Version: 1.6.4 || Release Date: 2009-12-03 || License: Shareware ($79.95) App Owner: zaggo

The first complete podcast production suite for the Mac. Leave your garage and feel at home. Übercaster has been made with podcaster’s needs in mind.

Auto ducking, effects, chapters for enhanced podcasts, ID3 tags, album cover art, mp3/AAC/AIFF encoding - you name it. It’s all there. Seamlessly integrated.

Features include:
- Use a previous project as a template for new ones.
- Define multiple microphones and add special input panels for iChat, Skype and Gizmo recording.
- Record audio live.
- Real multi track recording and editing.
- Insert new recordings or overwrite any part of your previous show like in a text document.
- Enhanced podcasts - divide your episode into labeled chapters each provided with pictures and links.
- Encode podcasts as MP3, (enhanced) AAC or AIFF and upload them to web servers (via FTP, .Mac, etc.) at once with a single click.
- Start and stop audio clips or change volumes without clicking the mouse.
- Save your project as an archive which contains all audio you’ve used in your episode.
- And much more…

This makes Ubercaster suitable for both, newbies and advanced podcasters. All you need is Übercaster, a Macintosh and something to tell…

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