Licence: Freeware
Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2012-11-05 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.9.23 | Release Date: 2010-12-28 | Download
  • Improvement: Adaptations to changes in Google Reader protocol
  • Improvement: Better handling of lost connections
  • Fixed: Unread counts not shown while Google Reader is busy
  • Fixed: Removed URL shorters / (closed services)
  • Fixed: Fixes to Twitter OAuth further bug fixes
    Version 0.9.23 | Release Date: 2010-12-28 | Download
    • Improvement: Adaptations to changes in Google Reader protocol
    • Improvement: Better handling of lost connections
    • Fixed: Unread counts not shown while Google Reader is busy
    • Fixed: Removed URL shorters / (closed services)
    • Fixed: Fixes to Twitter OAuth
    • further bug fixes
    Version | Release Date: 2010-08-25 | Download
    No changes specified
    Version 0.9.22 | Release Date: 2010-08-25 | Download
    • Fixed: Fixed a bug which could lead to a crash on initial sync of items
    • Fixed: Inconsitent number of unread between sidebar / list in rare cases
    • Fixed: New items were not automatically shown/refreshed in folder view
    • Improvement: Older items are fetched from Google Reader if you scroll in list and articles not already in local database
    • bug fixes
    Version 0.9.21 | Release Date: 2010-08-22 | Download
    • New: Changed synchronization with Google Reader. Your subscriptions and articles are fetched at first launch. After that initial sync only changes will be loaded from Google Reader.
      Download consumption will be reduced and synchronize times will be shorter.
      Please note:
      An inital full synch will be performed if you first launch Gruml 0.9.21 even if you've used any older version of Gruml before. Depending on the number of feeds in your account this may take some time. The synchronization can be interrupted at any time and will resume at next run of Gruml.
    • New: Changed local storage engine. Browsing and offline use are improved.
    • New: Social service: Google Buzz
    • New: Social service: friendfeed
    • New: Social service: Pinboard
    • Improvement: Feed favicons are shown in Growl notifications
    • Improvement: Jump to next unread item with ⌃ ␣ (will directly jump to next unread article without browsing through article text, as ␣ does.); there's a toolbar item available as well.
    • Fixed: Mark all as read warning could not be supressed
    • bug fixes
    Version 0.9.20 | Release Date: 2010-05-22 | Download
    • New: Caching of images; enable image caching in Preferences-Advanced if you'd like to have the images of your articles cached in background so you can browse articles while being offline
    • New: Show caching state and pause caching by clicking on caching information in status bar, or press CMD+3 to show caching information window
    • New: Help
    • Improvement: improved speed preview
    • Fixed: embedded flash contents shown properly
    • bug fixes
    Version 0.9.19 | Release Date: 2010-05-11 | Download
    • bug fixes
    Version 0.9.18 | Release Date: 2010-05-09 | Download
    • New: 64bit application
    • New: Evernote support; see menu "Article - Sent Article to... - Evernote", SHIFT+ALT+E, or customize toolbar icon
    • New: View "Recommended items" in "Your Stuff"-section
    • New: Comments and Notes are shown inside Gruml; see icons in status bar, and menu "Article - Show Notes/Show Comments"
    • New: Add comments to shared articles. See menu "Article / Add Comment"
    • New: manually refresh a feed (CMD+R, or use menu item); all feeds: CMD+SHITFT+R/li>
    • Improvement: sync will be done with multiple threads (increased sync speed); set number of parallel threads in Preferences
    • Improvement: folders and feeds respect sort order of Google Reader
    • Improvement: Embedded Flash video (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) will be shown in preview
    • Improvement: Show general information as Growl notifications instead alerts (if Growl is installed)
    • Improvement: Search
    • Improvement: TwitPic/YFrog images are shown as downloadable items
    • Improvement: Clear local cache: press and hold SHIFT while opening Gruml, or use menu "Gruml - Clear Local Cache"
    • Fixed: date/time of articles handled as GReader does
    • Fixed: favicon handling improved
    • further bug fixes
    Version 0.9.17 | Release Date: 2010-03-30 | Download
    • New: adapted Google authentication scheme;
      Google will change the way you login to your account in April, so please make sure you update Gruml to 0.9.17, as older versions will stop working soon!!
    • Fixed: folders with spaces or special chars could not be mark as all read
    • Fixed: font size of browser changed when loading URLs
    • Fixed: sidebar width wasn't saved properly
    • Fixed: URL shortening service for Twitter in browser tabs
    • Improvement: unread, favor, like, shared etc. state in tabs was not respected in some situations
    • further bug fixes
    Version 0.9.16 | Release Date: 2010-02-28 | Download
    • New: drag and drop support for article items
    • New: configure visible sidebar items (see Preferences)
    • New: social services: Diigo
    • Fixed: CMD+W closes tab if opened
    • Fixed: first run wizard asked account info twice
    • Fixed: window stayed inactive
    • Fixed: Hide 'author unknown'
    • Improvement: Make Gruml your default news reader in Preferences / on startup
    • Improvement: tweeks in included browser
    • Improvement: respect tabs for unread, favor, like, shared state
    • Improvement: download consumption
    • further bug fixes
    Version 0.9.15 | Release Date: 2010-01-15 | Download
  • Fixed: Google Reader sync issues (unread/read, mark items, add feeds etc. not synced any more) due to changed interface (Issue #140)
  • Fixed: ClickToFlash support (>=1.6b6) in preview fixed (Issue #144)
  • Fixed: Slow scrolling in articles list on 10.5
  • Fixed: Open article's website in default browser/new tab didn't work if article pane is active (Issue #136)
  • Improvement: Changed count of unread items (Issue #141)
  • Improvement: unread folders/feeds in sidebar are marked bold
  • New: Open article in browser tab/default browser by pressing right arrow / right sweep if status in item list (Issue #142)
  • New: short link services: and .tk
  • further bug fixes
  • Version 0.9.23 | Release Date: 2009-12-28 | Download
    • Improvement: Adaptations to changes in Google Reader protocol
    • Improvement: Better handling of lost connections
    • Fixed: Unread counts not shown while Google Reader is busy
    • Fixed: Removed URL shorters / (closed services)
    • Fixed: Fixes to Twitter OAuth further bug fixes
      Version 0.9.14 | Release Date: 2009-11-13 | Download
      • New: Hide folders without unread articles in Folders section (initial) - see Preferences - Advanced - Feeds behaviour
      • New: Multitouch gestures, 3-finger-swipes to navigate
      • New: choose URL shortening services:,,, (see Preferences - Social accounts)
      • New: set standby caching time interval (see Preferences - Advanced)
      • Improvement: extended Growl messages (title/feed of new articles instead of number of articles)
      • Improvement: default OS X badge design (use "defaults write com.sakya.Gruml showclassicbadge NO" to stay with old blue design)
      • Improvement: change Google account on startup if password is wrong / old account is disabled
      • Fixed: skim through articles on space keystroke even if preview pane is selected
      • Fixed: loading time on startup
      • further bug fixes
      Version 0.9.13 | Release Date: 2009-11-01 | Download
      • New: Mark all as read, manually reload feeds from dock menu
      • New: Enabled/disable table columns in articles list by contextual menu of table header
      • Improvement: make text larger/smaller is saved and restored
      • Improvement: when selecting a feed and a browser tab is active the "Articles" tab is selected automatically so you can see the articles list
      • Fixed: "unread" menu/hotkey did not work properly on first select of item
      • further bug fixes
      Version 0.9.12 | Release Date: 2009-10-25 | Download
      • New: download manager (see Preferences for download location, default: downloads folder)
      • New: manually refresh/cache feeds (see "Feed" menu, or toolbar icon (use Customize toolbar to select))
      • New: caching/loading indicator/information in status bar
      • New: change font and font size of article list and sidebar (see Preferences - Appearance)
      • New: minimum font size for built-in browser (see Preferences - Appearance)
      • New: support
      • Improvement: new option in Preferences: show feeds without folders in Folders section (as GReader does)
      • Improvement: update of feeds, update of unread
      • Improvement: change feed while updating
      • Fixed: quick unread window (menu bar) did show only on one Space, made window keywindow if close button has been clicked
      • Fixed: register with Growl
      • Fixed: load in new tab if command key is pressed while clicking on a link in built-in browser
      • Fixed: remember sidebar width
      • Fixed: renaming a feed or subscription could end while sidebar is reloading
      • bug fixes
      Version 0.9.11 | Release Date: 2009-10-10 | Download
      • New: added some more preview themes (see "View - Style")
      • New: native ReadItLater support
      • New: Show feeds without folders below folders (as Google Reader does)
      • New: Undo/Redo for common actions
      • Improvement: select a folder when adding a feed
      • Improvement: Post to blog, Send to social service and Send by mail are now available for tabbed browsing
      • Improvement: Post to blog, Send to social service and Send by mail: select some text in preview of tabbed browser to send it as text/description
      • Improvement: Spacebar shortcut - scroll in preview if possible, if not show next unread (article, or feed)
      • Fixed: sidebar selection could not be changed any more after Gruml had been running a long time
      • Fixed: sort by unread and updating to Google Reader
      • Fixed: changed live updating of unread state
      • bug fixes
      Version 0.9.10 | Release Date: 2009-09-27 | Download
      • New: post article to blog (see "Article" menu); requires one of the following tools installed: BlogThing, ecto, MarsEdit or Xjournal
      • New: send article by mail
      • New: drag'n'drop; drag feed to folder or tag to add to a folder, drag of folder outside window to remove
      • New: native Instapaper support
      • New: social services available as toolbar items and shortcuts (use Customize toolbar to select the service you'd like to see in toolbar)
      • New: open URLs in default browser in background or foreground (see Preferences)
      • New: prevent badge of unread on program icon (see Preferences)
      • Improvement: "show next unread" (Spacebar) jumps to next unread feed in list if all visible articles are read
      • Fixed: feeds with linefeed in title displayed wrong in article list
      • Fixed: items deselected while beeing viewed
      • Fixed: "mark all as unread" not updating some feeds
      • Fixed sort by unread
      • bug fixes
      Version 0.9.9 | Release Date: 2009-09-13 | Download
      • Changed loading and caching algorithm: your feeds will be loaded and cached in background (repeating).
        Please allow some time if you start from scratch.
        Loading will be indicated, see progress indicators in sidebar.
      • Fixed crash on saving cached feeds, changed saving algorithm
      • Fixed memory consumption
      • Changed toolbar icon design
      • New: "Comments" view, see sidebar section
      • Fixed: icon badge not updating properly if unread count was zero
      • Fixed: menu icon count not updating properly
      • Fixed: folders with special chars did not load
      • Fixed: Expose/Spaces settings not respected
      • Fixed: articles hotkeys triggered on feed when in website tab view
      • Fixed: "people you follow" section showing incorrect articles
      • bug fixes
      Version 0.9.8 | Release Date: 2009-09-07 | Download
      • New option: show only unread articles (read will be hidden). See "Feed" menu.
      • bug fixes
      Version 0.9.7 | Release Date: 2009-09-06 | Download
      • Loading and caching algorithm rewritten: changed method loaded items are displayed and updated, should improve performance and avoid crashing hopefully.
        Your feeds are loaded and cached in the background periodically if they update, so performance should be better now.
        (Background caching performes if the unread counts change and will treat one feed every few seconds, so please allow some time if you start from scratch)
      • More social features: send to Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Instapaper, MySpace, Posterous, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Twitter (see "Article" menu - "Send to", or contextual menu)
      • "Share with note" available now (see "Article" menu)
      • Changed dock and menu bar updating
      • "Edit tags": fixed bug in proposal list
      • 3-column-view: positions are properly saved on exit
      • Article preview: fixed problem header overlapped with content if more lines were displayed
      • "Feed" menu:
        • Added menu entries and shortcuts to add or remove subscriptions
        • Added menu entry and hotkey for "mark all as read"
        • Added menu entries for renaming feeds and folders (available if you select a feed or a folder)
        • Added menu entries for managing subscriptions to folders and folders to subscriptions (available if you select a feed or a folder)
      • More keyboard shortcuts (J,K for example), see menus for details
      • Open article's website in tab or default browser: use return or shift-return to open in a new tab, or in your default browser (see "Article" menu)
      • further bug fixes
      Version 0.9.6 | Release Date: 2009-08-30 | Download
      • Optional 3-column view: switch to a three column view if you like - see "View - Layout" menu
      • Select columns to be shown: see "View - Columns" menu
      • Select sort order by menu, see "View - Sort By"
      • Switch of Growl support if you like. See "Preferences"
      • Live-updates in unread section: see "Preferences" and turn off if you don't like that
      • Lost focus on update/scrolling issue fixed
      • Tooltips on toolbar items
      • further bug fixes
      Version 0.9.3 | Release Date: 2009-08-20 | Download
      • Improved behaviour if you navigate quickly through sidebar
      • Changed clearing of preview webview
      • Implemented some first keyboard navigation functions:
        • navigation in sidebar with arrow keys
        • switch to article listing with right arrow, back to sidebar with left
        • navigate through unread articles of a feed - press N or see "View" menu
        • quickly change "unread", "shared", "liked", "favored" with shortcuts, see "Article" menu
      • more minor changes
      Version 0.9.0 | Release Date: 2009-08-15 | Download
      No changes specified