Version: 5.2.1 || Release Date: 2011-10-16 || License: Shareware ($27, 25 eu) Developer: Riccardo Ettore | App Owner: baron

It's autotext, Jim, but not as we know it!

TypeIt4Me expands your abbreviations as you type.

YES, it's like autotext, BUT TypeIt4Me works in ALL applications, not just one.

Anytime you enter text in your Mac by typing it at the keyboard, TypeIt4Me can help you do it faster and more accurately.

First you define a number of abbreviations and the full text entries that they represent, then you watch the Mac expand them on the fly even as you continue typing!

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I notice that all opinions here for TypeIt4Me are old (6 years or more). There is a recent version, 5.5.2 which I am currently evaluating as an alternative to TextExpander (don't like the new 'rental' version) also looking at Typinator; favouring TypeIt4Me right now, it seems more compatible with my Macintosh Computer. Comments?

version needs correcting.. says 18.0 its actually 5.0

Finally.... shortly after my post they have updated the page.... thanks!

Two or three times I have given notice to "iusethis" that there is a new, better version 4 with a lot of improvements (such as spell checking in every application through AppleSpell). I don't know why they don`t change the information... However, check the TypeIt4Me homepage (with a comparison of TypeIt4Me, Typinator and Textexpander) and you will fnd several reasons why this is simply the best...

This is the one add-on I can't live without. It's the first thing I install after the OS. Typing its abbreviations is so automatic now that I've almost forgotten how to type some things (like my name). It's simple and it it just works.