Ginkgo CADx

Licence: LGPL
Version | Release Date: 2011-05-01 | Download
  • Log layout has changed, logs are grouped by thread
  • Mayor bug fix problem in Windows when Ginkgo CADx receives an integration xml as parameter, Ginkgo CADx didn't find plugins
  • wxSQLite3 update to version 2.1.1
  • wxTreeListCtrl update to release 1104
  • openssl update to openssl 1.0.0d
  • Exe packaging (upx, mpress) removed because of some antivirus false positives.
Version | Release Date: 2011-04-20 | Download
  • New architecture, refactoring of Ginkgo CADx Core.
  • ITK, VTK and wxWidgets are compiled as dll library. It's opened the possibility of make extensions containing full modules with it's own views, studies...
  • New ECG view has been created, full support of ECG. (thanks to Generalitat de Catalunya for the support)
  • Sequencial instance number is now included in all slices of each imported series (thanks to Guillermo Lopez)
  • Internationalization support improved, you can easily translate Ginkgo CADx and incorporate compiled gettext files in lang folder
  • Upload to PACS improved we have done a full restyling of user interaction.
  • You can configure Ginkgo CADx download implementation to work with PACS that only allows download full studies. You can select series/studies download mode.
  • User/password validation when communicating with PACS server has been implemented.
  • XML Integration parser has been translated to English to provide a easier way of integration.
  • DCMTK migration to version 3.6.0
  • Log4cplus has been replaced by log4cplus of DCMTK
  • Bug fixes
Version | Release Date: 2011-03-07 | Download
  • Volume reconstruction totally functional
  • Surface reconstruction totally functional
  • XML-RPC interface implemented
  • Corrections in C-GET to get complete studies
  • Updated Ginkgo Translations
  • Bug fixes