Licence: Freeware
Version 0.8.2 beta | Release Date: 2011-11-16 | Download

SizeWell SIMBL Plugin:

  • Added: Options to zoom whole window or window's content to resolutions in SizeWell Zoom Options menu.
  • Added: New resolution (HD 720 - 1280 x 720) to SizeWell Zoom Options menu.
  • Added: Shortcuts for all window positioning options in SizeWell Zoom Options menu.
  • Added: Window's content height to dimensions when resizing or zooming.
  • Improved: Support for recent versions of iTunes.
  • Improved: Support for TotalFinder.
  • Fixed: Conflicts with Adobe Photoshop's "Save for Web" window and a few other windows in Adobe apps.
  • Fixed: Conflicts with the main menu in Netbeans. SizeWell will no longer load into Java apps like Netbeans.
  • Fixed: Issues with Popovers in Lion.
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs.
  • Known Issues: SIMBL does not load into TextEdit or Preview in Lion, therefore SizeWell cannot currently support them.

SizeWell System Preferences Pane:

  • Changed: Zooming pane is now the default view in Lion.
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs.

SizeWell Loader:

  • Improved: Now loads SizeWell SIMBL Plugin into running apps more efficiently, just like SIMBL Agent.

SizeWell Installer:

  • Fixed: Various minor bugs.
Version 0.8.1 beta | Release Date: 2011-06-13 | Download

Featured Changes:

  • Override default behavior of zoom button.
  • 10 new "Third Screen" zoom options with shortcuts.
  • Support for Lion (Mac OS X 10.7).

SizeWell SIMBL Plugin:

  • Added: Override default behavior of zoom button.
  • Added: Ability to right-click zoom button to open SizeWell Zoom Options menu.
  • Added: 10 new "Third Screen" zoom options with shortcuts, including vertical and horizontal thirds of screen, as well as two-thirds of screen.
  • Improved: Support for Lion (Mac OS X 10.7).
  • Improved: Added shortcut for Standard Zoom and changed Whole Screen and Center shortcuts.
  • Fixed: Sparrow and Reeder resizing Support.
  • Also: Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

SizeWell System Preferences Pane:

  • Added: Zooming Preference to override default behavior of zoom button (can chose between opening SizeWell Zoom options menu, maximize to whole screen, or maximize to any half of screen).
  • Added: Advanced Zooming Preference to toggle zoom animations.
  • Changed: Minor interface changes. (Custom Install and Uninstall Plugin buttons added in place of SizeWell Icon in main preferences window.)
Version 0.8 beta | Release Date: 2011-01-20 | Download

SizeWell SIMBL Plugin:

  • Added: SizeWell Zoom Options (as menu of Zoom button or as submenu of Zoom item in Window menu).
  • Added: Undo SizeWell Zoom (perform the same SizeWell Zoom again immediately to undo it).
  • Added: Can perform SizeWell zooms on all windows even if they are not resizable (so positioning works for all windows, but will not resize windows that should not be resized).
  • Added: Window dimension on bottom right when resizing or zooming.
  • Added: Custom cursors for width/height and aspect ratio resizes.
  • Improved: Cursor always stays with corner of window during all SizeWell resizing (totally rewritten code).
  • Improved: All SizeWell resizing respects resize increments and all other window constraints.
  • Improved: Pinning bottom right corner resizes now involve dragging top left corner after resize starts.
  • Fixed: Aspect ratio resizing is now correct.
  • Fixed: TotalFinder (version 1.x) Support.
  • Fixed: All known bugs.

SizeWell System Preferences Pane:

  • New: Icon by Joey Hoer.
  • Added: Preferences to show dimensions during resizes and zooms.
  • Added: Preference to open SizeWell Zoom Options instead of doing standard zoom behavior.
  • Added: Advanced Preferences (via gear icon button on bottom right) for Resizing and Zooming.
  • Added: Donation button to top left corner of pane (goes away forever when clicked).
  • Added: Auto-updating via Sparkle.
  • Added: Drag-and-drop applications into Blacklist.
  • Added: SizeWell Loader for 10.6 users to add to login items (to load SizeWell into Finder).

New SizeWell Installer:

  • Feature: Installation and cleanup in under 5 clicks!
    • Install both SizeWell Preference Pane and SizeWell SIMBL Plugin in a single click.
    • Another click to quit the SizeWell Installer and launch SizeWell Preference Pane.
    • Then, SizeWell Preference Pane will even offer to cleanup by ejecting the install disk and trashing its disk image file.
  • Feature: Options to install for this user or all users for both SizeWell Preference Pane and SizeWell SIMBL Plugin.
  • Feature: Can also uninstall SizeWell by unchecking SizeWell Preference Pane (SizeWell SIMBL Plugin is optional).
Version 0.7 beta | Release Date: 2010-01-25 | Download
  • Added: SizeWell System Preference Pane
    • Easy Install (Just Double-Click SizeWell.prefPane)
    • Enable/Disable SizeWell plugin
    • Install/Uninstall SizeWell plugin
    • Set Modifier Keys for Features
    • Enable/Disable Any Features
    • Manage Custom Blacklist
    • Test Window
    • No Auto-Update Yet
  • Updated: SizeWell plugin
    • Code Re-factor to Support Customization
    • New Default Settings
    • Ignore Sheets
    • Better TotalFinder Support when Resizing
    • Other Minor Fixes and Enhancements
Version 0.6.8 | Release Date: 2009-12-28 | Download
No changes specified