Licence: Shareware (29 EUR)
Version 2.0.1 | Release Date: 2013-03-06 | Download

What's new in Kaleidoscope 2.0.1 Build 114:
February 20th, 2013

Text Scope:
· Tweaked the visual appearance of the change count stepper in Text Scope.
· Fixed the "Reset Selection" menu item in Text Scope to enable and disable properly.
· The Save menu is now properly disabled when comparing text snippets.
· Fixed a bug where the summary text in document titles and tabs might not properly update.
· The Resolved document in Three Way Blocks now has better alignment with similar content in A and B.
· Kaleidoscope can now properly diff .textClipping documents.

Folder Scope:
· User-defined system date formats will now be properly used.
· Fixed a bug that prevented Folder Scope from having the correct keyboard focus by default.

Image Scope:
· Kaleidoscope now handles different color spaces more reliably in Image Scope.
· Kaleidoscope now properly accounts for camera orientation when displaying images in Image Scope.

· Improved keyboard navigation in changesets.
· Unsaved files will now be properly marked as dirty in changesets.
· Changesets now properly select the list of files on the left when opening, allowing you to quickly review changes.
General Improvements:
· Direct Sale fulfillment emails will now properly activate Kaleidoscope for users with diacritics in their names.
· Kaleidoscope will no longer move itself to ~/Applications if that folder exists. It will now move to /Applications in all cases.
· Fixed a bug that caused temporary licenses to expire one day earlier than they should have.
· Fixed a bug that caused the corner radii of windows in Full Screen to not match.
· Fixed an issue that sometimes led to poor vertical alignment in the File Shelf.
· Dragging files to Kaleidoscope will properly open to a comparison document and will no longer leave the launch window open in the background.
· Fixed a bug that caused accessing files from the Recents list to sometimes stop working.
· Improved the messaging if Kaleidoscope is unable to open a document that was previously available via AFP.

Version 1.0.2 | Release Date: 2010-06-04 | Download
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