwaysVPN service.

Have to re-enter my password and login every time...

rrwright, you may like to give Viscosity a try: it's a OpenVPN GUI made especially for Leopard.

(Disclaimer: I'm the developer of Viscosity so a little biased :-)

Tunnelblick is still a bit buggy on Leopard. The website says the author was planning to update soon, but this was back in 2007. I wonder if the great App has been abandoned…? If anyone knows any updates, it would be great to see this program in a more stable version!

I was a Tunnelblick user for a very long time, but then I found out about Shimo, which supports OpenVPN now as well. It brings a lot more comfort to the world of VPN connections than Tunnelblick does...

Latest release 3.0b6 is Leopard compatible, and it works beautifully with ScreenSharing. There might not be a lot of documentation, but once it is working, it is a stunner.

I'm using rc3 and while I can connect, the nameserver isn't configured correctly, even with the "Set Nameserver (Experimental)" box set. While I really appreciate the zero-install .app, if you do have a problem you're dropped off the cliff to config files and little else. Also the TunnelBlick site has almost no info, see OpenVPN for more and visit OpenVPN's forums for help.

RC2 is working okay over here.

Can't get rc2 to work either for PPC or Intel - rc1 works great though...

I can't live without my multiple OpenVPN connections.