Version: 2.1.8 || Release Date: 2011-10-21 || License: Freeware App Owner: islamoyankee

Allows you to create keyboard layouts for OSX

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As @frostugh says, it's a little buggy, and as @brh says, it's a little clumsy. But it's still pretty good. For really complicated keyboard layouts with lots of long dead-key sequences you'll want to edit the .keylayout XML file by hand.

This has been one part of my solution to the problem of using the Apple German keyboard with TeX and Mathematica. I used Ukelele to turn off a few 'dead' keys, and to remap some umlauted vowels into convenient brackets for Mathematica. (For TeX I only needed the dead keys restored to life, since TeXShop and LaTeXiT have great auto-completion features that work even better than keyboard remapping.) Then I was able to use OS X preferences to make CTRL-^ toggle between my different keyboard layouts. The only thing more I could wish for would be a way to make this switching automatic upon changing focus to and from Mathematica.

The interface is kind of clumsy and inefficient, but it still beats doing it all by hand...

It's got some bugs and could sure use some better documentation, but it's still a good way to create custom keyboard layouts.