Version: n/a || Release Date: 2009-09-17 || License: BSD License Developer: Ben Willmore | App Owner: beniamino

UnifyCamino is a plugin which lets you customize the appearance of the Camino web browser. It changes the colour of the bookmarks toolbar so that it matches the 'unified' toolbar look on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. It can also apply a streamlined look to the tabs and status bar, or apply any custom theme to the whole Camino interface.

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CaminoBrowser.org says:

Camino reaches its end

After a decade-long run, Camino is no longer being developed, and we encourage all users to upgrade to a more modern browser. Camino is increasingly lagging behind the fast pace of changes on the web, and more importantly it is not receiving security updates, making it increasingly unsafe to use.

Fortunately, Mac users have many more browsers to choose from than they did when Camino started ten years ago. Former Camino developers have helped build the three most popular – Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – so while this is the end of Camino itself, the community that helped build it is still making the web better for Mac users.

Thank you to all our loyal users, and to everyone who contributed in countless ways over the years to make Camino what it was.

A clarification: the earlier versions of this and GrowlCamino worked with the 1.5pre and 1.5.1pre nightly Intel optimized builds, but didn't with the 2.0pre builds.

The 1.0 version now works with all three.

Doesn't work with the latest trunk nightlies... :(

Otherwise a definite Camino must-have for me!