Version: 1.0.11 || Release Date: 2015-05-20 || License: Shareware (9.99$) Developer: CoreCode | App Owner: corecode

UninstallPKG allows you to uninstall PKG packages and their contents from your Mac.

UninstallPKG is an application that allows you to completely remove so called "packages" (file-extension .pkg) and all their installed contents from your Mac. UninstallPKG can be used to reclaim precious disk-space by removing unwanted functionality like unused printer drivers or completely remove applications you no longer use. UninstallPKG can also keep your Mac clean by removing left-over files from applications that you have already partially removed manually. UninstallPKG can remove all 37290 files of Office 2011 at once or completely remove things like Java or the Flash plugin. UninstallPKG is also able to clean-up after uninstalling an application by removing it from the Dock and LoginItems and erasing the files it has generated (preferences etc).

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first pkg uninstaller that actually works