Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2015-03-12 || License: Commercial with demo (44.99€ ) Developer: THE SOULMEN | App Owner: sannixtudio

Whether you're a blogger, a poet or a published novelist: Ulysses 2.0 is the *definitive* package for all your creative writing needs.

  1. A NEW WRITING EXPERIENCE · Forget everything you know about traditional text editors and word processors. Forget about WYSIWYG, formats, rulers and page sizes. Then forget about common means of managing your documents. Forget about the Finder, files & folders, sub-sub-folders and Spotlight search results. Ulysses is not like that. Not at all.
  2. THE SEMANTIC EDITOR · At its core, Ulysses is a semantic text editor that borrows concepts from Setext and LaTeX. It truly separates content from presentation, written input from printed output. You’ll not assign font-weights and colors to emphasize words or mark introductory paragraphs; you’ll define “headlines” and “comments” and structure and meaning.
  3. DEDICATED AND DEVOTED · There’s nothing superfluous in Ulysses. Fullscreen, Console Mode, Bookmarks, Text Trash, multiple Notepads, term-centric Search & Replace, Filters, Collections, coherent Document Previews — every feature serves a single purpose: Your output as a writer. It can’t help you write… but it will help you create.
  4. PUBLISHING LOVE · Once your work is done, you want to get it out. On the web, to the printer, at your agent’s. Due to Ulysses’ semantic nature, anything is possible: Exclude documents, include notes, strip out comments, style and format dialog and whatnot. Export to PDF, RTF and LaTeX — even good ol’ DOC. Just remember that your editor might prefer plain text.

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I too was finding this less distracting than Scrivener, although I spent hours trying to figure out a way to organize my documents hierarchically as I did with Scrivener. Scrivener had many features I didn't use, and Ulysses just seemed better designed, with much less clutter on Preference and Font tweaking.

But after just three hours testing it, I found numerous annoying bugs, and ended up with a corrupt project in the end.

As of version 2.0.4, I found it too unreliable to use seriously.

I'm a Scrivener user who recently flirted with switching to Ulysses 2. As tylergred says, it is a well designed application that is about as distraction-free as a useful, powerful writing application can get. Although I found Ulysses's approach intellectually satisfying (minimalist, like the software equivalent of a Lamy 2000 fountain pen), I found also that I missed Scrivener's handling of footnotes and its clever Edit Scrivenings feature that have become familiar through daily use. That says more about my prior experience and comfort with Scrivener than it does about Ulysses. Indeed, if Scrivener disappeared tomorrow, I'd mourn the loss, plunk down Ulysses's license fee, and keep on writing. Anyone looking for a real writing application should give Ulysses a serious look. After trying Ulysses, you'd really have to hate yourself to go back to writing in a traditional word processor.

Well designed app. I write a lot of fiction and I've just recently switched to this as it's the least distracting app I've found. Great design. No bloat. Watch the screencast videos, too.

Great app. Simply beautiful.

@lateral agree 100%

I am finding this less distracting than Scrivener. Not as intuitive or friendly, but more productive.