Version: 2.1r2 || Release Date: 2013-11-18 || License: GPL Developer: Víctor Pimentel | App Owner: victorpimentel

TVShows is a Mac OS X application that automatically downloads torrents of your favourite shows. You no longer need to manually download torrent files, or find a working RSS feed for each show you wish to subscribe to. TVShows does that for you. Simply select your subscriptions and set your preferences from within the TVShows application and we'll take care of the rest. TVShows uses a lightweight background process which automatically launches at a regular interval (chosen by you) to check for new episodes.

  • Background Process: There's no need to run TVShows constantly. A silent and unobtrusive background process will download new episodes as soon as they are available.
  • Quality Selection: Choose your preferred quality settings (Normal, High or Very High) and TVShows will download the closest one available.
  • Show List: Stop hunting for individual, working torrents and RSS feeds. TVShows does all the hard work for you. Just search for the show then click Subscribe.

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This program, in conjunction with iVi Pro and Transmission, makes the downloading, converting, and adding to your iTunes library a snap. It's a set it and forget it combo. My wife and I receive every show I download on cable, but the beauty of HD combined with no commercials, actually make TV fun again. Subscription choices are updated regularly and the program allows you to locate and download missing episodes as well.

Update: TVShows is now maintained by Víctor Pimentel at .

There will be no further updates for TVShows. Ember Code has announced end of development on 2011/04/15.

But well, it still works fine, at least for me. I'll probably keep using this until it breaks. Automatic and Catch seem to be fine alternatives for the time after.

As an alternative, you can also try Automatic. is back online and TVShows works again - even on Leopard!

I use TVShows in tandem with Transmission and its auto add feature

With down and no developer handling tvshows, it's safe to say, this program is dead.

instead of waiting for months, and for 1.**0** at that, I'd recommend Miro:

Still no new version? I'm giving up hope. Does anyone know of a web based alternative?

it was actually working for me until about 2 weeks ago. I've got to say, I like how the website has said

"You've already waited 8 months for a new release, one month more is not going to kill you. Stay tuned!"

for many many many months now. I want :(

I love this app. I don't watch a ton of tv, which means the few shows I do watch I often end up missing episodes because my mind doesn't operate on a tv schedule the way it used to when tv ruled my life. With TVShows I've gotten back into a bunch of shows I used to like and had stopped watching, without having to worry about conflicts with my shows vs the roommate's shows or not being able to keep to the tv schedule.

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