Version: 1.2.8 || Release Date: 2010-03-15 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Atebits | App Owner: arne

An easy-to-use Twitter client, which also is feature packed.

Tweetie is now available for Mac, already one of the best clients available for the iPhone.

Supports search, multiple accounts and most usual Twitter actions within the app.

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Still the best client made ever.

Certainly not abandoned:

Not necessarily abandoned just yet:

Officially abandonware:

No update for a very long time. And no option to delete tweets in the current version. Hmmm... either update this or I guess I'll have to look for another client.

Completely out of date and obviously the ginger stepchild of Tweetie for iPhone (so much so that it even calls itself "Tweetie for iPhone" when you post from it!).

I've been [very] patient as a paid user but enough's enough - time to find another client.

Was really good, but it's currently really outdated, especially lacking is support to the new Twitter features.

Unless a new version comes and is really good I'll stick with other clients (using Echofon right now).

Tweet in the mac-way. Drag and drop images, shortcut URLs on the fly, stop scrolling so you can see your new tweets.

Can't live without.

Love this app and the ads are surprisingly high quality.

Best Twitter client for the Mac and since the 2.0 update an outstanding app for the iPhone as well.

One problem, in my opinion the Mac version is a bit overpriced and the one for iPhone could be at least 5 bucks more.

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