Turtle Minesweeper

Version: 1.1.7 || Release Date: 2006-10-21 || License: Freeware Developer: TurtleSoft | App Owner: karatekidmcfly

Turtle Minesweeper is yet another clone of Windows Minesweeper. TurtleSoft are fans of the Windows minesweeper game and when a Mac version, as good as the Windows one could not be found, we decided to write our own using REALbasic.

Turtle Minesweeper has similar game play options to Windows version. Version 1.1 introduces a new custom game, allowing four types of game:
Beginner - 8 × 8 field with 10 mines to find
Intermediate - 16 × 16 field with 40 mines to find
Advanced - 30 × 16 field with 99 mines to find
Custom - you specify the size and the number of mines to find
Turtle Minesweeper 1.1 includes a number of enhancements from the original game, including:

Running natively in Mac OS X as a Carbon application (Classic version is also available)
Auto Complete, which automatically marks squares that are mined when all un-mined squares have been uncovered
Enhanced square uncovering making Turtle Minesweeper more responsive

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