Version: 1.2b2 || Release Date: 2008-12-06 || License: Freeware Developer: North Is Up | App Owner: otaking

Edit video metadata for your AppleTV en masse.

Key Features:
- Tag mp4 and m4v files
- Downloads show info automatically
- Use regular expressions to parse filenames

TvTaggr easily allows you to edit the metadata on a single movie file or to apply changes to a batch of files. The interface is familiar to anyone who has edited tags in iTunes. It is perfect for adding information to home movies or podcasts.

Based on show name and production number TvTaggr can now automatically fill in show information from the internet. Also new is the ability to use regular expressions to parse filenames. (These features are new and currently in beta)

TvTaggr works on standard mp4 files and m4v files downloaded from iTunes.

While this app does not look like it should be Leopard only it is, there is a lot going on under the hood that is leopard specific, or in other words, one more reason to upgrade!

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Anyone know what happened to this app?

thanks, I'll post a new version real soon. I've fixed that bug (i hope) and I have one more to fix in the directory drag-n-drop code.

Edit: Apparently I did that all last night, I'm posting the new version now.


The latest update with Growl support doesn't work for me. I have Growl installed but the app refuses to start.

I get this in the logs

Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/Growl.framework/Versions/A/Growl
Referenced from: /Applications/
Reason: image not found

It looks like it's looking for Growl where it isn't.



Is auto updating working for anyone?