No version information || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: PacketVideo Corporation | App Owner: simo_carmi

TwonkyServer is an UPnP/DLNA media server that enables you to share your
Music, Pictures and Videos with UPnP-enabled client devices (also known as media players,
digital media players (DMP) or media adapters) throughout your home.


- Aggregate your media from multiple servers, so that you can access everything from one place
- Browse and playback local media from your web browser (Flash required for playback)
- Consumes fewer resources than competing digital media servers
- 5MB memory for 10,000 music items
- Low burden on CPU
- Supports more platforms than any other digital media server
- Supports more devices than any other digital media server
- Provides convenient navigation of large media collections
- Customized and pre-defined navigation trees
- Automatically generated media index
- User-generated tags
- Offers short response times and multiple language support, easily handling thousands of media items
- No need to manually rescan when content changes
- Allows run-time customization

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