Version: 2.1.8 || Release Date: 2012-07-27 || License: Shareware ($29) Developer: Panic | App Owner: chrislong

unison 2 makes it easy to read, look, listen, and download

Find Groups

  • Use the "Directory" to search for relevant groups
  • Or, use "All Groups" to find your favorites
  • Add groups to your sidebar for quick access
  • Set group options like auto-loading and offline reading

Read Messages

  • Use the Thread View to read all messages at once
  • Thread lines make it easier to see who replied to what
  • View and post messages in HTML or Plain Text

Work with Files

  • Files are magically grouped together for downloading
  • See images, music, files, and messages in one view
  • "Smart Downloading" skips unneeded recovery sets

Much More

  • Use the Search Browser to find files and NZBs
  • Built-in UnPAR/UnRAR/Join, no external tools needed
  • Set up Rules to manage your messages
  • Upload binary files in one automated click
  • Preview music by streaming it directly off the server

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14 Opinions

There seem to be two programs called "Unison" don't mess up these two

Is somebody else having problems with stalling downloads? It happens right at the end. Sometimes it helps to restart the app.

If you have problems with strange errors or failed downloads, give NZBdrop a try. Seems pretty stable, has more options and is a tad cheaper.

SABnzbd+ is better at processing nzbs, as it:
- downloads par2 files only if required
- repairs, extracts, and deletes automatically (most of the time),
- can use an extra server as fill server

The interface is web-based, but it can also be controlled with SABnzbdX, an app that sits in the menu (req. leopard).

The best binary newsreader for the mac. Unfortunately that's not saying much. Browsing binaries is a nightmare and it doesn't reach a tenth of the feature set of pc apps like newsleecher. However - if you get your .nzbs from binsearch.com or similar, it's a life safer and does the job. Recommended, but only to download binaries from nzb.

great app, but it needs intelligent par downloading & decoding.

To me, this is the only real Macintosh newsreader. All others tend to be ugly or overly technical. These qualities don't bother most Usenet junkies since Usenet is the dark underbelly of the Internet and users still like to maintain its often archaic nature. Nevertheless, I appreciate a friendly interface and easily accessible features.

Panic is a great company.

This is simply one of the best little applications I currently own, Panic! could have charged $50 for Unison and it would have still been good value for money. That said if anyone bothers to still read binary newsgroup postings you'll find a swade of opposition to Unison users in regards to how the application uploads to binary groups.

Simply the best newsgroup app there is on any platform. Makes newsgroups a wonderful experience again. Well worth $25.00

The only application that made me even care about newsgroups since the '90s. Highly recommended.

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