TWAIN SANE Interface

Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2013-11-03 || License: GPL Developer: Mattias Ellert | App Owner: xcgr

If your scanner doesn't have a vendor-supported driver for Mac OS X, this software may help you. This is a TWAIN datasource that acts as a bridge between any supported scanner and any TWAIN-aware application that can acquire images -- such as GraphicConverter, Image Capture, or Microsoft Word. For a list of supported scanners, see the SANE project's home page:

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A word of caution - there is no uninstaller for these packages. After installing, they made my scanner unrecognizable to ExactScan, and I had to manually delete the files before it would work again.

I just got an email from Mattias this morning with a link to the new updated Leopard version. I'll be downloading and trying it out later. Very happy about this.

This works wonderfully for me in Tiger on my 24" iMac. However, when I updated to Leopard it stopped working. I've tried to contact the author using the email on his webpage but had no reply as yet.

I can not run entirely Leopard untl this is fixed because of my A3 USB scanner I use for work. At the moment I'm switching between Tiger and Leopard and have pretty much stayed in Tiger recently.

Fingers crossed!

This thing can do network scanning. If you install Linux in a virtual machine in Windows and pass through the USB cable or just plain Linux , you can have remote scanning via your Mac laptop and not lug a scanner around.