Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.1 | Release Date: 2013-11-23 | Download

What's New in Version 2.1

* Updated for OS X Mavericks
- Scrolling performance has been improved specially for longer documents
- Improved PDF export
- Minimum OS X version is now Mountain Lion (10.8)

* Support for GitHub fenced code blocks in Markdown

* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.3 | Release Date: 2013-09-01 | Download

What's New in Version 2.0.3

Bug fixes.

Version 2.0.2 | Release Date: 2013-06-26 | Download

What's New in Version 2.0.2

* Fixes an crash converting text to lists or quotations in plain text mode

* Better support for self-hosted WordPress blogs

* More flexibility in what is accepted when publishing to Evernote

* Improved details on publishing errors

Also, this is the last time you will have to restore the Premium in-app purchase after an update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2012-07-19 | Download

What's New in Version 1.5.2

- Updated graphics for Retina displays
- Compatibility updates
- Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.1 | Release Date: 2012-04-15 | Download

What's New in Version 1.5.1

- Improved iCloud performance during launch
- Fixed blank document windows that affected certain users
- Fixed Markdown preview errors on case-sensitive file systems
- iCloud browser can now open any type of file
- Moving rich text documents to iCloud will now alert that those documents will not appear on Byword for iOS

Version 1.5 | Release Date: 2012-03-15 | Download

What's New in Version 1.5

✭ iCloud support
To work with the brand new Byword for iOS app, the Mac app now includes iCloud support to keep your documents safe and synchronized seamlessly across all your Mac and iOS devices.

Byword for Mac also includes a dedicated iCloud Open panel that allows search, open, rename and delete documents stored in iCloud.

✭ Text Zoom
One of the most requested features. Byword now lets you increase text zoom without changing font size in menu View ‣ Text Zoom. Seat back, relax and write comfortably.

✭ Autocompletion of parenthesis, brackets and quotes disabled by default
Byword no longer automatically closes parenthesis, brackets and quotes. This can still be enabled/disabled in menu Edit ‣ Substitutions ‣ Smart Pairs.

✭ Other improvements and bug fixes
• Printing from Markdown preview now prints what you see
• Justified alignment option for rich text
• Fixed faded line when typing at the end of document
• Fixed missing first paragraph when exporting certain documents to RTF and Word
• Improved keyboard navigation on Markdown preview
• Improved QuickCursor integration in OS X Lion
• Updated MultiMarkdown to version 3.3

Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2011-09-22 | Download

What's New in Version 1.4

✭ Merged Plain Text and Markdown modes
• All plain text documents are now considered Markdown documents
• All Markdown features now work in .txt and .text documents

✭ Better text manipulation helpers
• Support for indenting (⌃⌘→) and outdenting lines (⌃⌘←)
• Support for moving lines up (⌃⌘↑) and down (⌃⌘↓)
• Auto-indentation when inserting new lines
• Full paragraph indentation support in Rich text

✭ Accessibility API support
• Every Byword functionality is now accessible to visual and hearing impaired users

✭ Other improvements and bug fixes
• Remembers Typewriter mode settings
• Remembers the preferred file extension
• Better QuickCursor integration, specially on OS X Snow Leopard
• Better transition to full-screen in OS X Lion
• Optional custom full-screen for dual-monitors setups in OS X Lion (see FAQ on website)
• Dragging links and images now inserts Markdown links and images references
• Fixed footnotes when exporting to PDF
• Fixed an issue with Thai language in RTF
• Fixed drawing glitches in the Versions Browser
• Improved Spanish localization (thanks Allan Tépper)
• Russian localization (thanks Maxim Dremin)

If you appreciate our effort in enhancing Byword, please take a moment to leave a nice rating or review here on the Mac App Store. Thank you.

Version 1.3.1 | Release Date: 2011-07-30 | Download

What's New in Version 1.3.1

Improved OS X Lion compatibility and bug fixes.

• Fixed 'Save a Version' issues on OS X Lion
• Fixed an issue affecting Korean and Japanese users where some unicode characters didn't display correctly
• Improved user interface for creating new documents

A note on Spell and Grammar:
The spell checker has been disabled by default. If you'd like to enable the spell checker again, go to menu Edit ▸ Spelling and Grammar ▸ Check Spelling While Typing.

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2011-07-15 | Download

What's New in Version 1.3

New features, OS X Lion compatibility and many improvements.

★ New
• Markdown syntax highlighting
• Improved lists support
• Typewriter scrolling mode
• Document icons for txt, rtf and markdown files
• Word and character counters per selection
• More Markdown export options: PDF, HTML, Word, RTF and LaTeX
• Support for Divvy and Moom apps
• Support for Papers2 'Magic Manuscripts'.

★ OS X Lion Compatibility
• Native full screen support
• Auto Save support
• Versions support
• Seamless Application Resume.

★ Improvements
• Fixed scrolling variations during save
• Removed document title in full screen
• Fixed encoding when exporting to HTML with Byword theme
• Reduced document margins
• AppleScript support
• Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2011-07-05 | Download

What's New in Version 1.2

• Markdown support with editing and preview
Byword can now edit Markdown documents and preview them immediately using a MultiMarkdown rendering engine. All formatting shortcuts are adapted to Markdown syntax.

• Markdown Export to HTML format
Byword can export MultiMarkdown documents to HTML, optionally including the beautiful Byword themes. You can also copy just the HTML source to the clipboard.

• New user-interface design
Even less interface with beautiful borderless windows, designed specifically to reduce visual distractions. There's also a re-designed Preferences window.

Improvements & bug fixes:
• Fixed QuickCursor issues
• Generic support for all plain text documents
• Spanish translation

Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2011-04-06 | Download

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What's New in Version 1.1

<p>• Word and character counters<br />• Dark theme preference<br />• Support for older Macs (32-bit)<br /><br />• Improved scrolling behavior<br />• Fixed formatting shortcuts not working in some cases<br />• Fixed encoding compatibility with other text editors<br />• Remembers full-screen and window mode across launches<br />• Remembers Smart Quotes, Smart Dashes and other substitutions<br />• Better integration with Spaces<br /><br />Thanks to all of you who reported issues and suggested improvements.<br /><br />If you like this update, please rate Byword and leave a review on the Mac App Store again. Your good ratings and reviews support us and keep the updates coming.</p>