Version: 1.2.8 || Release Date: 2010-03-15 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Atebits | App Owner: arne

An easy-to-use Twitter client, which also is feature packed.

Tweetie is now available for Mac, already one of the best clients available for the iPhone.

Supports search, multiple accounts and most usual Twitter actions within the app.

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It is nice, but the icons are actually cryptic and the lack of groups (and the developer's total dismissal of the idea) really have hamstrung this app.

Very good, but i prefer twidget, because it's more handy to have this sort of app in the dashboard than as an app. Very Good though

Growl support here. v1.1

I would like to have growl support. that would make it the bestest twitter app for me.

@ brh:
I sent an e-mail directly to the developers, to their "Feature Requests" mail address:
[email protected]
(I did not get any reply until now.)

@el_cravito be sure and throw your 2c in on the dock icon topic at get satisfaction, where the devs seem to (at the very least) acknowledge that people don't like this behavior.

I would like to be able to use it without the icon in the Dock (as a menubar item only).

Love it, although I would like group support like Nambu. The ads in the free version are beautiful and tastefully done!.

Finally noticed an ad pop up, they don't seem to come very often and they're tastefully done. Does not bring me back to the olden days of AIM, instead it seems like they actually thought about how to do it without pissing users off. Overall, I like Tweetie a lot but it has a handful of little things that turn me off too, so I'm bouncing back and forth btwn this and Pwitter for now.

This app rules. By far the slickest UI from any feature rich twitter app. The free version is a nice touch. Gotta love it! :)

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