Version: 0.9.1 || Release Date: 2007-06-03 || License: Freeware App Owner: crazypills

A "To-Do" URL is a link to a site that you'll have (or want) to visit in the near future.
It's a sort of "temporary bookmark" you want to fix/manage somewhere to remind yourself to read it, but not so important/permanent to be added to your browser's bookmarks.

Mac OS X has a cool "built-in" feature that lets you save those links to your Dock by simply dragging the small icon that you find at the left of the URL in the Address Bar (of your browser) to the right side of the Dock.To prevent an overcrowded Dock (pictured below), and yet preserving the simplicity to add an URL with a simple drag & drop operation.

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I have just tried Urly and I must say it is a great utility.
I have just one request for the developer: the possibility to edit the names of the stored URLs.

I've been using a folder in the Dock for this purpose, but I'll kick Urly's tires a bit and consider switching away from my low-tech method.

I was simply pointing out something from the Developer's site that is not mentioned in the description here. For every day browsing, if you use FireFox then this nice little utility will do you no good, that's all. Cool idea though.

slappy, hordes and hordes of people prefer using safari [and a number of other browsers] over firefox, furthermore almost everyone using a mac under os x uses safari or some variation of webkit at-least every once in a while. firefox is not the end all & be all of graphical web-browsers.

p.s. this is a fine and functional idea for an application by the way.

"*: Urly only works with Safari." :(

Add FireFox support & we'll talk!