Peggle Nights

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2009-02-19 | Download

* New Peggle Master/power-up: Marina, the electric squid, brings the number of Peggle Masters / power-ups to 11; her Shockwave effect arcs between the first peg hit and the bucket at the bottom, clearing all intervening pegs with a jolt of electricity
* New Trophy/Achievement: In addition to the original game's all clear achievement, Peggle Nights sets an ace score for each level; acing each level earns a special trophy
* More Trophies: The new game offers four different trophies for the various achievements: completing Adventure Mode, completing Challange Mode, clearing all levels of all pegs, and acing all levels. Oh, and a new trophy room to keep 'em in!
* 60 Newly Designed Levels: Each Peggle Master has five themed dream state levels in the game's main Adventure mode, plus a final five Master levels in which the player chooses the Master/power-up
* 60 New Challenges: Five dozen new Challenge Mode levels, with many fiendishly tricky objectives for players to reach; new types of challenges include low ball challenges in which the player tries to get the lowest possible score, Style Shot based challenges and challenges involving specific or combined power-ups
* New Style Shots: More ways to score bonus points based on the player’s aim and timing acumen: Off the Wall, Double Long Shot and more
* All-New Soundtrack: Maintaining the cultured sensibilities of the original Peggle, the new game offers a mix of original tunes and well-known classical music – including a fully-orchestrated introduction by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra
* Admire Your Skillz: You can now drag and drop replays of your top shots into the open game window to view them
* Power-Up Improvements: Existing power-ups including Tula's flower power, Kat Tut's pyramid and Lord Cinderbottom’s fireball have been tweaked to optimize their effectiveness