Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2008-05-12 || License: Freeware Developer: Daniel Kagemann | App Owner: corefault

vCardExplorer is a program for displaying VCF files in OS X without opening Address Book. It also supports hCards.

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I have added a bug and request formular on the projects website:

Nice. Suggestion (since the developer's blog is in German, writing it here):

Add an option to set vCE as the default app for all vCards/hCards. Sure, it can be done other ways (i.e. MoreInternet), but it would be nice to have a single click solution from within the app.

ok, this apps appcast ( is missing dates, which makes it impossible for iut to determine which version is the latest. I've removed the appcast now, and reverted the app back to 1.3

el_cravito is right: the latest version is 1.3.
I wonder why nobody has made the correction yet.
Hey, Marcus... It's your turn now!

The latest version of vCardExplorer is 1.3 (not 0.8).
Launch the application and do "About vCardExplorer" from the menu and you'll get that information.

The point is that you can view vCards and hCards without adding to adressbook. A vCard can contain more than one information (contact) but this is not supported in the adressbook. hCards are also not supported. Another reason is, that not everybody like the way the adressbook stores data.

It auto gets added to your address book, then you need to remove it. This is useful in the fact that I can compare output from one of our applications vs. the output of my mac's vCard.

Don't quite see the point of this. What's so hard about opening Address Book?