Version: 1.7.0 || Release Date: 2011-01-06 || License: Shareware ($69.95) Developer: TweakerSoft | App Owner: bitnix

Vector-based design tool.

VectorDesigner is a vector drawing application designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful to use.

It has everything you need to create fancy vector graphics such as posters, brochures, stickers, logos, web graphics, t-shirt and more.

Tech Specs

  • Smart shapes.
  • Bezier Creation and Editing.
  • Text inside shape.
  • Text along path.
  • Layers.
  • Conversion Raster To Vector.
  • Image filters powered by Core Image and Quartz Composer.
  • Image adjustment panel.
  • Boolean Operations.
  • iSight integration.
  • Scanner integration.
  • Flickr browser.
  • iLife photo browser.
  • QuickLook support.
  • Cocoa Application.

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22 Opinions

Let me just say that while this app may be lacking some of the features that Illustrator has, it does an awesome job at about 80% of what I used Illustrator for and it only weighs in at 12mb. This app launches fast and in some areas has better more intuitive features than Illustrator. Fast, versatile and small. Don't be fooled by anyone this is a great app that will only get better.

Very nice vector drawing application.
It is simple and easy to use.
I love it.

sorry, but this software drives me crazy evertime I give it a new try with an updated version - right, there are a lot of features, but basic functionality like proper selecting of objects is not present at all (beside other weirdnesses). like i said before, the approach is nice and promising, but releasing this as something else than beta is awkward and the price they are asking is obscene... sorry guys.

This shows great promise, but it's currently a lot of money to ask for something with such few features.

A correction to my previous post - I was (mostly) wrong about the select tool refusing to select items, and indeed it does work as you would expect under normal circumstances. (The problems I had were caused by a bug that had duplicated every object in my test image several times, confusing the select tool no end.)

So, quirky, but not nigh-unusable by any means!

Picked this up as part of the MacHeist bundle. The path-creation tools are smooth, reliable and intuitive, with none of the 4-finger modifiers needed for vector manipulation in photoshop or illustrator. A pleasant surprise.

However as of 1.01 this app still needs longer in the oven and lacks features I look for in a professional tool. There's no EPS/PDF/PSD import, so good luck getting your work into it from a different application; additions/subtractions/intersections are destructive; There's no stroke styles, only solid/dashed; and the dealbreaker for me, the select tool is almost unusable. Selecting usually results in jogging an object unintentionally, and the tool prevents you from selecting a smaller object on top of a larger one! How are you meant to work with complex illustrations when you have to drag backgrounds out of the way to access details?

A couple of corrections for mejogid: it does indeed have blur (Filters->Blur), merging (if you mean addition/subtraction, which it calls Boolean operations), and layers too (Inspector->second tab, although they're buggy and I'm damned if I can work out what use they are in this app.) No masking or gradient meshes that I can see though.

FYI I meant "vector software" obviously, but my friends and I were watching a soccer game at the time. Wow.

LineForm, Intalgio and others seem to have stagnated for me. This looks very promising.

While the interface is nice, it has a lot of work to go until I'd consider it usable. While inkscape isn't very fast on OS X, it has dramatically more advanced options such as python scripting, blurring, gradients on borders, gradients with customisable points, layers, masks, merging. Put simply, I can't see this being useful for any serious graphics design works and while good for the odd diagram I don't feel it currently represents value for money.

If I've missed any features, please correct me.

Like cottinghamk said above, this is included in the collection of macheist applications. So, you can either buy this alone for $49.95, or get this along with 11 other apps for $49. But the Heist ends tomorrow.

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