Licence: BSD License
Version 1.6.1 | Release Date: 2013-10-09 | Download

Changes since 1.6.0

Bugs Fixed

Fix adding linked file
Fix adding fields in text import sheet
Fix automatic parsing for New Publications From Clipboard
Remove crashing latex2rtf to generate rich text for preview and copying
Avoid a problem updating the preference window
Enable default button in field selection sheets
Get multiple cite keys from dropped .aux files
Fix parsing of author names containing brace escapes
Fix default HTML export template. Reset the template files to apply the fix.

Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2010-05-17 | Download
New Features
  • You can now follow links in citation fields from the main table
  • Improved display of search groups in group table
  • Added web group support for SpringerLink and IACR archives, as well as generic bibTeX
  • Add menu action to select all crossref parents of selected items
  • Improvements to Script menu, smarter updating, allow custom ordering, support for automator workflows
Bugs Fixed
  • Fix accidental overwrite of fields when changing publication type
  • Parse @string macro definitions from files that use parenthesis
  • Fix size of icons in add bookmark sheets
  • You should not be able to drag a group outline item
  • Use improved contextual menu support in tables
  • Fix failing check for parseable string types
  • Fix missing template files
  • Fix scripting support for local file format
  • Fix scripting support for groups
  • Avoid duplicate menu item titles
  • Log parser errors from web parsers
  • Avoid using the printing system for the TeX preview
  • Fix contextual menu when no items are selected
  • Fix a crasher in the Dublin Core parser
Version 1.3.21 | Release Date: 2009-06-18 | Download
Numerous technical and GUI improvements. Listed in detail here
Version 1.3.20 | Release Date: 2009-02-18 | Download

New Features
* New import AppleScript command to add publications from a text format and from a PubMed search
* AppleScript support for generating templated numbered citations
* The Script menu now also allows non-AppleScript scripts and .app bundles
* Improved template and AppleScript support for numbered items, for use in templated citations
* BibDesk can now automatically fill citation info from PubMed for dropped PDFs when a DOI or PII could be found. Can be disabled through a hidden preference
* Added download support for links in the built-in browser
* Support for the arXiv in the web group
* Improved AppleScript support for rich text
* Initial support for Open Meta tags of linked files. Accessible through AppleScript and readable in the Skim Notes window
* You can now color publication items using the Colors panel
* Change shortcut for citation drawer
* Add clickable and dragable icon in corner of URL fields and support drag & drop for files and URLs in those fields

Bugs Fixed
* Reopen empty or default database when reactivating BibDesk, if appropriate
* Remove system proxy usage, since it breaks z39.50 searching when a user actually has a proxy set. Thanks to Sergei Mariev for testing assistance
* Improve template support
* Improvements to PubMed and RIS parsing and export
* Make sure smart group condition sheet always allows adding new conditions
* Fix loading an external file group containing relative links
* Don't try to parse invalid RIS as RIS, so it can be handled manually
* Publications and groups are now tracked through a unique ID, so their reference won't be invalidated when items are added
* Fix week-based date checking in smart groups
* Respect the file type when exporting templated rich text using AppleScript
* Fix some memory leaks
* Fix proxy icon in publication window
* Fix AppleScript support for smart group conditions
* Fix a potential crasher in script groups
* Fix several leaks
* Fix a potential crasher when dropping on tables
* Really suppress auto-filing when adding a file telling to suppress this

Version 1.3.19 | Release Date: 2008-11-22 | Download

New Features:
· Include the remote URL from Google Scholar, thanks Mark Afflick!
· Make Skim Notes of linked files scriptable.
· Support Windows 2007 Format (docx) templates
· Support pinch zoom in previews

Bugs Fixed:
· Fix UI for French localization
· Don't break Bdsk-File-* fields to avoid bibtex parser warnings
· Don't try to reopen last open files when re-activating BibDesk
· Avoid a bug that may block the LaTeX preview.
· Remove TeX in default preview/export template. Please reset the default templates to get the fixes.
· Better sorting for titles containing stopwords and braces.
· Avoid a crasher when opening a file from Spotlight failed.
· Fix check for executable files in script groups.
· Fix an exception in the search group setup sheet.
· Fix encoding issues for reading bibtex from external locations.
· Fix an issue for getting bibtex through scripts.
· Fix column autoresizing through contextual menu.
· Make sure data is committed in Find panel before a search.
· Fix editing of smart group conditions.
· Fix some French UI
· Fix various reace conditions due to thread unsafe shell tasks
· Improved printing support
· Fixes for the "Send To LyX" menu action
· Be more lenient accepting MARC
· Don't show warning when the web group can't find any bibliography items
· Fix ISI import with unidentified publication type
· Show find panels in the current space
· Fix for linked files on a different volumes

Version 1.3.18 | Release Date: 2008-07-17 | Download

New Features
• Registered template names are now accessible through AppleScript
• RTemplate option for new name join style using ampersand
• Support for Spires in web group
• Download files to default download folder when auto-file is turned on and there is sufficient filename information
• Add hidden default for default download location, see the Wiki for details
• Add hidden defaults for ISI search group
• Add hidden default for default browser

Bugs Fixed
• Allow again to drop parseable files on groups to add new items to this group. Dropping on the whole group table adds an external file group
• Fix duplicate items after search (bug # 1926868)
• Fix creating new publications using a BibTeX string in AppleScript
• Fix an infinite hang (bug # 1965986)
• Fix smart group comparisons, in particuar for prefix and suffix
• Fix opening rich text templates with the template editor
• Add real support for "Any Field" in smart groups
• We should not allow editing any property of an author in AppleScript
• Fix scroll position after redoing a quick search, in particular after deleting an item (bug # 1965441)
• Fix key view loop in publication detail window, you can now tab through the fields and the files
• Fix check for TeX preview window visibility, whioch could lead to an inconsistent state when viewing the log (bug # 1970554)
• More efficient handling of fields containing raw bibtex
• Use Helvetica for count badge in group table, looks better because of no serifs
• Drop linked files and URLs in bibtex used for TeX generation
• Reinsert Zoom item in Windows menu
• More fine grained zoom control in preview windows
• Fix dependencies wheh using "%s" format specifier
• Make absolutely sure no invalid characters are entered or generated in cite keys
• Fixes to creating and modifying groups in AppleScript
• Make sure the import script hook is called when importing publications by merging in external items or hitting an Import button
• Avoid crasher in file search (bug # 1902762)
• Add more validation of field names, so invalid field names can never be chosen
• Allow auto-completion of special field names with spaces on Leopard
• Fix dependency fields for auto-file and cite key format
• Remove extraneous check marks in various popup buttons
• Use tool tips for URL columns instead of status messages for better performance
• Add month from RIS PY field if present (bug # 1966538)
• Improve ISI search groups, fix a hang and allow extending searches
• Improved scripting support for (search) groups
• Improve support for selecting items by dropping an .aux file on the main table
• Fix scripting of authors. Use correct key for authors in a publication
• Remove braces in exported EndNote XML and add comma at end of corporate author
• Use a different temporary folder, because not everyone has a chewable items folder
• Fix various leaks
• Workaround for a system bug when undoing entering an illegal character in a cite key or field name
• Improve reliability of background processes

Version 1.3.17 | Release Date: 2008-05-22 | Download

New Features
• Some new template keys for joining using semi-colon and authorOrEditor
• Allow zooming of previews
• Add capital polish L to default TeX conversions

Bugs Fixed
• Fix an exception in the French smart group editing sheet
• Fixed exception when using spacebar to page down in the document
• Fix exception in the file icon view when showing a slider on 10.4 with iLife installed
• Fix crash with multiple linked files on 10.4
• Fix an infinite loop that could occur when a PDF/PS thumbnail wasn't created
• Help now displays in French localization, although the help book is not localized
• Fix various bugs in RIS output (missing TY tag value, wrong tag names)
• Fix "auto file" AppleScript command
• Fix a leak when calling a script hook
• Improve getting selection from .aux file dropped on main table
• DBLP search group is in the default Searches menu for new users

Version 1.3.16 | Release Date: 2008-05-04 | Download

Changes since 1.3.15

New Features
• Allow rich text templates for email, those are converted to plain text.
• Add accessibility for the status bar

Bugs Fixed
• Fix cell in French Export preferences (bug # 1955411)
• Fix times-cited info for imported items from WoS (bug # 1955565)
• Remove font preferences for the preview pane, asthis is not used anymore
• Remove initial "v" from the version number as it confuses Launch Services
• Fix reset for .tex and .bib template files (bug # 1956912)

Version 1.3.15 | Release Date: 2008-04-29 | Download

New Features
* Download remote URLs and copy local files when dropping with option key held down
* Remove duplicate applications from Open With... menu items
* Groups and publications in external groups are now accessible through AppleScript
* New "add" and "remove" AppleScript commands, to add/remove linked files and URLs as well as add/remove items to/from local groups
* New preferences for automatic conversion of URL fields to linked files and URLs
* Show optional alert to move deleted linked files to trash
* Database Find and replace can now also be used for linked files and URLs
* Build-in one-way character conversions can now be redefined (e.g. for German double quotes)
* The default string encoding used for opening and saving is now UTF-8, so special characters will not raise an alert
* Open Document Text Document (.odt) format is now supported for rich text templates (Leopard only)
* Use extended print panel on Leopard, including page setup controls and preview
* New custom URL schemes x-bdsk: and x-bdsk-search: for linking individual items and search groups, respecitively
* You can copy a script group URL from the contextual menu
* You can copy a URL to link a publication item from the Copy As menu
* Allow dragging and copying publication URLs by default. Old preferences for default drag type are invalid
* New script hook called after importing new publications
* External file groups can now be added by drag and drop on the group pane
* Improvements to file icon views
* Allow file icon views to display a single auto-resizing column. Enabled in the side panes in the main window and the detail window
* Add a auto-hiding scale slider at the top and the bottom of file icon views that are not in single column mode
* Allow showing linked file icons in the bottom preview pane and templated text preview in the side pane
* Add buttons to quickly change previews and file icons in the bottom and side pane. Choices are remembered per document
* New smart group conditions for substring comparisons of linked files and URLs
* .skim files associated to a .pdf file are now moved automatically when autofiling the PDF
* Files added through drag and drop on the file icon view while holding down the Command key won't be auto-filed
* New optional arguments for 'unique' format specifiers for an optional separator
* Z39.50 search groups now also support UNIMARC
* Opening an http: URL from AppleScript now opens the URL in the web group
* When importing a publication with a crossref parent, the parent item will now be automatically imported as well
* Searching the DBLP is now supported via the Searches->New Search Group... menu item
* Adding a URL to the files and URLs pane will now automatically fill the URL field when this is required or optional
* Improvements to accessibility

Bugs Fixed
* Fix keywords and bibliography filename specifiers (%k and %b) in cite key and linked file format
* Fix quotes in some alert messages
* Remove deprecated keys and add enw keys in template editor
* Use the order of linked files and URLs as set in the detail window
* Allow dropping bibtex with comments
* Use consistent check for matching braces in field values
* Fix indexes of saved linked files that could not be resolved
* Properly copy publications between documents and external groups using the "duplicate" script command
* Escape URLs in EndNote XML export
* Better removal of spaces around MARC from Z39.50 server
* Fix editing of groups by double-clicking the icon
* Fix an exception in the linked file view that could occur in some situations when a new publication was added
* Resize alert windows if necessary to contain the full alert text
* Update the Preferences Guide in the Help
* Fail gracefully when invalid archived linked files are encountered when opening a file
* Improved layout of linked file icon views
* Don't warn when auto-filing a package
* Format specifier "%f{BibTeX Type}" is now allowed
* Avoid an endless loop that occured when displaying certain linked JPG images
* Avoid adding duplicate linked URLs converted from old-style URL fields
* Fix layout (separators) of Windows menu
* Allow continuing to edit a field after trying to commit an invalid value
* Fix various bugs in linked file views
* Avoid encoding problems in Skim notes
* Preserve group selection after editing a field group name
* Fix display of relevance column
* Fix opening of template files
* Include a comma in exported APA style names in template
* Fix a deadlock
* Don't allow editing macros when searching, to avoid exceptions
* Fix a leak in the latex previewer
* Make sure have the correct path after auto filing
* Preserve options for selected token in template editor on hovering another token
* More accurate label for the TeX Preview toolbar item
* Escape special characters such as spaces for URLs passed to BibDesk using Apple events
* Fix an exception that could occur when removing a smart group condition
* Web groups shouldn't be part of a multiple selection
* Fix an exception when editing a field group name
* Make sure checking for HTML happens on the main thread to avoid an exception
* Use the correct template for dragging and copying
* Allow special numbering key ("#") in templates

Version 1.3.14 | Release Date: 2008-04-02 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.3.13 | Release Date: 2008-01-14 | Download

New Features
• New interface for linked files. Files are saved with a relative path and an alias, so moving files in the Finder or switching machines shouldn't break the links. AutoFile now works with an arbitrary number of files. See the Database -> Migrate Files menu option for converting permanently to the new system.
• File matching now uses phrase searching on Leopard, since Apple fixed it
• Quick Look now supports any plain text types that we claim
• Crossref column can be added to main table
• The new text encoding extended attribute introduced on Leopard is now supported
• Added support for counter in collections in templates
• Editor now uses NSTableView instead of NSForm
• URL and title will be set when dropping a webloc file on the main window to create a new entry
• New version of latex2rtf, based on current development sources (improved bibliography and encoding support)
• ED tag for editors in .isi file import is now respected
• File content search now respects the current group selection and only replaces the tableview
• Template improvements: can sort an array by author, author or editor, title
• Editors are accessible via AppleScript
• Default scripts are now at the top of the script menu, and user scripts are shown under a separator

Bugs Fixed
• Exceptions are always logged to the console now
• Worked around a drawing performance problem on 10.5 (bug #1834337)
• Fixed setObject:forKey: nil assertion failure that happened when the group table font set in prefs was no longer available
• Quick Look preview now uses RTF instead of HTML, so it wraps to the window
• Search buttons are now standard rollover buttons, so more consistent with Apple apps
• Reduced memory footprint during initial file content search indexing
• Faster file content search indexing
• Fixed some potential crashing bugs in file content search
• File content index no longer leaks if the document is closed during initial indexing
• PubMed MH is no longer converted to Keywords
• Search indexes are now updated correctly when editing abstract/annote is finished
• Fixed a threading bug in Bonjour sharing shutdown
• Search indexes now index an unlimited number of terms instead of stopping at 2000 (fixes bug in searching long annote/abstract)
• Default macros are now resolved in TeX preview
• Skim notes in .pdfd, .skim, and .ps files are now read correctly
• Fixed a rare problem that occurred due to changes in sorting of file content search (bug #1837498)
• We now use a more strict character set for cite keys (characters outside the ASCII range are disallowed in the UI, as they always have been in the parser)
• Removed splitview in editor, so the integer field controls are shown in full
• Rating field can now be removed
• Reading extended attributes will now fail more gracefully when the system returns an insane length value
• Integer and note fields are no longer inherited in AppleScript and previewing
• Large batches of changes will now cause fewer search index flushes for improved performance
• Table selection is preserved again during file content search indexing
• Expansion rects and font colors are handled more correctly on Leopard
• Level indicator cells now draw with a better color when selected
• The wrong row is no longer selected after editing a macro key (bug #1859542)
• Updating while editing during a search should be improved
• Fixed crash under some circumstances when changing pub type
• Fixed Leopard expansion tooltips
• Custom alert sheet size now matches Apple's alerts, and they support multi-line messages
• Fix a bug that could prevent adding some columns to the main table
• Person window and table in editor should be more consistent now
• Fixed a crash in the PubMed loading code and the Dublin Core XML parser
• Worked around an Apple bug that broke saving to AFP volumes (bug #1867790)
• Fix some issues with tracking rects in the main table

Version 1.3.12 | Release Date: 2007-11-17 | Download

Changes since 1.3.11

New Features
• Folders and separators in search bookmarks
• New bookmarks menu with some default items
• Re-autofiling will change a full URL to relative path or vice versa
• File Matcher tables now in split view
• Attempt to scrape citations from recognized plain text formats in the web group

Bugs Fixed
• Use correct encoding when reading from Google Scholar
• Improved error checking and handling in web groups
• Fixed range exception in ACM web scraper (bug #1829277)
• Don't undo autofile for files that were not moved, and don't run script hooks in that case
• Remove surrounding braces from Google Scholar titles
• Fixed context menu item title for removing group
• Search group bookmarks should work again
• Set the width of the export accessory view
• Remove language dependencies from Google Scholar scraper
• WebView no longer marks a document as dirty
• Changed web group nav buttons, use cmd-. key for stop

Version 1.3.10 | Release Date: 2007-09-04 | Download

ew Features
• Sorting and searching macros is now possible, and global macros can be displayed in the macro editor window (RFE #1781373)
• Can now use a template format for dragging from the main window, so you can embed cite keys in XML or similar (RFE #1781979)
• Help menu has a link to the Wiki (RFE #1783499)

Bugs Fixed
• Dropping/pasting BibTeX works again (bug #1784227)
• Type-select timeout based on key repeat interval
• File content search sorts score descending by default, table sized to avoid empty column at end
• Files named with a PubMed id now use PubMed data before trying to extract metadata from the PDF (if the PDF metadata hidden pref is set)
• Opening BibTeX files works again with Leopard developer seeds
• Correct application class is used for scripting support
• If a file contained Windows line endings, the date-added field would be reset for all pubs (bug #1786463); this was a side effect from the fix for bug #1779632
• Fixed an exception that would occur when trying to print with an empty TeX preview
• Fixed an exception/crash that occurred when Open Using Filter... failed due to an incorrect encoding choice

Version 1.3.8 | Release Date: 2007-08-27 | Download

New Features
* Added template methods for separating a string into components
* Simple template method for joining array components
* Support more file types for preview display in the main window, so we can show PDF, PostScript, image types supported by ImageIO, text and composite types supported by NSAttributedString (RTF/MS Word/HTML)
* SciFinder format is now supported
* Skim Notes are included in the "Any Field" search
* Revised and enhanced bookmark handling for web views
* Revised type-select handling
* External items can now be merged by creating a field group with the current selection
* Action menu now has item for merging external items
* Dragging and copying from the Skim notes table is now supported, and all rows are resizable

Bugs Fixed
* Fixed an exception when creating a new item when a person group was selected
* Fixed corrupt nibs in the French translation (for search groups)
* Gradients now show a light source from above
* Search string is only passed to external programs when a file content search is active
* All double hyphens are replaced with emdash in templating
* Fixed conditional templates for empty value
* Person object descriptions are more appropriate for templating
* Downloading subsequent results from Web of Science with the Search button should work correctly (bug #1774169)
* Only add escaped space between title words in parsed format (bug #1774983)
* Fixes for resizing of splitview and subviews, web group view
* Web of Science custom bookmarks are now functional (bug #1775537)
* Exception reports are now sent to a dedicated mailing list
* Duplicate bookmarks can't be added to the text import sheet or web group
* Popup zoom button in editor text drawer is validated correctly
* Added a workaround for bug #1779548; SearchKit ignores punctuation, but the result highlighting did not indicate this
* Merging in external groups will now work correctly
* Fixed shell command history in the Open Using Filter... dialog; order is now preserved
* Pretty-printed files with Windows CRLF line endings as produced by JabRef on Windows are now converted to UNIX line endings, so editing is easier (bug #1779632)
* Files with old-style Macintosh line endings are now readable (formerly caused a parser error)
* Drag-and-drop with field group of "BibTeX Type" now works correctly as a special case
* Renamed some menu items for Skim notes to include "Skim"
* Fixed a minor memory leak in character conversion
* Added mapping of %7 to Edition for Refer (EndNote) format

Version 1.3.7 | Release Date: 2007-08-04 | Download

New Features
* Search group files are now recognized by the Spotlight importer
* Local-Url and cite key formats are now accessible via AppleScript, and you can see if all required fields for the format have been set
* AutoFile is now accessible via AppleScript
* String fields are now detexified by default when exporting with a template (RFE #1748529)
* Files linked via the File Matcher are now autofiled (RFE #1737544)
* ISI Web of Science can now be searched in BibDesk (requires access)
* New option in Find & Replace panel to set empty fields
* Folders can now be dropped on the File Matcher's configuration sheet, and their contents will be added (RFE #1737603)
* %T format specifier now has an optional parameter to ignore short words (RFE #1761500)
* Updated French translation (thanks to Corentin Cras-Méneur)
* Local-Url file of the selected reference can be displayed in the preview pane, if it is a PDF (RFE #1763050)

Bugs Fixed
* Release notes will now be shown during update check, and an error message is displayed if the release notes fail to load.
* Allow more characters at position 22 of the MARC leader, which works around bugs in Oxford's z39.50 output (bug #1741874)
* Recent preference options should now be searchable in the pref window
* Calibrated instead of device colorspaces are used
* Skim notes are sorted according to page
* Fixed bug in text import from web when auto-discovering (should fix bug #1748405)
* Made File Matcher interface look more like the Spotlight interface
* Character Conversion editor now ignores an edit when choosing Cancel
* Printing from an AppleEvent now goes through a PDFView if possible
* Improved titleCapitalizedString (used for templating)
* Fixed keyview loop in Find & Replace panel (bug #1752169)
* Changed icon position in alerts to conform to Apple HIG
* Empty search strings are no longer passed to other applications (fixes a problem with some versions of Skim)
* PDFView subclass no longer copies data lazily; it's written to the pasteboard immediately. This should fix an exception in Apple's code that we can't reproduce.
* Only the last 24 hours of log output are copied for exception reports.
* Icons for .app files will now display correctly (although this shouldn't be a common problem)
* SearchKit doesn't ignore braces when searching, so we now do this manually, as we did in pre-SearchKit versions
* Export template prefs are now localizable
* Tracking rects in the main table should be improved
* Worked around an Apple bug in the Save script command, which caused file type to be ignored for export
* Document's file type is used as the file type for a Save As from AppleScript
* Smart groups that depended on "Any Field" were broken when SearchKit was added, but should work correctly again

Version 1.3.6 | Release Date: 2007-06-20 | Download

New Features

  • MODS parsing is now supported (limited translation via Library of Congress' MODS-MARC XSLT)
  • Keys in citation fields are now clickable links in the detail preview
  • Can copy text from Skim notes outline view
  • Windows now have a publication and author property in AppleScript, so you can reliably get a reference to a publication from an editor window
  • Improved EndNote XML export (RFE #1722003)
  • Skim notes are now supported in templates
  • Standard error (console) output will now be included with exception reports

Bugs Fixed

  • Linked files are always opened using the viewer set in prefs (bug #1719152)
  • When using the file viewer set in prefs, path extension comparisons are done case-insensitively
  • Fixed a potential race condition in the exception viewer
  • Moved extended attribute-based encoding check so it occurs before parsing a file (bug #172276)
  • Path to LyX pipe is now found by searching for the application support folder with the newest version number, or a default location
  • Menu item titles for Skim notes now mention Skim
  • Error message when a shell task fails now includes more information
  • We now check for network availability using SystemConfiguration instead of CFNetDiagnostics, since CFNetDiagnosticCopyNetworkStatusPassively lies about modem connection status
  • Exceptions while launching atos are now caught (just in case)
  • Attempted to fix an unreproducible exception when copy/pasting from a PDF view
  • Fixed document copying from the context menu of PDF views, which always provided the page instead
  • Re-enabled multiple threads in BDSKAsynchronousDOServer's NSConnection, which should fix an exception reported when enabling Bonjour sharing (added comment so I don't accidentally break that again)
  • Publications are once again selected correctly after leaving the File Content search (this broke in the recent search revision)
  • Fixed another valueOfMacro: exception/crash (only occurred if you used an @string definition in an author name)
  • Fixed Apple bug in scripting of colors
  • File Matcher no longer allows adding directories via drag-and-drop
  • Fixed a crash in the File Matcher
  • Some UI code is accessed later in the application's launch cycle for greater safety
  • Avoid losing row selection when removing table columns
  • Don't clear the document's searchfield when using Find & Replace (bug #1737534)
  • Relative paths now sort correctly in the main table 1738597
  • MARC parser now allows numbers in the encoding field of the leader (which is invalid MARC, bug #1738597)
Version 1.3.5 | Release Date: 2007-05-10 | Download

Changes since 1.3.4

New Features
* You can now force file->viewer mappings to override your system defaults (I still think this is weird, but it will stop some user complaints)
* French translation from Corentin Cras-Méneur (thanks!)
* Arbitrary options can be passed to the z39.50 search...which is only useful if the ZOOM implementation recognizes the key-value pairs
* Proxy info is now passed to z39.50 servers, but we have no way of testing this
* Animation time is decreased, and user-settable by the hidden default BDSKDefaultAnimationTimeInterval; setting it to 0 will disable animations (and disable more user complaints)

Bugs Fixed
* Deprecated string methods are no longer used
* Search indexes are no longer leaked (Apple's docs are wrong about this)
* Search field timer is invalidated before the window closes, avoiding a possible exception (workaround for another Apple bug)
* Tail is truncated once again in main table text cells
* Tooltips are disabled in PDFViews due to an Apple bug
* We now avoid deTeXifying accented characters that can't be composed to a single unichar
* Empty keys are now allowed when parsing the Refer format
* AppleScript search results are separated with a |
* We now add an empty item with a rendered record in the Annote field for unparseable z39.50 items
* The MARC parser now allows a wrong space at character 22, since that's a common syntax error
* TeX font command parsing now handles nested commands
* Track files for custom default search group servers, as the file may not have the default name
* Skim notes works again (accidentally broken before release)
* Fixed crash when clearing the search field of a z39.50 search group
* Removed Spotlight file icon code, as it wasn't thread safe (will be used later in Leopard)
* Fixed a crash that would occur when you clicked the Import button in a search group, which was itself searched via the toolbar search field (looks like another Apple bug...)
* Fixed the valueOfMacro: exception that various users reported (due to a memory leak)
* Date-based conditions are no longer leaked
* Fixed other memory leaks

Version 1.3.5 | Release Date: 2007-05-10 | Download

New Features

  • You can now force file->viewer mappings to override your system defaults (I still think this is weird, but it will stop some user complaints)
  • French translation from Corentin Cras-Méneur (thanks!)
  • Arbitrary options can be passed to the z39.50 search...which is only useful if the ZOOM implementation recognizes the key-value pairs
  • Proxy info is now passed to z39.50 servers, but we have no way of testing this
  • Animation time is decreased, and user-settable by the hidden default BDSKDefaultAnimationTimeInterval; setting it to 0 will disable animations (and disable more user complaints)

Bugs Fixed

  • Deprecated string methods are no longer used
  • Search indexes are no longer leaked (Apple's docs are wrong about this)
  • Search field timer is invalidated before the window closes, avoiding a possible exception (workaround for another Apple bug)
  • Tail is truncated once again in main table text cells
  • Tooltips are disabled in PDFViews due to an Apple bug
  • We now avoid deTeXifying accented characters that can't be composed to a single unichar
  • Empty keys are now allowed when parsing the Refer format
  • AppleScript search results are separated with a |
  • We now add an empty item with a rendered record in the Annote field for unparseable z39.50 items
  • The MARC parser now allows a wrong space at character 22, since that's a common syntax error
  • TeX font command parsing now handles nested commands
  • Track files for custom default search group servers, as the file may not have the default name
  • Skim notes works again (accidentally broken before release)
  • Fixed crash when clearing the search field of a z39.50 search group
  • Removed Spotlight file icon code, as it wasn't thread safe (will be used later in Leopard)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when you clicked the Import button in a search group, which was itself searched via the toolbar search field (looks like another Apple bug...)
  • Fixed the valueOfMacro: exception that various users reported (due to a memory leak)
  • Date-based conditions are no longer leaked
  • Fixed other memory leaks
Version 1.3.4 | Release Date: 2007-04-18 | Download

Changes since 1.3.3

New Features
* Searching the bibliography now uses SearchKit, so Boolean operators &|! (AND, OR, NOT) are fully supported, as well as grouping with parentheses and wildcards
* Allow writing empty fields to the file to work around crossref limitations (RFE #1690155); requires a hidden preference BDSKFieldsToWriteIfEmpty, documented in help
* Animated more search transitions
* Enabled feature for displaying Skim notes per-file
* Added support for indexing and searching Skim notes for the document
* Can now create a category group with the current selection (RFE #1688541)

Bugs Fixed
* Fixed various memory leaks
* Fixed various tooltip typos
* No longer use a fixed-size CFMutableString for macro expansion
* Fixed crash when unbalanced braces were encountered in parsing a BibTeX file (bug #1702315)
* Searching COPAC works again (it broke when they changed from Dublin Core XML to MODS)

Version 1.3.3 | Release Date: 2007-04-05 | Download
  • Menu with search group bookmarks, so our new feature is more obvious and accessible
  • If a file whose name is a valid a PubMed ID is dropped on the main table, its information is automatically retrieved and filled in
  • Help menu now has items to open the RFE and bug trackers on SourceForge
  • Get Info in Finder will display more metadata attributes
  • Fixed rich text bug in AppleScript, no thanks to Apple's incorrect docs and examples
  • User's locale will be used for displayed publication dates, and handle other date orderings
  • Fixed display scaling (resolution independence) problems with the Spotlight overlay when searching preferences
  • Fixed a leak in code used for outline views
  • Drawer state is now determined correctly when it is closed by dragging (bug #1673573)
  • Files in Trash are not automatically opened
  • Fix an exception when release notes failed to download
  • Fixed window size for cache file icon preview
  • Fixed exception when status text was nil in the Web import sheet
  • Fixed web import problem with multiple frames
  • Selection strings from Web import sheet are now cleaned of whitespace
  • Fixed DCXML parser so that z39.50 sites using that format work again
  • Fixed updating of publications when a smart group is selected
  • Status line now displays a comment when a we couldn't parse results from a search group
  • Fixed a few methods that were using a struct return value after messaging nil
  • Opening multiple URLs should work (bug #1679330)
  • Fixed inconsistencies in TeX preview nib
  • Replaced checkbox in File Matcher options with two buttons to avoid confusion
  • Dragging vCards from the person view should work again
  • Replaced deprecated teTeX paths with current ones in initial user defaults
  • Be more careful about initializing and using NSError objects
  • Generating cite keys for a document will now be much faster, and won't reset date-modified of unchanged items (and will correctly update crossrefs)
  • Revised type manager API so single valued fields will again be treated correctly when parsing RIS
  • File Matcher now looks for author or editor
  • Fixed exception that occurred when dropping a pub from another document on the selected category group
  • Fixed bugs in sending search text to applications when opening a file; the open document event is now incorporated into the launch call, and ???? creator codes are now handled
  • Fixed aevtodoc in scripting definition, per Apple's recent fix
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of notifications when default fields changed
  • Person field changes are now observed correctly
  • The document and editor are now correctly synced with model state if custom fields change
  • Fixed exception when changing currently selected group to a person field (thanks to Alex Montgomery for the report)
  • Fixed exception when changing the type of a displayed column (e.g. string to Boolean)
  • Added some error checking and presentation to the PubMed search group
  • Details view is now the default for the preview pane in the document window
  • Eliminated lazy initialization of stop words and character sets by using attribute ((constructor)), mainly because we can
  • Help books should now work consistently, since old files are deleted before running Texinfo
Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2007-02-28 | Download

Changes since 1.3.1

New Features
* New "Publication Date" column for displaying a composite Month + Year, so we no longer have conflicts with existing Date fields
* Prefix/suffix addition to the Database Find & Replace panel
* Author's display name is now used for the author table and menu
* Can now download URLs to link as local files (drop a remote URL on the local file button or a local file editor field)
* TeX preview now displays a warning badge and log in separate tab when typesetting errors are encountered
* A warning is now displayed if front matter and/or macros are ignored when pasting BibTeX data
* Preliminary support for hCite (microformat) browsing and parsing; requires a hidden default (see bibdesk-users list archives for details)
* Clicking file URL links now sends kAESearchText Apple Event when appropriate
* Document macros are now accessible via AppleScript
* Spotlight cache files now get kMDItemCreator and kMDItemContentCreationDate; Read status is included even as three-state field
* Field names can be localized, if anyone ever localizes BibDesk
* Spotlight cache files now get custom icons by default
* New window for matching orphaned (or other) files with bibliography items, using SearchKit (see Window menu)
* Author table column now sorts more correctly (based on multiple authors instead of the first author's last name)
* Items in Window menu are now organized by document

Bugs Fixed
* Stale TeX intermediate files are removed between previews
* Added workaround for editor beachball when the Spotlight database is corrupted
* Saving from AppleScript no longer uses a stale encoding value
* Fixed some issues with the editor's rating buttons, and check range when change rating with arrow keys
* Fixed leaks in release notes viewing, text import sheet
* WebKit plugins are enabled again, in hopes that the losers at Adobe have fixed the crashes their plugins caused
* Filename display cells break text in the middle instead of the tail
* Numeric stack traces are used if atos isn't installed (part of developer tools)
* Report errors for missing citekey and type instead of crashing
* Formatter is now used correctly for add/remove field sheets
* Cite keys from non-BibTeX sources are now generated when they are incorporated into a document, so conflicts can be resolved correctly
* Host info is displayed in exception viewer, so we know how to run atos on the stack trace
* Help on Junior name splitting was incorrect (bug #1649434)
* Optionally allow editing default BibTeX types and fields; although we think this is a bad idea, we're tired of the requests
* Type editor allows dragging between required and optional fields when the type is editable
* Set undo action name when changing BibTeX string of a field via AppleScript
* Don't show cite key warnings for external items
* Cite key and Local-Url fields are ignored when comparing external items to those already in the file (for import button)
* Support selection from .aux files using non-standard bibliography styles (e.g. harvard); guess citation command from the file
* Handle splitview resizing internally, since Apple's code has rounding errors
* Fixed a potential crash when saving (incorrect error class)
* Fixed an autorelease memory smasher introduced in 1.3.0 that was causing random crashes (thanks to Nathan Paxton for a reproducible test case)
* Finally fixed the mysterious objectAtIndex: exception introduced in 1.3.0 (thanks to Alex Martsinkovsky for providing steps to reproduce this)
* Search groups can now be renamed (bug #1663856)
* Table columns now have minimum width of 16

Version 1.3.1 | Release Date: 2007-01-26 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.2.10 | Release Date: 2006-11-02 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.2.7 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.3 | Release Date: 1970-01-01 | Download

Changes since 1.2.10

NOTE: Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) is no longer supported as of 1.3

New Features
* New update checker and options (can set time interval, has improved error handling and flexibility for branches)
* Can now display release notes before downloading a new version
* Can now use a template for emailed bibliography (RFE #1437531)
* Added menu action to send citations to LyX, based on Mark Reid's AppleScript
* File content search now displays a status bar when indexing
* Table and window configuration is now stored on a per-document basis using extended attributes (RFE #1540829)
* Allow different default drags and copies when using option key
* Can now use a URL (http:, ftp:, file:) as an external group source (RFE #1578590), as long as it contains bibliographic data that we can read
* Can now use a script (shell, Python, AppleScript, etc.) as an external group source, as long as it produces bibliographic data we can read
* Autofile now warns before moving a folder (RFE #1567619) since someone Autofiled the Desktop folder
* Group tableview now uses a Mail-style background color
* TeX preview panel now has a proxy icon
* Can now display LaTeX preview in lower pane (RFE #1101689)
* Append selected text to field when holding control key in text import sheet
* Smart group filter editor now has undo support
* Editor toolbar now has buttons to edit next/previous pubs (RFE #1575236)
* Updated to the latest version of Omni's frameworks
* We now display a stack trace when an exception occurs, with the option to mail it to the developers
* Files are now sorted by type
* Name display prefs are now used for Author/Editor groups
* Rating buttons now draw stars
* Table columns menu now has an autosize option (RFE #823805)
* New Distributed Objects API for external programs to get autocompletion information
* A new static group is now created for items dropped on the group table when a specific group isn't the target (RFE #1602349)
* More character encodings are now supported
* Menu item to select incomplete items, based on BibTeX required fields (RFE #1192715)
* Text import sheet now parses a file if possible when importing from a file
* MARC is now parsed (formatted, raw, some XML)
* Now have comma-separated and tab-separated template output
* Can now use a script to post-process templated output
* Can now duplicate/copy types in the custom type editor table
* Added the ability to search PubMed and other Entrez databases directly
* External groups now have a different table row color
* Added ability to search z39.50 servers directly
* Dublin Core XML is now parsed and converted to BibTeX
* New citation field type that allows linking items to each other in BibDesk
* Import button for external items (shared/script/search groups)
* Web of Science (ISI) CR fields are now split with a semicolon when parsing
* External groups now have an Import button
* The Refer text format is now parsed
* Check buttons and rating buttons are now used to edit Boolean, tristate, and rating fields in the smart group interface

Bugs Fixed
* Fix bug in autoscaling of preview PDF view
* Fixed endless loop at low zoom levels in preview PDF view
* Removed all 10.3-only code paths and hacks
* Switched to non-deprecated methods for loading/saving documents
* Partial data warning is no longer displayed when there is no data in a file/pasteboard
* No longer use remote root for help book, which hopefully works around Apple Help flakiness
* Export menu items changed to Save As
* Try to fix pasted strings when they have invalid BibTeX (no cite keys)
* Fix some alignment issues in the previewer panel
* Revised error messages when saving encounters a TeX conversion or encoding problem
* Fix potential crash when a UTI was NULL
* Removed ILCrashReporter, since SourceForge changed their e-mail service and broke delivery
* Fixed tracking rects to use the displayed publications, so hovering over a URL/file displayes the correct status message
* File content search scores are now correct
* Worked around Apple bug in -[NSDictionary valueForKey:] that causes an exception with an empty string as key
* Fixed typo in RSS export template (bug #1578088)
* Adding a new publication while a static group is selected will now add the pub to the group or warn as appropriate
* Fixed assertion failure when creating a new pub with multiple groups selected
* Editor can now be shown for uneditable (shared/external) items
* Fixed another encoding error that wasn't caught when parsing a file (exception was raised instead of an error message)
* File content index is updated after setting all fields of an item
* Worked around Apple bug with undo in sheets
* Selection after closing the file content search should work reliably, and table is now first responder after canceling content search
* Animation transition for file content search should be smoother
* Converted all nibs to 10.2+ format
* Added workaround for bug #1584054, PubMed no longer inserts a comma between last name and first name (so reliable name parsing is impossible)
* Use standard icon when multiple files are being dragged
* Escaped braces and double-quotes are now handled correctly when parsing annote/asbstract fields (bug #1589250)
* Ensure that the Internet Config download location exists before trying to use it (bug #1588716)
* MDItem is now used to get file comment strings, which allows us to remove a nasty hack to work around Finder problems
* Orphaned file finder now displays correct tooltips, shows the correct file, and copies the correct paths (bug #1591733)
* Original file extension is used in preset formats instead of ".pdf" (bug #1591765)
* Key field in editor should be selected more reliably
* Fixed some issues with reverting a document to previously saved state
* Groups are now resorted when smart groups update and are sorted by count
* Enabled more compiler warnings and fixed a few sleeper bugs
* We now use fixed stack buffers instead of alloca()
* TeX command parsing is slightly faster
* BibTeX file loading is faster, due to more field name caching and more efficient date object creation
* Fixed crasher while editing custom types (bug #1596532)
* Fixed AppleScript selection (bug #1596567)
* Fixed group subsorting
* TeX tasks log more detailed info and correctly check the NSTask return value
* Fixed EndNote XML export (bug #1594134)
* TeX character conversion is now less strict, and tries only known conversions and latin characters with accents (bug #1596267)
* Encodings that we can't parse correctly (16 and 32 bit encodings, Shift-JIS, others) are now converted to UTF-8
* Add to Bibliography service now creates a new document if necessary
* PubMed items without a trailing newline are now parsed correctly
* Fixed a race condition in temporary file creation
* Chewable items folder is now used for temp files instead of NSTemporaryDirectory(), so cleanup is done by the OS
* Use CFUUID instead of NSProcessInfo for unique strings when creating temp files, since NSProcessInfo is not thread-safe
* Remove the public.plain-text UTI declaration for text documents, as it prevents many documents from being dropped on the dock icon (bug #1576949)
* \href tags are stripped from URL fields when opening, in case people use this kludge
* Fixed memory leaks in PS to PDF conversion (used in the editor drawer)
* BibTeX-sniffing regex now allows whitespace before and after cite keys, and uses the correct character set for cite keys
* Closing a document with many errors is faster
* LaTeX string copying no longer includes a bibliography environment
* An alert is now displayed when annote/abstract/rss-description has unbalanced braces
* TeX task is more careful about file encodings
* Fixed bug #1630955. Autofile, autogenerate cite key and run script hook whenever the user explicitly changes a field via an action or drag-and-drop.
* Commas inside quoted macro values and macro values quoted by double-quotes are now handled correctly (bug #1632553)
* Can set crossref using drag-and-drop on the form
* Duplicate single-valued fields in PubMed and RIS parsing are now given a new field name, instead of adding them to the previous value
* Separator from preferences is used to divide multi-valued fields when parsing PubMed and RIS, instead of always using comma
* Autogeneration and script hooks are now activated by drag-and-drop on an editor field
* Fixed test for crossref equality when comparing items