Retrospect Desktop

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 8.2 | Release Date: 2010-07-27 | Download

19519: Enter a 'bad' address in Add Server dialog and Retrospect accepts it
19578: Retrospect Defined Grooming Policy does not keep most recent backup for each week or month
19748: Add backup set: Highlight catalog files
19793: Forget a snapshot should trigger grooming operation if grooming is enabled
19805: Devices - Tape Library: Missing options when selecting Library from Storage Devices
19835: Devices UI: Tape Library - Missing color coded tape icons
19840: Add Members: error message should display for invalid data
19884: Hide 'Compression Filter' Rule from list
19950: Disk Backup Sets: Add member when volume name changes
19957: Clock offset should be in "NN:NN:NN" format
19983: Error message: access a NAS drive
19989: Feature: Yeti lacks native x64 support on snow leopard.
20046: Pause not changed to "Continue" when Creating Optical Custom Configuration
20140: Need "Next Backup" for sources
20143: Change default "slots per magazine" text to N/A
20150: Error Message when trying to add a folder to a CD/DVD
20186: In New Script window, Duplicate should be renamed Copy
20198: Need UI action (link arrows) to jump to an object
20225: Devices UI: Tape Library - Need to gray out "Set as Cleaning Slot" for Import-Export slot(s) context menu
20228: Toggle Details button should be disabled when no view shown
20282: Retrieve a backup sheet needs additional columns
20303: Scroll bar needs to be added when there are six or more advanced search options
20319: The + button next to "save report" should turn into a (-) button after clicking it
20322: Clicking the "show/hide details pane" button while having multiple advanced search options open causes UI issues
20329: Add in Media Sets does nothing if Catalogs folder is missing
20359: Disable "Recycle" button on empty media sets
20381: Devices UI: Tape Library - need to change icons for library, slots, Import-Export slots
20382: Devices UI: Tape drive - need to change icon from library to tape drive
20427: Script >Options > doesn't show milliseconds or minutes
20428: Don't backup FileVault sparse images = missing
20432: During the scanning phase of a copy execution, there source and destination column shown as N/A
20446: Media Set: able to recycle while status was busy
20516: Devices UI: Eject button in UI should be grayed-out when optical tray is empty
20531: Add Sources: Sort by Name / Address - not sorting correctly
20537: Bug report: Rules Feedback
20580: Devices UI: Storage Devices - When media is write-protected, erase context menu should be grayed out
20589: Creating a script with a really long name does not produce an error or create the script
20593: Activities: List Retrieve Snapshot - should be Retrieve Backup
20623: Rename scripts: Able to rename same name as other scripts
20626: Show a UI element in the sidebar when an activity is running
20646: Countdown message > cannot edit
20647: Script lock out volumes message > cannot edit
20682: Devices UI: Optical - Eject should not be grayed out when selecting optical drive
20758: UI: Show/hide details pane resets to show when leaving and returning to storage devices view
20774: Tape WORM not noted in UI
20796: redraw issue with highlighting of Activities
20801: Log reports "Execution Units" but new terminology is Activity Thread
20806: Sources: Amount Used needs to reflect changes and update
20838: Engine System Preference Pane should only require authentication once
20852: Debug code in the log: empty stream packet
20884: Beta 3 Bug report: 10.6 and Sleep Mode
20894: Select script name field in Add Scripts Dialog
20904: Repair a Tape: prompt for password
20938: Beta 3 Bug Report: Client installer problem and feedback
20943: UI lets me attempt a catalog rebuild with no media
20946: Windows client: should use GMT to sync clock with Yeti Mac engine
20954: Windows client: Wake-on-LAN client option doesn't work with proactive backup script
20960: Scripts: Options with numbers allow non-numbers
20981: Restore Script: Displays as Busy
20983: Unable to save a new catalog when local disk is being backed up
20995: Log: Debug code displaying in the log for Vista client backup
20998: Tape Library - Exposure arrows collapse after action (scan, erase, etc)
21018: File media set > space free = wrong
21019: Script: Copy Scripts - Options incorrect
21043: Storage Devices: Custom Configurator Status changes in Activities
21077: NAS: log in cursor location defaults to Password field
21089: Scripts: Status is 'idle' after source is removed in 'Sources'
21091: Storage Devices - Library - Move barcode from Location to be included in Name section
21100: Storage Devices - Tape Library - erased tapes not showing as "(Erased)" in the status column when tape is in a slot.
21118: Unable to add NAS member if folder already exists
21166: Rebuild Tape/Optical/Removable Set incorrectly asks for password
21196: Repair Media Sets: states Recatalog in Activities
21198: Script: Source stays selected until exit the console
21201: Past Backups: Overview for 2008 server text overlapping
21203: No feedback when logging in a server client with no server client license
21221: Default Rules names need to be more generic
21226: Pausing one activity prevents others from being paused
21232: Console needs to display message when engine asserts
21235: Sources: Clients display as 'busy' after first logging in
21254: Need to see registry BU details for Windows snapshots
21265: Media action icon is not displayed in Activities
21266: Media action icons are reversed
21285: Source Remains Busy: after volume backup
21287: Failed to restore AD from mediaset just being backed up(Win2008)
21290: Display destination action ('overwrite type..") in copy & restore script summary
21300: Rebuild a Disk Media set: States it is Encrypted on Select Disk Media set member
21315: Media Request window: Eject should not close dialog
21346: Error on system console with console launched with local engine stopped
21359: Rebuild: NAS disk media set - better icon on 'Select Disk Member'
21421: Status on Copy script displays "Duplicating..."
21439: Optical sources should have optical icon
21451: Copy Script: when source is in use script is not added to Activities
21460: Storage Devices: media for Optical displays as a tape icon
21461: Media Sets: Rebuild an Optical - states (empty)
21478: Display message: This disk is already a member of this media set...
21484: Select a folder for the new Catalog: volume order switches each time windows is opened
21495: Columns with numbers need to be right-justified
21512: Library shows status "No media" (trunk version)
21522: Do not prompt password for client(s) with pub keys
21537: Successful Media Set Transfer displays warning icon
21549: Browse for pub/priv key displays = "prikey.dat"
21571: Hitting the Esc key or Cmd-period (.) opens the Action menu in the bottom bar
21579: Sources: Details - Location ?
21583: Activities: 'Name' not displaying correctly for Rebuild and Retrieve
21597: Small time window with Proactive Backup
21606: Media Action Icons: Switch to 'No Media Action'
21632: Beta 5 bug report: Error -1101 during restore
21643: Tape: Color coded icons for tapes in tape drive are missing
21690: Sources: 'Locate' button never enabled
21694: Full Restore: volume with data - errors in the log error -1012 ( feature unsupported)
21779: Unneeded warning when restoring 2008 server 64 bit: Can't write security info -1119
21816: UI should disable Eject and Erase operations for ignored devices
21817: Erase and Eject buttons should be grayed out if device is ignored
21845: Sparkle message should have correct version numbers
21848: Adding files to disk changes progress bar
21858: Restore Assistant: Selected Media selector set jumps to top of list (trunk version)
21875: Rules: Specific date should default to today's date
21880: Panic waking from sleep with 8.0 installed
21887: Sorting by performance is not accurate
21899: Can't turn off wake on lan
21906: Can't move tapes in library
21921: Missing Backups in Past Backup
21931: Crashing with HP Mediavault mounted
21933: Proactive Backup getting stuck and not restarting correctly
21946: Media Request: Only showing devices for a Retrieve Snapshot
21949: Show Favorite folder path
21962: Activities: 'Run' button should become 'Pause' button
21977: Log: Wake on lan message added to log
21996: Remove client does not remove its volume in Tyce
22007: In Scripts, the Details views should be indented
22037: Assert > engine crash while browsing a network volume
22063: Scripts: Remove the source - Status is not updated
22074: Clicking on Activities unpauses proactive scripts
22094: Respawn crash
22097: proactive dates/times take minutes to update following a backup
22110: Get Info on /Library/PreferencePanes/RetrospectServer.prefPane shows version 1.0
22114: Klingon Crash with 8.0.732.1
22118: Grooming Assert
22124: Media request: After using 'Locate' for Media Set
22125: Activities: Status - text cut off
22127: Scripts: all Summary panes with Sources have issues with jumping, highlighting
22130: New Member Disk Media set: Need a message to display
22136: Scheduled Scripts: Display in Activities with '-' for source
22145: Log: PitonPacket::netimport: kPiCodeMacAddr when client added
22154: Crash adding Favorite
22161: Copy Backup script: clicking Browse on a non-highlighted one does the wrong thing
22172: Specific folder backup causes entire volume to be backed up
22185: Scanning Incomplete Error -1102 for /Volumes/System Disk/Network/
22186: copy backup keeps trying to copy forever
22193: Catalog folder Permissions problem
22207: Locked media set can't be added to Copy Backup Script
22209: After unlocked Media Set: Options missing
22212: Private Key: Browse enter incorrect password - needs better message
22215: Verification scripts summary>"details" shows favorite folder rather than media set
22216: Advanced search options are case sensitive.
22242: Backup Assistant Scheduling - Create a schedule and TWO scripts are added to the scripts list
22247: Slow local backup and restore performance
22250: Media request should include barcode (trunk version)
22255: Backup Assistant >scheduling automatically creates a schedule even if you cancel
22278: Copy Script: Permissions not set correctly (trunk version)
22279: field for "use at most" for GB only fits 3 digits
22293: With multiple servers added, one servers sources can be replaced by the others
22306: Schedules disappear if "pause scheduled" is active when the schedule is set to run
22316: Member Count: incorrect on 'Back up to which media set'
22327: Preferences: Network - Multicast time to live - changing to default
22329: timer.cpp-346 assert with 2 proactive execution units
22347: not seeing clients from G5
22370: Default reports' "Show in Dashboard" contextual menu item not checked
22386: client not synchronized after proactive backup
22396: Repair Disk: Scroll bars don't display on 'Select a Disk Member'
22398: New Disk media set columns Free & Capacity do not display correct data
22411: Tape set BackupsetFlags_BindAnyTapeDevice flag not saved
22422: newly created media set does not report free space correctly
22424: Locate: Media Set - always prompting for password
22431: optical drive shows "need media" when backing up by using a newly created media set
22442: 'Accessing' sheet: should be connected to new media set window
22447: Proactive activities should utilize change counter when updating
22450: UI crashes at random times
22456: Media Sets::Rebuild: add more error messages
22458: Share: after adding share - not listed in the Add a new member window
22465: Need a way to enable debug logging while product is running
22466: Restore script with Update Modify Date set does not modify the dates of the restored directories or packages
22478: Sources: Sort by 'Servers' not selecting windows server
22491: The activity got stuck on "preparing to execute" when the task is actually executed successfully
22493: Activity shows two verification in progress when verify it only once
22499: All client smart tag does not backup Linux clients.
22516: Live Restore: local volume on ppc MapError: unknown Mac error -1407
22528: Verification of Intel created media set (File Cat Compression) crashes ppc engine (trunk version)
22532: The log under view causes the ppc engine to crash using intel console
22534: File media set moved from ppc to intel cannot be seen during the backup process in intel (trunk version)
22540: Proactive Backup showing wrong destination
22545: engine crash after interacting with tape loader
22578: Browse: top-level sources sometimes appear beneath other sources
22579: Add Sources: Add direct sheet needs cancel button
22585: Log: message lists 'OK Stop' with error -105
22588: Log: message when Verify script with locked media
22593: Dashboard: items listed twice after adding a 2nd license code
22597: size of ppc backup reported incorrectly on intel
22603: Schedule: Cannot save repeat schedule item whose start time is past
22609: Options tab selection not displayed after unlocking a protected disk set
22611: Scheduling a script to start in the past > executes twice
22614: Backup Assistant's Device Add Member doesn't update correctly
22619: New Script Name: needs to be 'cleared' out each time
22620: Activities: highlighted activity jumps down after completion
22622: A couple license error codes still missing
22632: Source: Create a new folder - view should not collapse
22641: Change server password highlights wrong field when changing multiple server passwords
22643: Restore: Search files in media sets - large file media set: Crashing ppc
22647: Add a confirmation dialog for removing assigned tags
22650: Daylight Savings Time and Script schedules
22659: Adding shared volume with no credentials crashes PPC engine
22669: When using a desktop license with server OS should display error.
22689: engine generate assert_log when being manually quit by System Preference
22695: backup speed too slow on build 8.1.202
22710: Error number is way off
22713: Sources: Share favorite uses the local machine name and OS
22726: Scripts: unable to run a Groom script that is not scheduled
22731: Sources: Sort bottom of text box cut off
22778: Can not mount shared volumes with Unicode name
22794: Log should not hide
22867: subject from retrospect-generated email incorrect for the Test E-mail
22891: Huge Delay when Share volume not available
22917: Devices: right-click menu should apply to item clicked, not item highlighted
22930: Devices: Right-click menu should be based off what was clicked, not previously highlighted
23002: atra.cpp-1195 with Retrospect 8.1
23239: Snow Leopard: Catalog location not always remembered
23284: Disk media sets on Snow Leopard hammer NAS devices.
23290: Log errors are below the red arrow and not next to it
23300: Logging option should be dynamic
23322: Opening the RetrospectServer PrefPane in Snow Leopard restarts System Preferences in 32-bit mode
23332: Proactive Backup not starting backup of some clients
23357: Backup/Copy Assistant: Preview 2nd time loses manual selection
23371: Klingon Grooming Assertion failure at "mac_xfile.cpp-612"
23389: Console crash
23402: Engine: Assert at msg_unix.cpp-379
23439: Show Tape library in media set bindings but not selectable
23451: Adv search is broken, additional criterion appear as gray lines.
23456: Activities: Spinning gear remains after script completes
23457: Add Panel: select default UI element initially and allow tab to navigate
23460: Run script sheet has "Not applicable" instead of "-" for busy media set
23465: Double-clicking issues in source list
23466: ExecutionHistoryProperties missing two attributes
23482: Cache tags correctly
23484: Copy Assistant: Summary warning text not anchored
23489: Assistants: New Folder... sheet can be resized to nothing
23490: Regenerate default reports
23506: Media Request: no error text for device issues
23510: When Retrospect connects to the client, the console cannot see the client volumes
23511: Clicking the Refresh button in the console with a client selected will crash the engine
23514: Localized Rules: 'Folder' changing to 'File'
23517: Sources: Browse local volume while it's being backed up
23533: Win 7 client: Registry not restored
23543: %ni format Sprintf caused 64-bit Mac's crash e.g. on TDate::GetGMTOffset
23563: Activities: running activities missing elapsed time and remaining time
23573: Browse button is disable on client sources (snow leopard)
23578: Scripts: Copy/Archive scripts allowed you to edit lockout attributes when disabled
23584: IT Client UI is Spanish
23588: Uninstaller: 10.6 server - error 'No such file or directory'
23589: Prefs: Public/Private key dropped into Retrospect folder - never prompts for password
23600: Mac Client: 10.6.1: compare errors and Trouble reading files, error -2351 ( File is encrypted)
23602: Random engine crashes
23605: Engine asserts in tstring.cpp on launch
23608: Option click of Library doesn't open children
23612: the completed bytes are always ZERO
23647: Can't change proactive schedule
23651: Add WORM support for HP DAT320
23670: In Portuguese one cannot create a media set using the default target location
23671: Snow Yeti builds not getting open files for outlook on Win 7 clients
23688: Recatalog fails with device not responding (-205) and not enough memory error (-625)
23711: Engine crash when adding Linux client
23712: Assert in Task.cpp 514
23742: Leading and trailing zeroes are missing from time displays in Activities window
23753: lmSizer: element space full
23765: New script shows items selected in sources
23768: Windows Server client: volumes not displaying:: error pcpds.pdu -1101
23771: QuickLook plugin broken in 8.1.626 and
23784: Engine assert: tstring.cpp-1076 trying to connect to share
23786: Tape eject not working
23793: Retrospect engine prefpane should be "Retrospect", not "RetrospectServer"
23794: Share: unable to connect to a mac server
23803: [Snow Leopard]Proactive backup fails to backup multiple favorites on a single client
23804: Get -2260 error on executing a groom after a snapshot deletion
23807: groomDate is not correctly converted in Tree::treeDoRead()
23809: Cannot Browse for client pub/priv key
23810: Enable as cleaning slot is always grayed out in library slot context menu
23812: live restore to windows 7 failing with "can't link to" error (-1017)
23816: Proactive script + unavailable media set(dest) can lead to UI hang
23820: -5000 error when restoring Win2k8
23821: Unreadable code in the log
23826: Failed to restore 64bits Win 2k3 Active Directory
23828: Removable: Eject can cause assert at module.cpp-1096
23834: Proactive Backup: media request buttons not working
23841: Network timeout defect which caused thread's hang and engine Assert
23843: 8.1 rule excluding wrong items when inside folder
23845: Error -1101 with some characters in folder name
23847: When a disk media set is created, the "Browse Files" window pops up behind the Console window
23849: Backup mac client with error -1021 (feature unsupported)
23862: Adding member to tape media set shows 0B in used, free, capacity columns
23863: 64bit engine failed to restore Win2k8 AD
23884: Boot camp client getting confused
23885: Memory Exhaustion in Sidewinder code base
23886: Assert: at "tmonitor_unix.cpp-148" when stopping the engine
23901: DATA LOSS for backups not remembering src volume
23913: Rules: Folder Size Used not working
23936: Add icon for import/export magazine
23956: ExecutionProgressProperties missing two attributes
23958: Email notification Catalog Rebuild issues.
23981: Groom button should be gray if no members in set
24003: Prefs: Automatically add clients not keeping selection
24019: Preferences: Automatically add clients checkbox broken sometimes
24028: Can't append to VXA media - esc bgz #23603
24029: Scripts: disable plus button in Schedules when no destinations selected
24031: SCSI Library hang on Tiger server
24037: User created Tags do not appear for 5 seconds
24038: Sources>Tags selected Check boxes blink on and off after they are selected.
24081: Assistants: Browse dialog should close after adding favorite folder
24089: Turning arrows don't disappear from source list after activity finishes
24091: Preferences: Default Connection displays as dash '-'
24104: Rebuild encrypted media set asks for password but can be bypassed
24106: Add recognition for IBM HH LTO3
24122: Message: Please update the console/server to latest version
24124: Multiple server administration > Dashboard & reports only displaying local engine's activities/sources.
24149: missing 3 options from Session::GetRefProgramOptions
24150: Tape Library: Multiple tape selection and operations
24167: Missing bottom scroll arrow when Details view hidden
24185: Source: Locate window doesn't close after selection compete
24189: Log size limit change doesn't stick
24190: Locate Media Set fails to update new Catalog location
24195: R8 should recatalog 6.1 media sets
24197: Tape not detected sometimes when tape is inserted
24202: Tape Library - Only one drive used during scripted multiple executions
24211: Automatically add clients (ProgramOptions_AutoAddClients) should default to true
24213: Use empty icon when tape from library slot is in drive
24214: Add Server: update icon
24216: Add client platform icons
24233: Set MediumFlags_MediaIsEmpty to true if library slot status "In drive"
24249: Even page footer has an error throughout UG
24250: Incomplete Heading Listed in TOC Links for Ch. 4
24269: Can not browse volume on Mac client with long (24+ character) name
24272: Rebuild: window to choose media is for Media Request
24276: Add library loader for RDU
24277: Add recognition for IBM TS2900 library (3572-TL)
24289: Past Backups > Machine column doesn't indicate name
24294: Locate: Locate button should always be available
24295: Log: remove references to Tools > Repair
24297: Restore Assistant: Save button present on start
24298: DeviceFlags_IsImportExportMagazine isn't being correctly set
24302: Need to modify firmware bounds for Quantum rebranded HP LTO3HH/LTO4HH
24305: Add recognition for HL-DT-ST GH41N (Apple version)
24308: Engine fails to auto-restart after crash in 10.6
24317: Client volumes: become off line after cancel 'Accessing'
24318: Clients Volumes: cancel a Browse causes Source Unavailable
24320: Preference: CreateKey with Chinese passwd crashes engine
24321: Matching Performance Enhancement for pcvol + disable archiving memory block on 64bit Mac
24325: Localized: text cutoff on buttons in scope bar
24330: Removables: Created Date is incorrect
24331: Proactive Backup using Tape Backup set not starting - waiting for media
24335: Groom scripts should not allow a Stop "at fixed time" schedule option
24344: Restore: Not listing actual file that can't be restored
24348: Media set shows as "Ready" when being used by an execution
24358: Console crash during a media backup
24367: Assisted search restore cannot restore a file with hidden file attribute set
24370: Sources: Add - Code in the log
24372: Server Client License: Code displays as N/A
24380: RetroEngine socketpair failed 24 (Too many open files) in System Log
24384: Log: Client name not displaying in the log w/threshold testing
24386: Proactive schedule fails
24387: Need tape icon for write-protected media
24388: Sources -> clients: wrong error message displaying for incorrect password
24389: Sources: Add client; wrong message displays when not enough client licenses
24391: Sources: Linux clients - status is not updated
24392: VXA FW library with VXA-3a drive stuck in closing status during backup
24393: Tandberg VXA-320 drive crashes RetroEngine when erasing tape
24398: Add recognition for Quantum DAT320 tape drive (OEM'd from Sony)
24400: Add recognition for Tandberg LTO-5 tape drive (OEM'd from HP)
24405: Yeti can't add Windows BMR clients.
24406: MediumFlags_MediaIsConfirmed not set correctly for tapes in drive
24407: Tape capacity incorrect for VXA tape
24408: Clock offset of old windows client is incorrect
24412: Add WORM support for Quantum DAT320 (OEM'd from Sony)
24413: MacEngine + Client Backup Enhancement: Add new EPoll exclusive for network read/write
24414: Fix memory leak when mounting server
24415: Console crash when creating a media set
24417: Clicking Stop button during Groom should present stern warning
24422: Sony AIT 560V crashes Retro Engine at media request
24423: Engine gets SIGPIPE and terminates during client operation
24426: Proactive backup takes much longer than normal backup script
24435: Completed Proactive activities don't show up in Activities view until engine relaunch
24436: Tape Slot status string needs additional glyphco work
24437: Device slot statuses need localization
24438: Extra media requests on backup during tape spanning
24442: Add recognition for Sony DAT320 tape drive
24443: Activities' Type field not set correctly for groom scripts
24445: console crash moving media from slot to ieslot, then ieslot back to slot
24450: Can't perform Windows Client BMR successfully.
24453: Sources: Browse dialog should stay open until user clicks Done
24454: Add Sources Directly dialog should stay open until user clicks Done
24455: Assistants: Browse Source dialog needs a few changes
24456: there is still record in Activities after removing proactive script
24460: Update Alert: display updated message when not needed
24461: Media Request: locked tape displays message about in use by another media set
24462: Assisted Restore Search File Kind is, uses different sized fonts in text boxes
24463: Removable disk shows no media
24469: Linux client: Set clock off by 7 hours.
24471: Eject for Loader should call RefLibraryDevice::EjectMagazine not RefDevice::Eject
24480: Tape Slot DeviceProperties::Status string needs to be localized
24482: Activities: Proactive Status not updated when client defers
24483: Infinite Loop Recatalogging Disk Media Set
24488: Backups Panel of Restore script is not updated after an transfer execution is done
24490: Sources: Add a share - 'An error occurred' with incorrect share name
24491: Log: messages in the log when unable to access a share
24495: Multi-server administration> after clicking on another server, past backups window gets cleared
24499: Multiple server administration:Selecting an Activities> focus button on one server causes its activities to appear on another
24506: Restore Script: Unable to select a Favorites folder to restore as destination
24509: Unable to change server name when licensed with Desktop code
24516: Media Set: File media set stays 'Busy' after Copy Media Set script
24528: Poorly formatted Completed numbers on Intel Console at start of backup when working with a PPC engine
24540: Console needs 6.1-specific error messages
24554: Media Sets: unable to sort (only Name and Type work)
24555: Backup Assistant: Backup Summary -> list of sources jumps to top
24556: Scripts: Client Container marks all the clients as 'Busy' after backup
24571: Update Console message not displaying
24572: Restore script: Browse backups should not have column "Backed Up"
24577: NFS shares appear online even after disconnect. Console is spammed with log messages after disconnect.
24580: Need to enable erase button for read-only media (due to 6.1 compatibility)
24586: Rebuild 6.1 set: Missing the OS and File system information
24590: Restore: 6.1 set data from multiple clients restored in one folder
24592: Change library slots format to match Import-Export slots format
24596: Console application is not 64bit.
24601: Tape drive: need to disable erase button for no media and WORM
24602: Erasing tape that is physically write-protected causes Retro Engine crash
24604: Media Sets: Sorting by Files is not sorting correctly
24605: Adding a New Media set does not close the screen
24613: Tape Library: Selecting Clean from tape drive context menu fails to clean drive
24629: Media Sets: defaulting to 'Remember password for scripted access' always
24648: Need to update the Copyright on the Mac client
24682: Sources: Add client Directly can cause 'an error occurred (-1201)'
24685: Source: Update dialog lists 'size' for volumes
24688: Past Backups: Restore not creating a restore script with the Backup
24690: Past Backups: Retrieve button should be disabled when several backups selected
24716: Crash during ASR restore
24719: Backup/ Copy stuck at 'Scanning' on SBM share
24720: After upgrading to the new Roxio Retrospect 8 Management console, remote engines not connected.
24721: Backup Assistant>Adding a folder as a favorite folder will automatically select said folder, but continue button is gray.
24722: console hang when selecting Scan button with library slot highlighted in x86_64 build
24723: Sources with favorite folders added become disconnected with duplicate sources after upgrading from 8.1.626 to
24750: Change tooltip for Scan button in Storage Devices
24760: Unable to rebuild remov disk sets ver. 8 beta
24761: Add recognition for IBM LTO 5 drives
24764: Proactive backup "from" times limited by current time
24779: 8.2 engine installer should remove the 8.1 RDU
24801: Update the help menu to open the User Guide
24808: Power PC: Default Network Connect defaulting to
24810: PPC: assert at chunk.cpp-1338 select to rebuild file catalog file
24811: The Search field in the toolbar should be resizable
24817: Debug logging: remove from log tyceInstall: LmRepair failed, code 1
24818: Activity status message about 6.1 copying needs to be parameterized
24844: Bug in PersistImportNext and PersistExportNext macros

21017: Daylight Savings time causes script times to display incorrectly
22604: Snapshots created during daylight saving dates cannot be retrieved during non-daylight-saving dates
23569: Media request comes up before volume is full for large volumes (usually > 8 TB)*
23629: Catalog rebuild failure (Daylight Savings Time related)
23633: Past Backups not populating list / no access to backups (Daylight Savings Time)
23640: Can't backup or restore of 10.6.1 large compressed files properly
23643: Unable to rebuild an encrypted disk media set (Daylight Savings Time)
23644: Media request when restoring after date & time changed
23661: Unable to see backups during Restore with assistant after time zone change
23667: Log time not displaying properly in zero hundred hours

Version 6.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
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