Urban Terror

Version: 4.1 || Release Date: 2007-12-24 || License: Freeware Developer: Frozen Sand LLC | App Owner: rampancy

"Where Quake meets reality" is the motto the developers of Urban Terror have adopted. While many mods these days tend to focus on realistic game play, Urban Terror takes a "fun over realism" approach to the FPS arena.

As with Quake III Arena, gamers want speed, they do not want to feel bogged down by weapons and gear, but feel they can get down a street and take cover while under heavy fire or the wizzing of a sniper's bullet. Unless of course that sniper is dialed in, then kiss your ass goodbye.

Urban Terror combined the speed of Quake and combines a realism based theme to create the mod we have been developing since 2000. The mod has been met with great success over the years, featured in magazines across the world, debuted and demoed at Quakecon in 2000-2002 and supported by gaming leagues worldwide.

- for Intel Macs, the freeware version based off of the icculus.org Quake 3 build (ioUrbanTerror 1.0) must be used; Punkbuster is unavailable for this version.

- the screenshot used here is from an earlier version of this game on Linux.

- apparently, for now, bot support has been dropped from this version.

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5 Opinions

It says update available, but I've got the most recent version.

I play this with my friends at the university, and it's so much fun!

thx 4 the help rampancy

2 month ago I thought i might give it a second try . . . and now they have an .app for download. so no installing routine needed ;)

UrbanTerror runs like a charm and doesn't "feel" like freeware. Nice maps, good gameplay, lots of fun.
Actually I don't miss counter strike at all ;)

sometimes i have "lagg-like" issues on maps that contain wide spaces (and only there. so i don't think, that's a connection problem)


Make a new folder - call it anything you like ("urbanterror" or "Urban Terror 4.0"). Then place both the "q3ut4" folder and the ioUrbanTerror.app file into that folder. And that's it. Note that for it to work, both files should be in the same folder together - don't put the ioUT app inside the q3ut4 folder.

There's also a newer, improved version of the Mac ioUT app here:


the ioUrbanTerror installer (needed for those who don't have Quake 3) doesn't seem to work on my Intel MacBook. The icon just pops up and disapears after less than a second. No visible changes. Google didn't help.

any suggestions?