Version: 1.1.3 || Release Date: 2009-05-15 || License: Commercial with demo ($25.00) Developer: 94West | App Owner: akurtz

Valet records the applications that you use and provides quick and easy access to them. Valet is the nearly zero-configuration application and file launcher.

Valet watches as you launch applications, allowing you to categorize them on the fly. The next time you need one of those applications, use Valet to quickly launch it with the Heads-up Display or a menu bar icon. Valet also allows you to add files and folders for easy launching as well.

Valet's features include:

  • Automatic detection of new applications
  • Detects applications already running each time Valet launches
  • Quick launching or switching of applications, files and folders using voice control, Heads-up Display or menu (see demo)
  • Access to MS Windows applications via Parallels
  • Flexible categories for organizing your applications and files
  • Growl support for hassle-free notifications
  • Intel and PowerPC support (requires version 10.4.x)

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1 Opinion

Nce application. It's different from other launchers in that it allows me to group them into categories. I've collected so many apps over the years it's often hard to remember what half of them are for. I could manually group them into folders, but Valet is a lot more convenient since they can be categorized at launch or easily dragged into the Valet Organizer from the Finder.

For quick launches, I may still use other means, but I like the fact that I can organize what I have and find the right app for my needs without crawling through everything I have when I can't remember its name.

I haven't had too much luck with the voice commands, but I think that's mainly my setup (i.e., it doesn't work reliably talking to a closed MacBook Pro that's connected to an external monitor and keyboard, I need an external microphone).

There's a lot more that can be done with this app (e.g., I'd love to see an ability to annotate apps in the organizer to show links to websites and add user comments to apps that describe what they do) -- I hope 94west keeps improving it.