Version: Federal + State 2007 || Release Date: 2008-02-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($39.95) App Owner: dstringham

Supports all 1040 forms and provides step-by-step guidance to find extra income tax deductions.

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4 Opinions

Worst program written by a large vendor. Save your money

I hate to troll, but one of the absolute worst apps i've ever used on OS X. Seriously... clicking a link kicked me into Classic, where they required me to install IE/Mac (yes, the classic version). Just to view an external link. And this was the most current version. Wow.

The app itself is pretty flawed, particularly when the web-based system functions flawlessly (for the most part). Don't buy the app -- use the online version.

TurboTax installer is poorly written. Both on Mac OS X and Windows expects the user to have admin rights. Programmers wrote this for single user OS (pre Win NT and pre Mac OS X) and are still stuck in that mentality. You're better off going to H&R Block to spend $120 to get the right deductions than to spend $40 on Turbotax and qualify for nothing using their program. I wouldn't buy this program again or use the 1040EZ form.