IntelliJ IDEA

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 12.1.4 | Release Date: 2013-06-10 | Download
No changes specified
Version 12.1.2 | Release Date: 2013-04-25 | Download

Version 11.0.1 | Release Date: 2011-12-07 | Download
No changes specified
Version 10.5 | Release Date: 2011-05-01 | Download
Full Java 7 Support Complete support for Java 7 SDK in all IDE features Even Faster More IDE performance and startup optimization More Pleasant to Use Usability & UI improvements for certain common tasks Pace with the Times Something new for Groovy, Android, Spring, Flex, and more Java 7 Ready! All the new Java language features are fully supported across the IDE, with code completion, inspections, quick-fixes, etc. Faster and Easier Introduce Refactorings Introduce Parameter/Field/Constant refactorings now work in-place, with an instant changes preview and no additional dialogs. Reworked Search/Replace A more convenient, non-modal Replace UI introduced with an instant preview for regular expression replace. Easier to Use Completion Techniques Don't bother pressing Shift anymore: the improved code completion will understand you perfectly and quickly provide the matches you need. JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome Ultimate only The Debugger for Chrome supports all features of the JavaScript debugger for Firefox: breakpoints, inspecting local variables, evaluating expressions, etc. Directory Comparison & DB Diff New Diff Tools added for comparing local directories and database objects (Tables, Data Sources, Schemes). More Comfort with Version Control TODO items verification on VCS commit. Import patches into IntelliJ IDEA shelf. Misc. improvements for all supported SCMs. Android Development The latest versions of Android SDK are supported, including Honeycomb. Also, specific improvements for easier project configuration and debugging on a device. Flex/ActionScript Support Ultimate only Move inner ActionScipt class to Package refactoring. Introduce variable/field refactorings improvements. Full cycle of Mobile AIR applications development support. Groovy Groovy 1.8 support. Introduce Field and Introduce Parameter refactorings. 'Create Test' intention action. Quick 'Go to Test' navigation. Updated Ruby, Python, Scala and PHP Plugins Updated versions of IDE plugins provide new advanced features for Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python/Django and Scala developers. Spring Ultimate only Ensured compatibility with the latest Spring 3.1 framework: "c-namespace" facility support. Environment profiles for application contexts. Spring Integration Framework support. And other improvements. Spring Roo Console Ultimate only Integrated Spring Roo console added to ease the development of Spring Roo applications. New Tools and Frameworks Integrations Jetty integration Ultimate only XSLT2 support
Version 9.0.1 93.94 UE | Release Date: 2010-01-22 | Download

IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.1 Release Notes

IDEADEV-41982 - I do not see issues from some projects from YouTrack
IDEA-26899 - Generate WSDL from Java with static module dependencies
IDEADEV-42072 - Schema is doubled in Data Sources
IDEA-26246 - flex: introduce...: unhelpful type calculation for MultiplicativeExpressions
IDEA-26244 - flex: introduce...: unhelpful type calculation for AdditiveExpression (concatenation)
IDEA-26248 - flex: introduce...: unhelpful type calculation for increment/decrement
IDEA-26838 - Eclipse .classpath is overriden with variable substitution
IDEA-26953 - IDEA loosing "provided"-information
IDEADEV-41944 - Maven: war overlays: if project module is used as war dependency, this module compile output should be included to resulted war
IDEADEV-41946 - Maven: war overlays: for dependent wars - same project modules their libraries should be merged in resulted .war
IDEA-22317 - Wrong Seam EL code completion/Error higlight with polymorph methods
IDEA-26699 - JS: Inspection "Execution of dynamically generated JavaScript" false positive
IDEA-26750 - flex: Introduce field / Introduce constant don't work in event handler attribute
IDEA-26744 - JavaScript autocompletion fails to suggest anything if the project contains certain folder names
IDEADEV-42059 - CME at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.impl.VcsInitialization.execute
IDEA-26873 - XML literal is not parsed correct
IDEA-26898 - Inspection HtmlFormInputWithoutLabel should not trigger on inputs with type="hidden"
IDEA-26932 - CVS connection is performed from the UI thread (hangs IDEA)
IDEADEV-42061 - Conditional breakpoints does not work in Flex debugging
IDEADEV-42045 - Groovy Compilation Errors with Make
IDEADEV-40075 - Library is not configured when Groovy/Grails/Griffon module is created with not global library
IDEADEV-42046 - TestNG settings to run Maven are reset
IDEADEV-41747 - Activity is missing in new Android module
IDEA-26630 - Native libs are packaged incorrectly on Windows
IDEADEV-42041 - Non-standard Grails scripts missing
IDEADEV-42031 - Sporadic failures on subversion project update
IDEADEV-41999 - 'true'/'false' map keys generate analysis errors "Property Selector Expected"
IDEA-26870 - CVS access with private key always asks for key password
IDEADEV-42028 - Opening project freezes if locally modified CVS files open
IDEADEV-42024 - Subversion: Update is not working properly
IDEA-25305 - After adding a new maven module, my Version COntrol configuration is cleared.
IDEA-26869 - Package-based scope definition is not remembered in multi module projects
IDEADEV-41971 - Clicking background tasks icon (on status bar) doesn't hide window
IDEADEV-41970 - Notifications Options controls are responsible only by DblClick
IDEADEV-41972 - Maven: Idea does not "recompile/refilter" resources when profiles change
IDEADEV-42012 - Hibernate @Entity annotation
IDEADEV-42019 - Namespace not recognized in persistence.xml
IDEADEV-42017 - Autowiring for bean class inspection wrong since IDEA 9
IDEADEV-42029 - Files randomly loose their Perforce state
IDEADEV-42014 - Opening a JSP by double clicking on it in the project view takes 5-6 seconds before it opens
IDEADEV-41974 - IDEA hanging when adding new module to project
IDEA-22541 - #{messages} not found eventhough #{messages} is a standard component
IDEADEV-42011 - When clicking beyond the end of a file, cursor is placed at the beginning of the last line
IDEA-26783 - IDEA loosing information about application server library in Eclipse project
IDEADEV-42008 - Exception "Do not log ProcessCanceledException" after closing a Run window. The window greyed out and became unusable.
IDEADEV-41969 - Code Style | Imports | Import Layout: Remove button not visible on Mac + usability issues
IDEA-26786 - Intellij 9 requires junit 4.4 or above or junit @Test @Ignore does not work
IDEADEV-41968 - IDEA always show Undefined path variable alert
IDEADEV-42002 - Regression: JavaSourceTranslatingCompiler broken in MAIA
IDEADEV-41993 - TFS checkin policies storage format is not compatible with Teamprise
IDEADEV-41996 - Help | Default Keymap Reference opens IntelliJIDEA8_ReferenceCard.pdf if local pdf is not available
IDEADEV-41995 - Null pointer on CVS commit
IDEA-26703 - flex: bad code green: vector declaration without dot
IDEA-26685 - flex: good code red: assignment of XML to String
IDEADEV-41992 - IDEA in 9.0 final can't read SVN credentials anymore (worked in RC1)
IDEADEV-41915 - Not logged to SVN notification: please don't connect to server in UI thread
IDEA-26131 - glassfish v3 b73, is started, but IDEA can't connect
IDEA-26352 - Introduce variable should be careful with 'delete' statements
IDEA-26717 - JSON formatting makes code to long
IDEADEV-41989 - Extract method: red code is generated when extracting void method
IDEA-26312 - Ctrl+Q in lookups work for typed text and ignoring selected item
IDEADEV-41977 - "convert to junit4" intention breaks code if assertXxx methods are used in non-test methods
IDEA-26675 - Conditional compilation not supported
IDEA-26678 - AS3 parser does not handle an import like a primary statement
IDEA-26677 - [Embed] Metadata tag arguments
IDEA-26662 - fontName attribute not expected by Embed metatag
IDEADEV-41949 - "Rename" refactoring for property in JPA entity is unusable
IDEA-26529 - mxml: exception when invoking code completion for @Embed directive
IDEADEV-41943 - IDEA 9.0 text entry fields in the configuration panels for inspections are extremely narrow on Mac OS X Leopard
IDEADEV-41914 - Erb files based on java script shouldn't consider javascript strings with erb blocks as injected psi
IDEADEV-41754 - Style .myTabs is highlighted as unused in CSS
IDEADEV-41909 - IAE at
IDEADEV-42137 - IDEA deadlock
IDEADEV-40651 - 'Select word' (ctrl+w) should select closure content at one of steps
IDEA-26947 - Do not report warnings about unknown html tags
IDEADEV-41762 - Run Configurations: Replace Working directory textfield with combobox with $MODULE_DIR$ macro predefined
IDEADEV-40965 - Groovy: "Convert to String" intention applied for multiline GString literals with backslash at the end of a line produces senseless code
IDEADEV-42081 - UML toolbar should not be disabled when I click to project view
IDEA-27013 - flex: good code red: metadata tag with empty argument list
IDEADEV-42131 - dynamic properties for groovy scripts broken in 9.0
IDEA-27006 - flex: introduce variable generates red code for method call expression returning vector (from library swc)
IDEA-27005 - flex: introduce variable fails for method call expression returning vector (from source in same module)
IDEADEV-41243 - IDEA keeps adding groovy library to module with groovy classes.
IDEADEV-42125 - Import popup keeps appearing, making it impossible to open other popups
IDEADEV-40659 - When calling a method expecting groovy.lang.Script from script, 'this' argument is erroneously highlighted as incompatible type
IDEA-26986 - Target device compatibility is broken if custom SDK add-on is installed
IDEADEV-42120 - Groovy integration: sometimes IDEA overrides .class files (created by Groovy compiler) during the "make" phase before Run/Debug
IDEADEV-42087 - PIEAE at com.intellij.extapi.psi.PsiElementBase.getContainingFile
IDEADEV-42074 - CCE at
IDEADEV-42086 - CCE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.generation.JSNamedElementNode.getParentNodeDelegate
IDEADEV-42108 - JS extract method should generate void method for a property assigment expression
IDEA-25696 - Moving a single line moves two lines and to the wrong place
IDEADEV-41934 - Groovy: statically imported class without package prefix is not resolved if all static members of the class are imported
IDEADEV-42042 - IDEA-9 - method separators in Groovy classes don't render properly
IDEADEV-42107 - Compiler: cannot neither stop compilation nor exit IDEA when compilation has started and waiting for refresh to finish
IDEA-26982 - DataSource UML Diagram
IDEADEV-42117 - Focus does not come to menu
IDEADEV-41906 - AE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeUi.initRootNodeNowIfNeeded
IDEADEV-29963 - JSF: recognize implicit objects in el expressions in faces-config.xml
WI-810 - Warning about undefined method missed
IDEADEV-41967 - Idea fails to load the "Select Path" window with file listing when editing the path variable
IDEADEV-42059 - CME at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.impl.VcsInitialization.execute
IDEA-26729 - hibernate: good code red: 'Basic' attribute should not be 'Long[]'
IDEADEV-42064 - spring 3.0: yellow code by default for new spring namespaces (no DOM provided by plugin)
IDEADEV-42097 - Idea 9 Grails Project w/nested plugins will not configure correctly
IDEADEV-39499 - Grails: global plugin artifacts are not resolved
IDEADEV-39908 - Grails: non-default paths to plugins install directories are ignored
IDEA-26963 - Idea hangs while indexing env.rhino.js
IDEADEV-42178 - flex: 'pull up' pulls up 'final' modifier to interface (generating red code)
IDEA-26637 - flex: no completion for "each" (after "for")
IDEADEV-41940 - Good code is red: Precedence of imported types vs. types in default package
IDEA-27200 - invalid inspection: for statement doesn't loop
IDEA-26344 - flex: support [ExcludeClass] metadata
IDEADEV-42200 - Regression in 93.54 EAP: JavaSourceTransformingCompiler API broken
IDEADEV-42196 - Good code is red: duplicate declaration
IDEA-26667 - AS3 duplicate variable "arguments"
IDEADEV-42191 - Rename and Find Usages don't work when module content root is also added as a library root
IDEADEV-42190 - Large files still cause problems doing a 'make' in a java project
IDEADEV-42188 - Exception trying to debug a grails integration test
IDEA-26982 - DataSource UML Diagram
IDEA-27171 - Bad sync DataSource UML Diagram
IDEADEV-42175 - 100% cpu on javascript file
IDEA-27026 - JS: Inconsistent braces placement in reformat
IDEADEV-42159 - I18n String Folding: clip string if it's too long
IDEA-25311 - Code completion for @Resource injection
IDEA-25044 - Flex: missing completion
IDEA-23687 - e4x: syntax errors when using CDATA
IDEADEV-42157 - Ctrl-Shift-N Can Hang the IDE
IDEA-26726 - Add ability to suppply request body in REST client
IDEADEV-42137 - IDEA deadlock
IDEADEV-40651 - 'Select word' (ctrl+w) should select closure content at one of steps
IDEA-26947 - Do not report warnings about unknown html tags
IDEADEV-41762 - Run Configurations: Replace Working directory textfield with combobox with $MODULE_DIR$ macro predefined
IDEADEV-40965 - Groovy: "Convert to String" intention applied for multiline GString literals with backslash at the end of a line produces senseless code
IDEA-26947 - Do not report warnings about unknown html tags
IDEADEV-42081 - UML toolbar should not be disabled when I click to project view
IDEA-27013 - flex: good code red: metadata tag with empty argument list
IDEADEV-42131 - dynamic properties for groovy scripts broken in 9.0
IDEA-27006 - flex: introduce variable generates red code for method call expression returning vector (from library swc)
IDEA-27005 - flex: introduce variable fails for method call expression returning vector (from source in same module)
IDEADEV-41243 - IDEA keeps adding groovy library to module with groovy classes.
IDEADEV-42125 - Import popup keeps appearing, making it impossible to open other popups
IDEADEV-40659 - When calling a method expecting groovy.lang.Script from script, 'this' argument is erroneously highlighted as incompatible type
IDEA-26986 - Target device compatibility is broken if custom SDK add-on is installed
IDEADEV-42120 - Groovy integration: sometimes IDEA overrides .class files (created by Groovy compiler) during the "make" phase before Run/Debug
IDEADEV-42087 - PIEAE at com.intellij.extapi.psi.PsiElementBase.getContainingFile
IDEADEV-42074 - CCE at
IDEADEV-42086 - CCE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.generation.JSNamedElementNode.getParentNodeDelegate
IDEADEV-42108 - JS extract method should generate void method for a property assigment expression
IDEA-25696 - Moving a single line moves two lines and to the wrong place
IDEADEV-41934 - Groovy: statically imported class without package prefix is not resolved if all static members of the class are imported
IDEADEV-42042 - IDEA-9 - method separators in Groovy classes don't render properly
IDEADEV-42107 - Compiler: cannot neither stop compilation nor exit IDEA when compilation has started and waiting for refresh to finish
IDEADEV-42117 - Focus does not come to menu
IDEADEV-41906 - AE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeUi.initRootNodeNowIfNeeded
IDEADEV-29963 - JSF: recognize implicit objects in el expressions in faces-config.xml
IDEADEV-41967 - Idea fails to load the "Select Path" window with file listing when editing the path variable
IDEADEV-42059 - CME at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.impl.VcsInitialization.execute
IDEA-26729 - hibernate: good code red: 'Basic' attribute should not be 'Long[]'
IDEADEV-42064 - spring 3.0: yellow code by default for new spring namespaces (no DOM provided by plugin)
IDEADEV-42097 - Idea 9 Grails Project w/nested plugins will not configure correctly
IDEADEV-39499 - Grails: global plugin artifacts are not resolved
IDEADEV-39908 - Grails: non-default paths to plugins install directories are ignored
IDEA-26963 - Idea hangs while indexing env.rhino.js
IDEADEV-41747 - Activity is missing in new Android module
IDEA-26630 - Native libs are packaged incorrectly on Windows
IDEADEV-41843 - IDEA Sdk is set as a project jdk when new Java project is created from sources
IDEA-25467 - CVS is set to Offline mode on project open
IDEADEV-42230 - Project language level in the 'Default (Template) Project' is always 5.0
IDEA-26731 - Perforce: Error updating VCS changes when project directory is not under client root (even when excluding project directory from VCS)
IDEA-26731 - Perforce: Error updating VCS changes when project directory is not under client root (even when excluding project directory from VCS)
IDEADEV-42127 - Flex + UML: F6 (refactor/move) invocation for diagram element is enabled but doesn't work
IDEADEV-42223 - INRE when opening context menu for Flex class in dumb mode
IDEADEV-42198 - Create method quickfix is not available for super call
IDEA-25043 - Flex: create method from usage missing trailing linefeed
IDEADEV-42197 - Create method quickfix should not add 'public' modifier when creating method of interface
IDEADEV-42206 - AIR application debugging hangs in case of a lot of tracing
IDEADEV-40931 - Set P4CONFIG=.p4config when running perforce if it's not already set
IDEADEV-42213 - Exception when debugging Flex 4 application
IDEADEV-42171 - Run Configurations Popup: my saved configurations disappear after run
IDEADEV-42195 - flex: 'pull up' breaks signature of methods that have a Vector parameter/return type
IDEA-27029 - flex: introduce variable uses type "Vector$object" for expression "new<*>[]"
IDEADEV-42205 - Problems with parsing airglobal.swc from AIR 2.0 beta1 release. (Was: Wrong "unused import" marking)
IDEA-25205 - Flex XML Debugging Slow With Large XML Files
IDEADEV-42201 - Flex debugging error when trying to step into code without sources
IDEA-3 - Flex debugger not always able to evaluate expressions
IDEADEV-42121 - JSF 2.0: if in EL #{resource['resource_reference']} resource_reference looks like library:file, no navigation etc is available

Version 8.1 | Release Date: 2009-02-11 | Download

IntelliJ IDEA 8.1

* Performance of file and compiler caches
* Easy sharing of settings with IntelliJ IDEA Server
* Team Foundation Server
* Git
* Perforce jobs support
* Oracle SQL dialect
* Resin application server

Version 8.0.1 | Release Date: 2008-11-26 | Download

Full list of changes:

Version 8.0 | Release Date: 2008-11-13 | Download

Version 8.0 Highlights

Languages & Frameworks

* SQL-92, MySQL, SQLite with coding assistance and Console to run SQL scripts from the IDE
* Template languages: FreeMarker, Velocity
* XPath/XSLT, including XPath expression evaluation
* Groovy/Grails with advanced editing, new refactorings and Gant
* JBoss Seam
* Struts 2
* Spring 2.5
* Spring Webflow
* Spring MVC
* Spring Dynamic Modules
* GWT 1.5
* RESTful WebServices

Features & Improvements

* 7 New Java Refactorings
* Dataflow to This — see where an arbitrary parameter value comes from
* Create new test for class intention and navigation between classes/tests
* UML class diagrams with navigation to the source code and refactorings
* Thread dump analyzer
* Automatic namespace import for HTML/XML/JSP
* JavaScript debugger
* Flex debugger
* Advanced Flex code editor for MXML and ActionScript files, with Flash 10 generics
* Maven: create new module from archetype, Repository Browser, pom.xml validation and editing assistance
* Subversion 1.5 merge tracking support

Version 7.0.4 | Release Date: 2008-08-19 | Download


* [IDEADEV-11607] — Ant integration: absolute file path is resolved as relative
* [IDEADEV-13074] — JDBC resource inspection bug
* [IDEADEV-14731] — JUnit custom RunListener not called when using custom runner in @RunWith(MyRunner.class)
* [IDEADEV-17120] — File with correct content is error highlighted in Editor tab and Project view
* [IDEADEV-21775] — Binary content revisions are not recreated as text after file types are changed
* [IDEADEV-22432] — Add library => Idea wants to deploy jars in WEB-INF/classes
* [IDEADEV-22595] — ID reference attribute being marked as incorrect in Hibernate Named Queries
* [IDEADEV-22629] — Identically named Web facets cause ID clashes in j2ee applicaton descriptor
* [IDEADEV-23944] — Maven: if profile is activated in MavenProjectsTree, this activation is not considered on synchronizing
* [IDEADEV-24038] — VersionControl: the locally deleted unversioned files disappear from Changes view only after Refresh
* [IDEADEV-24377] — Maven integration: failure on attempt to add extra src/test paths added via buil-helper plugin
* [IDEADEV-24378] — Maven: it would be nice to recognize maven standard properties for directory layout on recognizing extra paths
* [IDEADEV-24379] — Maven: extra src/target pathss specified via build-helper plugin should be added as paths relative to $MODULE_DIR$
* [IDEADEV-24553] — Trying to run testcase for a module thinks all non-associated web apps need compiling and therefor testcase will not run
* [IDEADEV-24749] — Maven: 'exhaustive search' option in the NewProject dialog should work properly
* [IDEADEV-24763] — Maven: if some extra resources are added to project on generate-test-resources phaze, then they are not considered on synchronizing
* [IDEADEV-25008] — Pull up static members can break code
* [IDEADEV-25011] — shared maven run configuration incorrectly uses hard coded path to pom file
* [IDEADEV-25110] — Rename interface method breaks code: renaming method to lowercase changes only the interface and not the implementations
* [IDEADEV-25150] — Define external variable in comment annotation
* [IDEADEV-25155] — Debugger hangs: Waiting until last debugger command completes
* [IDEADEV-25161] — NPE in SpringBeanCacher$ when running unit tests
* [IDEADEV-25164] — flex support: mx:operation tag is marked invalid in a mx:WebService tag
* [IDEADEV-25169] — VSS: IDEA hangs on committing merged file
* [IDEADEV-25170] — VSS: if in the VCS mapping dialog Directory has default <Project Root> value, all writable files appear hijacked
* [IDEADEV-25206] — Maven: if the sources are generated not in 'generated-sources' subdirectory of target directory, they are excluded
* [IDEADEV-25207] — Maven: if some goal is run from Run configuration ('run Maven goal before launch' option), the generated sources are not recognized
* [IDEADEV-25209] — Maven: excluded folders are not updated after goal running via RunConfiguration
* [IDEADEV-25213] — Perforce problems with specific client mappings
* [IDEADEV-25221] — Maven generated iml files differ slightly across machines, resulting in unwanted modified versioned files
* [IDEADEV-25240] — IG: "Type may be weakened" with "Use righthand type" On warns about foreach parameter
* [IDEADEV-25252] — Ctrl-W can't expand beyond attribute value
* [IDEADEV-25256] — "Whole Words Only" won't find valid results in some instances
* [IDEADEV-25269] — Javascript Array Literal Syntax Inspection
* [IDEADEV-25281] — Support mixing CSS and JSF EL
* [IDEADEV-25294] — JavaScript formatter puts ; following namespace declaration on new line
* [IDEADEV-25295] — Pressing enter at child level of package statement in ActionScript produces extra indent
* [IDEADEV-25306] — "Use right hand side" option of "Type may be weakend" inspection doesn't work
* [IDEADEV-25312] — wrong "unndeeded import static name.innerr.clazz" detection
* [IDEADEV-25313] — Configure ignored files / Edit: "Ignore specified file" is always the only enabled edit field
* [IDEADEV-25320] — Incorrect highlighting of java method signature in tld file when method return type has type parameters
* [IDEADEV-25323] — Long annotations are not wrapped
* [IDEADEV-25324] — assertEquals() between objects of inconvertible types 'Set ' and 'Set ' at line 85
* [IDEADEV-25333] — XML empty namespace URI can't be ignored
* [IDEADEV-25339] — License agreement screen may show up on wrong screen
* [IDEADEV-25349] — Classes imported with wildcard show incorrectly as "Unresolved Type" warnings
* [IDEADEV-25354] — IDEA shows warning "unused function declaration" for inline functions in 7.0.3 build 7744 (re-open IDEADEV-23553)
* [IDEADEV-25366] — Faulty "'Connection' should be opened in a try block, and closed in a finally block" inspection in InspectionGadgets plugin
* [IDEADEV-25369] — VCS: IntelliJ "forgets" about my changes.
* [IDEADEV-25376] — cpu load gets permanently higher after each compile (look-and-feel = mac os)
* [IDEADEV-25377] — Foreach refactoring can cause confusion in loop variables when applied to nested loops
* [IDEADEV-25381] — Web module with transitive dependencies does not produce a valid war
* [IDEADEV-25382] — Compiling a maven module without 'src' directory fails (because of missing 'target/classes' directory)
* [IDEADEV-25383] — Modules with no source that are dependencies of WAR modules generate error when building project
* [IDEADEV-25384] — DevKit: does not deploy resources from META-INF to sandbox
* [IDEADEV-25502] — Semi-colon incorrectly added in path of URL in CSS code-completion
* [IDEADEV-25506] — Actionscript/Flex Locally scoped variable with same name as member variable incorrectly marked as duplicate declaration
* [IDEADEV-25510] — Implementations of Actionscript/Flex interfaces marked as error because expects override keyword
* [IDEADEV-25525] — Valid javascript flagged as potentially invalid
* [IDEADEV-25528] — A file hangs IDEA
* [IDEADEV-25535] — IDEA 7.0.3 no longer uses $PROJECT_DIR$ in .ipr for paths in VM_PARAMETERS in run/debug configuration
* [IDEADEV-25539] — JSP: EL: pressing tab in code completion list erases closing EL brace
* [IDEADEV-25593] — Dependency Management section is not cascading correctly
* [IDEADEV-25594] — Parent POM properties are not working in child POM's
* [IDEADEV-25607] — debugger breaks code logic
* [IDEADEV-25617] — Remote object flagging mx:method as invalid
* [IDEADEV-25620] — Javascript: Wrong warning about pointless arithmetic expression
* [IDEADEV-25633] — Import existing module generated by mvn IDEA:IDEA causes "Configure Path Variables" dialog to appear blank and block import.
* [IDEADEV-25635] — Maven: modules structure is not recognized sometimes
* [IDEADEV-25637] — Maven: dependencies to modules are not always resolved
* [IDEADEV-25650] — Cannot enter {} [] using Slovenian keyboard
* [IDEADEV-25652] — maven project import problem
* [IDEADEV-25679] — Rename ActionScript class should result in file rename
* [IDEADEV-25702] — "Schedule for Deletion" dialog doesn't remember the answer ("Do not show this dialog in the future")
* [IDEADEV-25708] — Competion and validation for setStylePrimaryName doesn work
* [IDEADEV-25786] — Implements/Overrides Icons Disappeared
* [IDEADEV-25799] — Good code is red: @OrderBy annotation
* [IDEADEV-25801] — Good code is red: @Basic can be combined with @Temporal
* [IDEADEV-25803] — Good query marked red in HQL console
* [IDEADEV-25817] — Generate persistence mapping generates invalid session factory settings for Spring
* [IDEADEV-25829] — Intention "replace for loop with while loop" produces incorrect code
* [IDEADEV-25865] — Good query is red: Using || for string concatenation
* [IDEADEV-25868] — javadoc tags autocompletion broken
* [IDEADEV-25869] — JPA Query Language parser error
* [IDEADEV-25872] — Add servlet -> create new package: problem when package creation involves creating multiple directories
* [IDEADEV-25873] — "select foo as bar..." highlighted as a query error
* [IDEADEV-25877] — Building ANY module without sources (web, jar-module without sources): target/classes does not exists error
* [IDEADEV-25879] — Stack overflow when importing maven project
* [IDEADEV-25881] — Faulty unused static import inspection
* [IDEADEV-25883] — "Create Field" quick fix creates static field in anonymous class
* [IDEADEV-25910] — Good EL is red
* [IDEADEV-25912] — 'Rename file' fix appends additional '.as' file extension
* [IDEADEV-25921] — Javascript: Incorrect inspection: "Silly assignment"
* [IDEADEV-25932] — ExtJS extend support?
* [IDEADEV-25988] — ExtJS namespace support?
* [IDEADEV-26000] — keyword completion not always complete in .js/.as
* [IDEADEV-26001] — Ajax support with Dojo 0.9 toolkit
* [IDEADEV-26072] — Multi-Module Project: Dependencies between Maven modules are not reflected as dependencies between IDEA modules
* [IDEADEV-26102] — Maven: create pom intention: intention appears for empty <module> tag
* [IDEADEV-26110] — The JUnit test runner doesn't pick up test classes that extend parent test class
* [IDEADEV-26151] — Replace Method Code Duplicates appears to try to p4 edit every file in my project
* [IDEADEV-26164] — Good file is red: Project view's highlighting is not updated after errors have been fixed in a file
* [IDEADEV-26165] — Good code is red: incompatible types with generics
* [IDEADEV-26201] — Foreach refactoring does not refer to the upper bound when applied on generics
* [IDEADEV-26213] — onchange="submit()" unresolved
* [IDEADEV-26219] — "Remove Unused Java Script Symbol" leaves trailing comma for function parameters
* [IDEADEV-26221] — "Introduce Variable" should not insert FQN
* [IDEADEV-26242] — 'I18nize Hardcoded String' function never selects the proper properties file
* [IDEADEV-26243] — Idea keeps maven plugin file opened
* [IDEADEV-26252] — External XML-validation doesn't use correct schema based on version-attribute
* [IDEADEV-26257] — "Split into declaration and initialization" intention should not trigger for "for" statement initializer
* [IDEADEV-26260] — renaming constructor function does not rename class and usages
* [IDEADEV-26261] — flex unresolved method
* [IDEADEV-26274] — @embed image resource being flagged as not found by inspector
* [IDEADEV-26286] — Comments marked as errors in JSON files
* [IDEADEV-26287] — Test is mis-reported in IDEA as "Wrong test finished" if exception is thrown in @BeforeClass
* [IDEADEV-26291] — "Add braces from 'for' statement' should not fire on for each variable
* [IDEADEV-26296] — navigation from actionscript interface reference provides duplicate resolve targets
* [IDEADEV-26370] — Clicking on "Synchronize with Maven projects" wipes GWT facet configuration
* [IDEADEV-26377] — "Method override without override keyword" error highlighting needs special treatment of some methods from Object
* [IDEADEV-26378] — bad handling of syntactic keywords
* [IDEADEV-26379] — No completion/resolving of interface members when interface is named 'Element'
* [IDEADEV-26380] — good code red: array initialisers and commas
* [IDEADEV-26382] — Move class refactoring (F6) fails when moving a file to the default package: error "Invalid target package name specified"
* [IDEADEV-26383] — strange 'unnecessary local variable' warning
* [IDEADEV-26391] — Emacs Tab doesn't work on Groovy files
* [IDEADEV-26461] — Plug-in development license issues on Linux
* [IDEADEV-26469] — JPA query wrongly identified as invalid
* [IDEADEV-26470] — Valid HQL is flagged with an error -- 'versioned' isn't a known keyword
* [IDEADEV-26535] — Maven ear packaging: creating invalid application.xml and more
* [IDEADEV-26552] — When integrating different branches, some files are incorrectly labelled as 'Not in repository'
* [IDEADEV-26555] — Deadlock after copying in new jar files
* [IDEADEV-26560] — completion for function in import statement adds illegal ()
* [IDEADEV-26563] — Idea unstable on apple jdk 1.6, set application preference for 1.5*
* [IDEADEV-26627] — Maven: the properties used as artifact versions are red-highlighted always
* [IDEADEV-26630] — 'for each' replace with inner class breaks the code
* [IDEADEV-26635] — Maven: don't error-highlight valid dependencies with 'system' scope
* [IDEADEV-26736] — C# parses strings incorrectly
* [IDEADEV-26794] — Wrong override error reporting on static method with same name as in base
* [IDEADEV-26795] — inspection flagging basic member properties for as / js variables as unknown in .as class files
* [IDEADEV-26864] — Maven: the '\' in module paths are red-highlighted
* [IDEADEV-26866] — Maven: error is shown for absent module
* [IDEADEV-26894] — Bogus assertion when method return type is annotated @NotNull
* [IDEADEV-26902] — Maven: dependencies of ${project.parent.version}, ${project.version} versions resolving in parent poms problem
* [IDEADEV-26936] — Incorrect syntax highlighing jsp+html+custom tags+scriptlets
* [IDEADEV-26939] — Incorrect error highlighting and no completion when schema has substitutes
* [IDEADEV-26941] — Project creation does no resolve variables for dependency version
* [IDEADEV-26966] — flex auto import (new feature) does not respect CDATA
* [IDEADEV-26977] — Change method signature bug with introducing varargs
* [IDEADEV-26982] — GUI Designer: setting a border to a component does not import java.awt.Color into generated source code
* [IDEADEV-26985] — Maven: profile selecting in the MavenTree should work at once
* [IDEADEV-26986] — inspection flagging core flex classes as unknown
* [IDEADEV-26990] — color="blue" being flagged as invalid integer
* [IDEADEV-26991] — flex mxml file inspection with @embed incorrectly flags missing resource
* [IDEADEV-27067] — Enum values not resolving, when enum is in Project library and values start with a dollar.
* [IDEADEV-27071] — Error analysis never completes, aka "The blinking eye problem"
* [IDEADEV-27152] — Changes in an excluded directory cause re-scan
* [IDEADEV-27170] — Live template (iten) problem
* [IDEADEV-27262] — XSD: good code is red: union memberTypes doesn't like tab character
* [IDEADEV-27272] — misplaced import statement when using new auto import in .mxml
* [IDEADEV-27287] — .as file new class is not inserting package
* [IDEADEV-27289] — Autocomplete with Tab (�trl+space -> tab) adds extra braces
* [IDEADEV-27290] — Autocomplete of inherited members does not work in MXML without "this" modifier
* [IDEADEV-27291] — Comments and surround with
* [IDEADEV-27293] — There is unneeded list of keyword when do completion inside script block in inline xml
* [IDEADEV-27295] — Run/Debug Maven build missing
* [IDEADEV-27310] — Downloaded dependencies don't show up immediately after being resolved (only after restart)
* [IDEADEV-27312] — cannot open project with import scope dependency if version is property
* [IDEADEV-27344] — JSP: wrong specification of sql:query action is reported as error for the previous action
* [IDEADEV-27346] — XSD/XML code assist - xsd:enumeration/"chameleon"
* [IDEADEV-27363] — Bogus error highlighting for <pack:script>
* [IDEADEV-27364] — Running "All tests in package" doesn't find any tests
* [IDEADEV-27365] — EL expression shwon as error in <label for="${exp}">
* [IDEADEV-27374] — JSP EL should detect property set by c:set
* [IDEADEV-27457] — MXML attribute should use imports from Script tag section
* [IDEADEV-27458] — Syntax error in MXML if attribute value starts with @
* [IDEADEV-27460] — Unresolved reference to mxml component class from action script code
* [IDEADEV-27461] — Wrong syntax error marking in mxml
* [IDEADEV-27463] — mxml inspection is flagging regex string as invalid
* [IDEADEV-27490] — "assignment to method parameter" has problems with compound assignment
* [IDEADEV-27501] — Unresolved variable "top"
* [IDEADEV-27538] — mxml: unresolved type Canvas
* [IDEADEV-27539] — mxml-component properties are highlighted as errors if there is inheritance of several layers
* [IDEADEV-27590] — deadlock while editing java code
* [IDEADEV-27592] — Mulitproject import fails.
* [IDEADEV-27595] — Copy Class does not change all class usages
* [IDEADEV-27596] — Use Module Compile Output Path selection reset on Maven project re-import
* [IDEADEV-27597] — Find Usage on constructor finds wrong usages
* [IDEADEV-27600] — Using override on dynamically created methods on Object does not yield error in IDEA but does not compile
* [IDEADEV-27685] — bad code green: function marked override doesn't override anything
* [IDEADEV-27692] — IDEA 7 debugger bug when setting breakpoint in finally
* [IDEADEV-27741] — Rename refactoring bug, when variable starts from $
* [IDEADEV-27753] — Debugger don't work with IBM JDK 1.5
* [IDEADEV-27757] — bad code green: ctor call on instance
* [IDEADEV-27758] — bad code green: static access through instance variable
* [IDEADEV-27795] — Style/Script autocompletion works incorrectly (worked in 6.0)
* [IDEADEV-27803] — "convert to decimal" results in bad code
* [IDEADEV-27826] — IDEA froze during Maven re-import
* [IDEADEV-27861] — Latest IDEA 7.0.3 gives "Malformed Network Data" error on subversion commit
* [IDEADEV-27951] — Error highlighting has stopped working
* [IDEADEV-27960] — Report duplicated symbols as errors in actionscript
* [IDEADEV-27996] — Move (F6) breaks code
* [IDEADEV-28046] — Creating a new project from existing code has problems — only finds source directory
* [IDEADEV-28130] — Introduce Parameter with "Delegate" option gives false warning "not accessible"
* [IDEADEV-28186] — Debug stepping over ends up all over the place
* [IDEADEV-28268] — Maven based project has lost the option to execute a Maven goal before running unit tests
* [IDEADEV-28328] — Enumeration class as inner class faultily requires no-args contructor
* [IDEADEV-28379] — perforce broken in build 7905
* [IDEADEV-28424] — renaming vararg param produces broken code
* [IDEADEV-28425] — bad code green: referening a static method through a subclass
* [IDEADEV-28457] — Completion missing for enums from imported schema
* [IDEADEV-28458] — XML validation passes but editor shows errors with xml:space attribute
* [IDEADEV-28522] — No prompt for subversion authentication information
* [IDEADEV-28533] — Debugger do not intecepts breakpoints during web run configuration stop
* [IDEADEV-28591] — Namespaces not resolved from modules that are dependencies of current module
* [IDEADEV-28687] — New mxml component missing xml declaration
* [IDEADEV-28758] — Outdated version being reported but should not be
* [IDEADEV-28843] — Subversion: clicking revision number in annotation results in "Error Fetching Affected Paths" error
* [IDEADEV-28848] — Go to File confused by file rename
* [IDEADEV-28849] — Incoming changes shows old revisions
* [IDEADEV-28904] — Problem with incoming changes
* [IDEADEV-28916] — IDEA does not recognize all SVN outgoing changes


* [IDEADEV-25880] — JSP: EL: function names are suggested in [] and . operators


* [IDEADEV-18868] — [#6004] NPE: SurroundWithUtil.moveDeclarationsOut
* [IDEADEV-22355] — [#7649] ISE: Xpcom.initialize
* [IDEADEV-22910] — [#7821] assert: ProblemDescriptorImpl.<init>
* [IDEADEV-22955] — [#7857] IOOBE: SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex
* [IDEADEV-23825] — [#8237] RE: LocalHistoryFacade.depthIsValid
* [IDEADEV-23966] — [#8294] SOE: AntStructuredElementImpl.computeAttributeValue
* [IDEADEV-24605] — [#8473] RE: Entry.getEntry
* [IDEADEV-24807] — [#8549] MEEMBCE: MavenEmbeddedExecutor.checkCancel
* [IDEADEV-24883] — [#8592] assert: DocumentEditingUndoProvider$MyEditorDocumentListener.documentChanged
* [IDEADEV-24903] — [#8611] assert: FileManagerImpl.getCachedPsiFile
* [IDEADEV-24987] — [#8678] Throwable: ChameleonElement.getPsi
* [IDEADEV-25046] — [#8707] NPE: MavenProjectsStateComponent.getMavenProject
* [IDEADEV-25098] — [#8739] AE: ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent
* [IDEADEV-25182] — [#8772] NPE: NewFileChooserDialog.getLogicalRoots
* [IDEADEV-25283] — NPE: com.intellij.lang.impl.PsiBuilderImpl$MyList.lastIndexOf(
* [IDEADEV-25413] — [#8796] CME: THashIterator.nextIndex
* [IDEADEV-25415] — [#8798] assert: EncapsulateFieldsProcessor.checkMethodResolvable
* [IDEADEV-25423] — [#8805] IAE: JSReferenceExpressionImpl$MyTypeProcessor.setUnknownElement
* [IDEADEV-25477] — [#8837] NPE: SwcJSIndexEntry.buildPsiFileFromFile
* [IDEADEV-25561] — java.lang.Throwable
* [IDEADEV-25606] — [#8895] AE: ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent
* [IDEADEV-25627] — [#8903] Throwable: VfsUtil.findRelativeFile
* [IDEADEV-25645] — [#8912] NPE: MultipleChangeListBrowser$ChangeListChooser$2.customizeCellRenderer
* [IDEADEV-25685] — [#8925] SOE: SharedImplUtil.getFirstChild
* [IDEADEV-25722] — [#8942] assert: SuspendContextImpl.a
* [IDEADEV-25775] — [#8953] AE: JSIndexEntry.doInitFor
* [IDEADEV-25831] — java.lang.StackOverflowError
* [IDEADEV-25848] — [#8986] FCE: ParserUtils.parseXMLDocument
* [IDEADEV-25938] — [#8990] : JSDocumentationUtils$1.nextElement
* [IDEADEV-25946] — [#8997] AE: JSResolveUtil.resolveTypeNameUsingImports
* [IDEADEV-25956] — [#9006] NPE: SaveAsTemplateAction$2$
* [IDEADEV-25958] — [#9008] NPE: MavenImportBuilder.getList
* [IDEADEV-25966] — [#9016] NPE: JSSmartCompletionVariantsHandler$MyEventSubclassesProcessor.findAcceptableVariants
* [IDEADEV-25981] — [#9028] NPE: MavenNavigatorPanel.extractGoals
* [IDEADEV-25991] — [#9036] assert: BindingFactory$BindingImpl.compose
* [IDEADEV-26038] — [#9052] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.synchronize
* [IDEADEV-26047] — [#9060] AE: ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent
* [IDEADEV-26129] — [#9099] NPE: DomModelImpl.getMergedModel
* [IDEADEV-26147] — [#9104] SOE: ASTDelegatePsiElement.getFirstChild
* [IDEADEV-26158] — [#9110] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.synchronize
* [IDEADEV-26178] — Got this error when I ran an application....
* [IDEADEV-26227] — [#9132] IVFAE: PersistentFS.getFileId
* [IDEADEV-26429] — [#9203] assert: DocumentEditingUndoProvider$MyEditorDocumentListener.documentChanged
* [IDEADEV-26430] — [#9204] assert: DocumentEditingUndoProvider$MyEditorDocumentListener.documentChanged
* [IDEADEV-26483] — [#9231] SOE: PrimeFinder.nextPrime
* [IDEADEV-26486] — [#9234] FCE: Digester.getFactory
* [IDEADEV-26489] — [#9237] NPE: ClassBackedElementDescriptor.doProcess
* [IDEADEV-26490] — [#9238] NPE: JSIndexEntry.processSymbolsInNs
* [IDEADEV-26524] — [#9261] assert: ApplicationImpl.runReadAction
* [IDEADEV-26575] — [#9279] NPE: BaseJSSymbolProcessor.doEvalForExpr
* [IDEADEV-26673] — [#9321] NPE: MavenIndicesManager.getGroupIds
* [IDEADEV-26674] — [#9322] AE: FlexDebugProcess.<init>
* [IDEADEV-26676] — [#9324] assert: ApplicationImpl.runWriteAction
* [IDEADEV-26682] — [#9330] NPE: DependencyConverter.getVariants
* [IDEADEV-26683] — [#9331] assert: ToolWindowManagerImpl.getToolWindow
* [IDEADEV-26693] — [#9336] NPE: MavenIndicesManager.findLocalIndex
* [IDEADEV-26694] — [#9337] CCE: MavenPluginConfigurationDomExtender.registerExtensions
* [IDEADEV-26753] — NPE thrown in Maven Plugin
* [IDEADEV-26759] — NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.state.MavenProjectsManager.queueProjects
* [IDEADEV-26781] — DTD: expansion of selection with Ctrl+W throws IOOBE from com.intellij.codeInsight.editorActions.ExtendWordSelectionHandlerBase.expandToWholeLine()
* [IDEADEV-26800] — [#9348] IOE: MavenIndicesManager$
* [IDEADEV-26801] — [#9349] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.queueProjects
* [IDEADEV-26810] — [#9358] assert: ApplicationImpl.runWriteAction
* [IDEADEV-26812] — [#9360] E: WriteAction.execute
* [IDEADEV-26817] — [#9365] AIOOBE: CachedGridImage.repaint
* [IDEADEV-26828] — [#9379] E: FlexImporter$Abc.parseCpool
* [IDEADEV-26831] — Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertWriteAccessAllowed
* [IDEADEV-26833] — [#9383] AE: StubTree.readFromVFile
* [IDEADEV-26837] — [#9387] NPE: ShowHintAction.actionPerformed
* [IDEADEV-26843] — [#9393] assert: DomManagerImpl$5.modificationCountChanged
* [IDEADEV-26927] — NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.dom.MavenPluginConfigurationDomExtender.getPluginXmlFile
* [IDEADEV-26950] — AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent
* [IDEADEV-26958] — [#9444] UOE: PsiElementBase.addBefore
* [IDEADEV-26960] — [#9446] CCE: RepositorySearchDialog.doOKAction
* [IDEADEV-26961] — [#9447] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.synchronize
* [IDEADEV-26987] — EOFException at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.repository.MavenIndicesManager$
* [IDEADEV-27038] — [#9483] CCE: XmlElementDescriptorImpl.getType
* [IDEADEV-27039] — [#9484] ASE: ExtensionPointImpl.getExtensions
* [IDEADEV-27044] — [#9489] IVFAE: PersistentFS.getFileId
* [IDEADEV-27189] — [#9504] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.findProject
* [IDEADEV-27206] — [#9521] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.getProjects
* [IDEADEV-27223] — [#9538] NPE: MavenProjectModel.getMavenProject
* [IDEADEV-27225] — [#9540] IAE: LocalFileSystemImpl.findFileByPath
* [IDEADEV-27227] — [#9542] EOFE: MavenIndicesManager$
* [IDEADEV-27229] — [#9544] assert: ToolWindowManagerImpl.getActiveToolWindowId
* [IDEADEV-27243] — [#9558] NSME: RequireOS.isAllowed
* [IDEADEV-27244] — [#9559] AE: JSDocumentationUtils.processDocumentationTextFromComment
* [IDEADEV-27332] — [#9574] NPE: MavenIndicesManager.addArtifact
* [IDEADEV-27354] — NPE while synchronizating with poms of valid Maven project
* [IDEADEV-27362] — [#9595] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.getProjects
* [IDEADEV-27384] — [#9610] NPE: JAXBJavaReferenceProvider.getReferencesByElement
* [IDEADEV-27387] — [#9613] AE: BinaryOperatorUtils.getOperatorText
* [IDEADEV-27476] — [#9649] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.projectClosed
* [IDEADEV-27481] — [#9654] CCE: XMLExternalAnnotator.annotate
* [IDEADEV-27579] — [#9702] NPE: FlexImporter$Multiname.access$500
* [IDEADEV-27585] — [#9708] assert: PsiAnchor.<init>
* [IDEADEV-27607] — [#9718] assert: DocumentImpl.replaceString
* [IDEADEV-27609] — [#9720] assert: ApplicationImpl.runProcessWithProgressSynchronously
* [IDEADEV-27619] — [#9728] NPE: CheckTagEmptyBodyInspection$ReplaceEmptyTagBodyByEmptyEndFix.applyFix
* [IDEADEV-27620] — [#9729] assert: FileManagerImpl.findFile
* [IDEADEV-27639] — [#9744] NPE: MavenProjectsManager.projectClosed
* [IDEADEV-27656] — [#9756] PCE: ProgressIndicatorBase.checkCanceled
* [IDEADEV-27676] — [#9767] assert: ProgressWindow.startBlocking
* [IDEADEV-27677] — [#9768] assert: EditorImpl.getColorsScheme
* [IDEADEV-27678] — [#9769] NPE: FormatProcessor.containsLineFeeds
* [IDEADEV-27700] — [#9773] PIEAE: CompositePsiElement.getContainingFile
* [IDEADEV-27702] — [#9775] NPE: DebuggerStatementEditor.getPreferredFocusedComponent
* [IDEADEV-27729] — [#9783] IAE: PsiSearchHelperImpl.processAllFilesWithWordInLiterals
* [IDEADEV-27750] — [#9786] assert: ApplicationImpl.runWriteAction
* [IDEADEV-27802] — [#9809] CCE: ForCanBeForeachInspection$ForCanBeForeachFix.createListIterationText
* [IDEADEV-27848] — [#9826] AE: PersistentHashMapValueStorage.readBytes
* [IDEADEV-27863] — NPE
* [IDEADEV-27923] — [#9863] AE: RefCountHolder.registerReference
* [IDEADEV-28055] — [#9882] CCE: RemoveBracesIntention$RemoveBracesPredicate.satisfiedBy
* [IDEADEV-28089] — [#9911] assert: FileManagerImpl.findFile
* [IDEADEV-28129] — Exception popup everytime I start IntelliJ with current project (new to EAP 7905)
* [IDEADEV-28204] — [#9952] Throwable: DirectoryIndexImpl.getInfoForDirectory
* [IDEADEV-28313] — [#10004] E: SVNRepository.lock
* [IDEADEV-28362] — [#10024] assert: FileManagerImpl.findDirectory
* [IDEADEV-28404] — [#10041] NPE: SvnChangeProvider.processCopiedFile
* [IDEADEV-28450] — NPE...
* [IDEADEV-28454] — Exception
* [IDEADEV-28512] — [#10097] IVFAE: FileAttribute.ensureFileIsValid
* [IDEADEV-28513] — [#10098] NPE: SvnDiffProvider.getCurrentRevision
* [IDEADEV-28554] — [#10113] NPE: SvnChangeProvider.processStatusFirstPass
* [IDEADEV-28612] — [#10137] SOE: TPrimitiveHash.capacity
* [IDEADEV-28634] — [#10151] NPE: SvnChangeProvider.processStatusFirstPass
* [IDEADEV-28699] — [#10174] assert: DebuggerEditorImpl.createDocument
* [IDEADEV-28729] — [#10192] IAE: AntPropertyImpl.getTstampValue
* [IDEADEV-28732] — [#10195] NPE: SmartCodeCompletionHandler.analyseItem
* [IDEADEV-28733] — [#10196] NPE: SvnChangeProvider.processStatusFirstPass
* [IDEADEV-28885] — [#10267] NPE: TagNameReference.getTagNameVariants
* [IDEADEV-28886] — [#10268] NPE: XmlTagImpl.getNamespace

New Feature

* [IDEADEV-3880] — javadoc support for JSF tag libraries
* [IDEADEV-22915] — Type name completion in JSDoc
* [IDEADEV-23128] — Maven support — build-helper plugin
* [IDEADEV-25066] — Errors in pom.xml are silently ignored when synchronizing
* [IDEADEV-25816] — IDS: Generate equals/hashcode
* [IDEADEV-26034] — "Click through" to module pom.xml when viewing parent pom.xml
* [IDEADEV-26098] — Make Ctrl-U on as class navigate to superclass
* [IDEADEV-26113] — Maven: it would be nice to have possibility to navigate to parent pom from
* [IDEADEV-26240] — Don't report "Unused parameter" for catch blocks
* [IDEADEV-26258] — resolve constructor calls to constructor functions (instead of class)
* [IDEADEV-26355] — For Dojo, Structure view does not show name of class
* [IDEADEV-26937] — JSDoc @extends supported?
* [IDEADEV-27150] — Maven 2 pom.xml syncronization should allow to keep (some?) excluded directory's (for example /src/test/resource/huge-xml-files/)

Performance Problem

* [IDEADEV-25073] — IDEA hangs while downloading Maven parent POM
* [IDEADEV-25334] — IDEA keeps reloading project libraries every few minutes
* [IDEADEV-25814] — Editing performance problems
* [IDEADEV-26235] — Severe editor performance problems
* [IDEADEV-26561] — Subversion plug-in consume too much memory on large projects
* [IDEADEV-26587] — Using common short id for method param will cause IDEA to lock up as much as 15s while reparsing file
* [IDEADEV-26615] — Syncing with the POM:s takes a long time, > 10 minutes
* [IDEADEV-26760] — Memory leak (possibly in FileWatcher?)
* [IDEADEV-27449] — Editing the JSP with Spring form tags


* [IDEADEV-25856] — Update hibernate libs

Usability Problem

* [IDEADEV-23805] — Maven Integration: it would be nice to recognize the generated sources and directoris to exclude in output after task running, not on Synchronization only
* [IDEADEV-24521] — Map help button and F1 of the Maven importer output
* [IDEADEV-24603] — Override excluding all directories in target when using Maven for project
* [IDEADEV-25317] — Add more exceptions to Magic Number inspection
* [IDEADEV-25619] — Cannot move package to module source root.
* [IDEADEV-25705] — Debugger: default Force stepping command shortcuts should use same modifiers
* [IDEADEV-25735] — Custom module grouping is lost on maven synchronize
* [IDEADEV-25761] — Manually added, non-mavenized modules are prompted for removal on maven synchronize
* [IDEADEV-25779] — File structure popup should expand ation script class to show its members
* [IDEADEV-25878] — JSP: EL: completion suggestions are not shown for the second chained member access operator in array-like form
* [IDEADEV-25918] — Create module groups for multi-module Maven projects results in a useless top-level module group
* [IDEADEV-26536] — Maven ear module synchronization doesn't allow global jars and doesn't respect bundleFileName and includeInApplicationXml
* [IDEADEV-27151] — Synchronzing overwrrites excluded folders
* [IDEADEV-27681] — javac2 Ant task is too verbose
* [IDEADEV-27722] — Introduce Variable dialog slow to enable "OK" button
* [IDEADEV-27748] — strange mouse tooltip for functions
* [IDEADEV-27936] — Change in GUI form is not recognized when compiling project during debugging (effected classes are not reloaded)


* [IDEADEV-25216] — Provide checks for public class/function to be in correct file name + package name in correct path
* [IDEADEV-25513] — Check interface members does not have access modifiers

Version 7.0.3 | Release Date: 2008-03-31 | Download
No changes specified
Version 10.5 | Release Date: 2008-01-01 | Download

Release notes at:

Version 7.0.2 | Release Date: 2007-12-17 | Download

• [IDEADEV-2892] - ctrl-backspace: Idea does not delete auto-generated braces
• [IDEADEV-3146] - Unsorted JDK list
• [IDEADEV-3277] - "Export to HTML" does not allow to use legal path like "C:\"
• [IDEADEV-8327] - Javadoc inspection does to detect invalid embedded tags
• [IDEADEV-8874] - Faulty inspection results for malformed javadoc @link tags
• [IDEADEV-11206] - Default for Current directory should be module root NOT project root
• [IDEADEV-11213] - ASTNode.getText() returns escaped text for Injected Language
• [IDEADEV-15128] - GeneralCommandLine does not properly handle arguments with \ at the end
• [IDEADEV-16771] - Custom actions icon size is not validated
• [IDEADEV-20183] - ClearCase: incorrect encoding for diff
• [IDEADEV-20305] - "[Ljava.lang.String;" not understood in constructor-arg
• [IDEADEV-20408] - "Access denied" error on compilation, if EJB / Web facet packaging includes dependent java module with "JAR" option
• [IDEADEV-20899] - Memory leak: MobileDefaultApiEditor is not disposed after pressing Apply in Project structure dialog
• [IDEADEV-20964] - Subversion: externally committed files remain in Changes view and keep blue color
• [IDEADEV-21121] - Project conversion 6.0->7.0: former EAR module gets superfluous dependencies
• [IDEADEV-21256] - Find in path dialog forgets file mask in particular cases
• [IDEADEV-21335] - Obsolete activities are still displayed in IDEA
• [IDEADEV-21495] - spring + aop: "Create method" quickfix for <aop:before> / <aop:after> creates signature with confusing parameter name
• [IDEADEV-21566] - spring + aop: target method matching should be aware of proxy type
• [IDEADEV-21615] - spring + aop: pointcut language sometimes starts to resolve type in other open project
• [IDEADEV-21651] - spring + aop: this() designator should be aware of declare-parents advice
• [IDEADEV-21818] - ClearCase: on file Merge the changes are not loaded normally
• [IDEADEV-21919] - Bogus error inspection in "not exists" expression
• [IDEADEV-22105] - Hibernate: ER diagram: creating id and property on diagram does not update diagram view
• [IDEADEV-22126] - Import from maven don't work.
• [IDEADEV-22180] - schema annotations not working
• [IDEADEV-22187] - After running inspect.bat plugins are turned Off
• [IDEADEV-22225] - ClearCase: dynamic views are not recognized
• [IDEADEV-22230] - ClearCase: package move works incorrectly
• [IDEADEV-22302] - Validate QL join declaration - add "should be collection attribute" check
• [IDEADEV-22345] - Empty Method inspection: False positive for increased access level
• [IDEADEV-22416] - "throws Exception" displayed twice in quick Javadoc
• [IDEADEV-22547] - Class Name Code Completion: on completing one sybol is removed
• [IDEADEV-22567] - Maven: Maven fails to recognize SNAPSHOT module dependencies if there are artifacts installed into local repository
• [IDEADEV-22568] - Warning/error description sometimes spans whole screen
• [IDEADEV-22572] - Wrong warning on JPA QL: "Cannot mix collection and single variables"
• [IDEADEV-22575] - TestNG groups not persisted
• [IDEADEV-22577] - "more/less" (Ctrl-F1) error description tooltip: invoking on error stripe makes description move across screen
• [IDEADEV-22578] - JPA QL: Idea get confused by new expression
• [IDEADEV-22579] - bad code green: type of <util:constant> not resolved or validated
• [IDEADEV-22582] - Correct typos in JSP and JSPX concept
• [IDEADEV-22584] - Error while trying to fetch file history
• [IDEADEV-22585] - Wrong inspection "Loop varibale not update inside loop"
• [IDEADEV-22586] - List of APIs added in 1.6 is incomplete
• [IDEADEV-22587] - no completion/validation for some attributes of the 'lang' namespace
• [IDEADEV-22589] - Ctrl-Shift-F7 in HQL console opens backing temporary file
• [IDEADEV-22590] - No more gutter mark for Spring beans
• [IDEADEV-22601] - Run Configurations / Startup page always enabled
• [IDEADEV-22603] - ER diagram: attribute names get clipped when zooming
• [IDEADEV-22615] - All tags red after updating jars
• [IDEADEV-22616] - JPA - Empty Idclass generated by reverse engineering from the DB
• [IDEADEV-22618] - JSF 1.2_05 does not contain "" in jsf-impl.jar
• [IDEADEV-22627] - Hibernate named query not resolving joins
• [IDEADEV-22632] - spring + aop: inconsistent "highlight usages"
• [IDEADEV-22636] - Named query incorrectly marked as incorrect
• [IDEADEV-22637] - <util:constant> should only suggest public static fields
• [IDEADEV-22638] - CNFE when configuring data source
• [IDEADEV-22655] - Complete word doesn't always work in comments
• [IDEADEV-22659] - No completion is available for xml files using xsd with no namespace
• [IDEADEV-22660] - Deployment doesn't work in WebLogic 10 sometimes
• [IDEADEV-22663] - "Introduce Field" / "Initialize in setUp" creates protected setUp method even if base class setUp is public
• [IDEADEV-22665] - "Introduce field" with "instantiate in setUp()" ignores existing setUp method and adds TestNG annotation
• [IDEADEV-22674] - Spring/Hibernate integration does not recognize mappingDirectoryLocations
• [IDEADEV-22676] - Ctrl-B on package doesn't work from xml
• [IDEADEV-22677] - Fix bug in at line 127
• [IDEADEV-22678] - Inspection does not recognize current_date() Hibernate function
• [IDEADEV-22679] - jar directories as module libraries are not preserved when using eclipse-format dependency storage
• [IDEADEV-22680] - CVS: Extract interface (Rename original class) deletes just created interface
• [IDEADEV-22683] - Settings -> Appearance -> Use antialiased font in editor not working when antialiasing not enabled in OS
• [IDEADEV-22684] - Good code is red: Hibernate component mapping
• [IDEADEV-22685] - javac OutOfMemoryError when compiling in IDEA 6 sandbox when launched from IDEA 7
• [IDEADEV-22686] - Indenting Issue with Javascript Comments
• [IDEADEV-22689] - IDEA hangs on copy/paste
• [IDEADEV-22691] - Refactor->Rename throws NPE with GTK LaF + JDK 1,6
• [IDEADEV-22693] - java.lang.InstantiationError with abstract custom create component
• [IDEADEV-22694] - Move refactoring using drag'n drop bug
• [IDEADEV-22697] - Adoble Flex mxml parameters are highlighted as invalid
• [IDEADEV-22699] - (IDEA-7) Hibernate error about property-based access when specifying default field access
• [IDEADEV-22703] - Inspection "Declaration access can be weaker": Misses usages from annotation
• [IDEADEV-22709] - Strange spacing in Parameter Info tooltip when the function has a single-letter parameter
• [IDEADEV-22711] - Inspection "Redundant suppresion" false positive
• [IDEADEV-22713] - Old Version of xml.xsd shipping in IDEA 7.0
• [IDEADEV-22736] - (IDEA-7) Spring session factory with Hibernate configfile gives 2 useless session factories
• [IDEADEV-22738] - Wrong (?) method completion behavior
• [IDEADEV-22743] - Javadoc code completion does not work.
• [IDEADEV-22746] - "Manual array to collection copy" produces bogus code
• [IDEADEV-22747] - False "Type may be weakened"
• [IDEADEV-22748] - Simlify produces wrong results for if (A || B) return C; else return false;
• [IDEADEV-22749] - Narrow scope, broadens the scope with a switch statement.
• [IDEADEV-22750] - Faulty "scope of variable too broad"
• [IDEADEV-22751] - xsd:import schemaLocation not resolved
• [IDEADEV-22752] - Hibernate parameters in query not being recognized
• [IDEADEV-22756] - Navigation to the code from comiler doesn't work when Eclipse compiler is used
• [IDEADEV-22757] - Maven: Fails when systemPath contains ${env.XXX} property
• [IDEADEV-22761] - Tooltips of Highlight Usages in File gutter marks are often empty
• [IDEADEV-22764] - Perforce incorrectly reports files under project dir as unversioned if all module content roots are below project dir
• [IDEADEV-22765] - Maven: misses modules with relative paths
• [IDEADEV-22766] - right==(ctrl+)clicking on a file in the project structure looses the file selection
• [IDEADEV-22767] - Quote and brace handling issue
• [IDEADEV-22768] - spring + aop: "outgoing" gutter marks unreliable
• [IDEADEV-22769] - IDEA autocompletion suggests invalid schema namespace for elements
• [IDEADEV-22771] - Good schema uri is red
• [IDEADEV-22794] - VCS history refresh doesn't stop when the history panel is closed
• [IDEADEV-22796] - Ant import problem when the import path is referenced via basedir
• [IDEADEV-22797] - References to types within XSD will turn red sometimes when modifying imported schemas
• [IDEADEV-22798] - Highlight usages in file (Ctrl+Shift+F7) does not allow jumping (F3) between all highlighted usages, when many different texts are highlighted (like IDEA6 did)
• [IDEADEV-22802] - Valid HQL reported as an error
• [IDEADEV-22805] - CSS validation error when scriptlet is inside
• [IDEADEV-22806] - VSS: with incorrect login information (password / login name) specified IDEA hangs on performing vcs commands
• [IDEADEV-22807] - Maven: Import modules with same artifactId but different groupId
• [IDEADEV-22808] - Autocompletion inserts an spurious semi-colon.
• [IDEADEV-22810] - Element collection handling incorrect
• [IDEADEV-22811] - XML validation returns unexpected error
• [IDEADEV-22813] - New Project wizard using Maven POM fails with a 'duplicate project names found' dialog
• [IDEADEV-22814] - Opening an ant build file hangs and causes 100% CPU usage
• [IDEADEV-22819] - generated TestNG custom suite xml file doesn't contain group definitions
• [IDEADEV-22827] - test-jar dependencies are ignored
• [IDEADEV-22828] - Default file types are restored on restart
• [IDEADEV-22831] - Debugger: auto-variable-mode does not show previously assigned local variable
• [IDEADEV-22833] - Loading Flex2 Project causes out of memory condition
• [IDEADEV-22834] - Incorrect autoboxing/caching inspection results for double and float
• [IDEADEV-22838] - Not all maven dependecies imported
• [IDEADEV-22842] - Javadoc inspection for generic type parameter ignores doc
• [IDEADEV-22843] - Inspection "Unused library": Gives duplicate results
• [IDEADEV-22845] - ERD refresh
• [IDEADEV-22858] - Extract method in JSP can erase code
• [IDEADEV-22861] - War module depending on another jar module use "copy module output to" instread of "Jar module output and copy files to"
• [IDEADEV-22862] - Ctrl-Q in XSD-backed XML: documentation not available for attribute if defined on separate type
• [IDEADEV-22865] - JSP validation is broken
• [IDEADEV-22870] - Erroneous 'element x is not allowed here' errors in JSPX
• [IDEADEV-22872] - Wrong Ctrl+W in mixed jsp/html
• [IDEADEV-22874] - Error - Failed to start Cleartool.......
• [IDEADEV-22877] - Ctrl-W: Selects half a string, then selects too much
• [IDEADEV-22878] - java source generating compiler does not include generated sources into compiler caches
• [IDEADEV-22883] - incorrect metadata handling
• [IDEADEV-22885] - spring + aop: advice not applied to inner beans
• [IDEADEV-22891] - ClearCase: the file sheduled for delete appears in default change list always
• [IDEADEV-22892] - Maven based IDEA projects lose local history on project close and open
• [IDEADEV-22896] - ER diagram: creating new element in an entity bean (table) shows this table as grey rectangle
• [IDEADEV-22917] - Broken MappedSuperclass Hibernate ORM Inspection
• [IDEADEV-22924] - Create class QuickFix doesn't work in JSPs
• [IDEADEV-22958] - Non-standard size icons should not be displayed in "goto action" popup
• [IDEADEV-22965] - Error displayed that is not an error
• [IDEADEV-22966] - Good code is red: javascript
• [IDEADEV-22973] - Exception caused by call to VirtualFile.refresh
• [IDEADEV-22978] - Bad JS formatting
• [IDEADEV-22987] - numeric primitive increment or decrement classed as 'read' in find usage report ...
• [IDEADEV-22989] - Ctrl-Backspace doesn't work in normal textfields
• [IDEADEV-22992] - "scope of variable is too broad" quickfix results in red code
• [IDEADEV-22994] - Find Usages tabs shown by DSM "Find Usages for Dependencies" have empty title
• [IDEADEV-22997] - structure view of javascript in the ext library doesn't show up properly
• [IDEADEV-23005] - No antialiasing in MultiLineLabel
• [IDEADEV-23039] - invalid ClearCase error
• [IDEADEV-23043] - When a run target has an Run Ant target set before launch, the ant target runs, but the application doesn't start.
• [IDEADEV-23044] - fslogger consumes 100% CPU
• [IDEADEV-23050] - Missing help for new project wizard JDK selection page
• [IDEADEV-23051] - Code completion doesn't complete Javadoc tag names
• [IDEADEV-23052] - Invalid application.xml generated
• [IDEADEV-23055] - Completion variants for <filter-class> presented in random (?) order
• [IDEADEV-23058] - Annotating inner class constructor with final parameter hangs IDEA
• [IDEADEV-23064] - Spring: the bean aliases using for parent bean referencing should work correctly
• [IDEADEV-23067] - Spring: if the bean is referenced by alias, the dependency is not shown on graph
• [IDEADEV-23070] - Variable inside jsp's if tag may be not associated with its usage
• [IDEADEV-23072] - Regression since 7523: code formatting not honoured
• [IDEADEV-23073] - Spring: the bean referencing by one of alternative names instead of id should be treated correctly
• [IDEADEV-23075] - YourKit Profile doesn't start from IDEA
• [IDEADEV-23076] - CSS validation error for line-height property
• [IDEADEV-23078] - Seam builtin components are not resolved in JSF EL
• [IDEADEV-23107] - SVN: NPE
• [IDEADEV-23108] - "Scope of variable is too broad" inspection false positive
• [IDEADEV-23115] - Functions added to Prototype Show in Structure as Properties instead of Methods
• [IDEADEV-23121] - EL: bad code green
• [IDEADEV-23122] - Seam: Context variables defined by @Factory are not recognized
• [IDEADEV-23132] - Inspection of LinkedBlockingQueue in JDK 1.6.0_03 sources: does not implement equals(Object) in Collections
• [IDEADEV-23134] - Clearcase : File status is incorrectly marked as Checkout
• [IDEADEV-23137] - JPA named queries don't look like they're case-sensitive in IDEA
• [IDEADEV-23142] - Generating JPA Entity Model from the database
• [IDEADEV-23143] - "Create patch" should escape invalid symbols from changelist names suggesting patch file name
• [IDEADEV-23149] - svn: copying directory adds directory to svn, but not the entire subtree copied
• [IDEADEV-23150] - StarTeam "Check In" and "Rollback" missing
• [IDEADEV-23151] - Regression: Extra space inserted between parenthesis of method call
• [IDEADEV-23153] - org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNAuthenticationException: svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/projects': 403 Forbidden (https://myhost)
• [IDEADEV-23156] - Javascript Structure pane problem
• [IDEADEV-23158] - Managed bean resolution inside ${} for JSP 2.1 + JSF 1.2
• [IDEADEV-23159] - EL: Idea does not recognize "var" defined by s:selectItems
• [IDEADEV-23165] - Javascript autocomplete suggest "IntellijIdeaRulezzz"
• [IDEADEV-23166] - Spring: graph is incorrect for beans aliases or alternative names
• [IDEADEV-23173] - Fetch Resource Action works in HTML, but doesn't work in JSP
• [IDEADEV-23174] - JavaScript code style doesn't work correctly within a JSP
• [IDEADEV-23176] - IDEA incorrectly flags that a class doesn't implement an interface method if it is implemented in another branch of its inheritance hierarchy
• [IDEADEV-23184] - IDEA doesn't show pointcut defined by @Pointcut("within(..)") in intellisense list for pointcut attribute
• [IDEADEV-23191] - EL function completion not always available
• [IDEADEV-23195] - Code is red in jsp when one scriptlet has java comment start and another one has comment end (see BUG #2 marker :)
• [IDEADEV-23201] - icon for .hbm.xml files
• [IDEADEV-23285] - Good Code in higlighted red: Inherited method
• [IDEADEV-23312] - JSP editor confused by <form:form>
• [IDEADEV-23322] - Spring: Graph export to file doesn't work
• [IDEADEV-23336] - Ant: One particular sequential task will not accept any child elements
• [IDEADEV-23339] - Facet detection doesn't refresh VFS before calling individual facet detectors
• [IDEADEV-23340] - Generify... removes needed type cast for call to Collections.sort()
• [IDEADEV-23343] - Inspection :"Enumeration can be iteration" Quickfix produces syntax error.
• [IDEADEV-23344] - Inspection :"Enumeration can be iteration" Quickfix on parametized Enumeration creates raw Iterator type, results in syntax error / broken code
• [IDEADEV-23345] - SourceGeneratingCompiler is not called to generate sources when performing make before running application
• [IDEADEV-23346] - Generify.. does not work when Collections.sort() is called on a raw list collection.
• [IDEADEV-23350] - Good code is red
• [IDEADEV-23371] - Bug in JPQL parsing: enum literals are legal
• [IDEADEV-23383] - Generify... doesn't propagate type to foreach constructs
• [IDEADEV-23389] - Maven: Handle 'generated-sources' under target directory
• [IDEADEV-23393] - Intention 'Append *MIDlet to 'X' suite adds wrong name
• [IDEADEV-23394] - Run Ant task before running JUnit tests keeps resetting to no target
• [IDEADEV-23399] - IDEA doesn't resolve URI for testng.xml automatically
• [IDEADEV-23404] - Build 7562 & 7549 problems with maven multi-module deployed jars
• [IDEADEV-23406] - IDEA incorrectly detects Java ME emulator names.
• [IDEADEV-23409] - Run configuration environment variables: a semicolon in the value results in incorrect handling.
• [IDEADEV-23453] - Generify... produces invalid code partially parametizing Iterator<Map.Entry>
• [IDEADEV-23463] - IDEA cannot recognize fetched Geronimo URI if Geronimo plugin is disabled
• [IDEADEV-23478] - Idea hangs
• [IDEADEV-23479] - Generify.. doesn't work when Collection.removeAll() is called.
• [IDEADEV-23484] - Expression Evaluator can't cast from int to float
• [IDEADEV-23486] - When MIDlet class is renamed, MIDlet suit JAD file is not updated.
• [IDEADEV-23488] - Tomcat: Idea fails on slashes in context path
• [IDEADEV-23490] - Path to icon for MIDlet suite is wrong
• [IDEADEV-23504] - Inspection suppressions do not affect inner anonymous classes of the second level
• [IDEADEV-23505] - Bad compile doesn't have clickable link
• [IDEADEV-23506] - Multifacet module malfunctioning: Incorrect "Error:(12,1) Interface 'LocalSessionHome' should define at least one create method" message on EJB model validation
• [IDEADEV-23512] - "Loosing" namespaces in *.xhtml files
• [IDEADEV-23528] - IDEA should ignore to add "method" attribute if there is already one
• [IDEADEV-23531] - User defined types are not supported
• [IDEADEV-23533] - Regression in 7573: Trinidad taglib not reliably accessible
• [IDEADEV-23536] - Smart code completion positions caret badly
• [IDEADEV-23542] - Quick-fix for "Non-serializable class with serialVersionUID" inspection does not work
• [IDEADEV-23548] - Make Static for inner classes creates wrong constructor-argument reference
• [IDEADEV-23550] - Regression: Quickfix "Fetch external resource" works only once
• [IDEADEV-23552] - Extract Superclass breaks code
• [IDEADEV-23554] - Replace structurally fails on first match
• [IDEADEV-23555] - Introduce field problem
• [IDEADEV-23559] - Safe Delete deletes used implementation
• [IDEADEV-23560] - Inlining enum constructors doesn't replace usage
• [IDEADEV-23573] - IDEA (inspection gadgets) incorrectly reports unnecessary "this."
• [IDEADEV-23587] - Move inner class to upper level doesn't take account of packages
• [IDEADEV-23622] - Few same confirmation messages for deleting the file
• [IDEADEV-23623] - Displaying older-version repository files in an incorrect encoding
• [IDEADEV-23631] - diff dialog use wrong encoding
• [IDEADEV-23654] - Source root package prefix is not taken into account
• [IDEADEV-23733] - X(HT)ML completion: Conflict between automatic attribute insertion vs. self closing tag
• [IDEADEV-23802] - Web facet doesn't update another module's jar archive in exploded directory

• [IDEADEV-18555] - Bookmark-tooltips in XML files are empty
• [IDEADEV-18937] - Provided dedicated icon for hibernate mapping XML files
• [IDEADEV-22576] - No antialiasing in ActionButtonWithText
• [IDEADEV-22580] - Correct typo in Concepts/Application Servers Support
• [IDEADEV-22581] - Correct grammar in Concepts/JavaEE/HTML, XHTML, XML and CSS
• [IDEADEV-22649] - Clearcase configuration: "Restrict history records" check box does not disable the text field immediately
• [IDEADEV-22687] - No antialiasing in messages view
• [IDEADEV-22688] - No antialiasing in breadcrumbs
• [IDEADEV-22702] - Poppu menus are not consistent in transparency
• [IDEADEV-22708] - Strange characters in license agreement dialog
• [IDEADEV-22712] - Add to Favorites strips underbar from names
• [IDEADEV-22753] - No antialiasing in memory usage panel
• [IDEADEV-22795] - Spring+AOP: Missing 'Navigate to AOP interceptors' gutter mark
• [IDEADEV-23157] - asList generic return type incorrectly flagged as erronous
• [IDEADEV-23163] - Ctrl-Q for EL function talks about 'tag'
• [IDEADEV-23185] - Ctrl-Shift-F7 on EL variable declared by @elvariable comment does not use "write" color
• [IDEADEV-23558] - Readme.txt in IDEA install dir still says 7.0M1

• [IDEADEV-4369] - [#836] Throwable: ProblemDescriptorImpl.<init>
• [IDEADEV-5702] - [#1453] IOE: CheckUtil.checkWritable
• [IDEADEV-13805] - [#4104] NPE: HTMLComposerImpl.appendElementReference
• [IDEADEV-15008] - [#4488] NPE: J2MEModuleProperties.getInstance
• [IDEADEV-16832] - [#5153] NPE: Utils.doUpdate
• [IDEADEV-17705] - [#5416] PIEAE: LeafPsiElement.getContainingFile
• [IDEADEV-17972] - [#5561] IAE: VirtualFileManager.extractPath
• [IDEADEV-18088] - [#5677] CME: CoverageDataManagerImpl.getSuites
• [IDEADEV-18218] - [#5730] getChangesFor with "entry '-' not found"
• [IDEADEV-19266] - RE: Entry.getEntry (getChangesFor failed with "entry '-' not found")
• [IDEADEV-19377] - [#6212] CME: THashSet.addAll
• [IDEADEV-19835] - [#6428] Throwable: DirectoryIndexImpl.getInfoForDirectory
• [IDEADEV-20556] - [#6761] IOOBE: CharArray.charAt
• [IDEADEV-21411] - [#7132] assert:
• [IDEADEV-21492] - [#7152] Throwable: ProblemDescriptorImpl.<init>
• [IDEADEV-22017] - [#7449] PIEAE: NonSlaveRepositoryPsiElement.getContainingFile
• [IDEADEV-22025] - [#7457] assert: PsiFragment.getUsageInfo
• [IDEADEV-22038] - [#7466] Throwable: RangeMarkerImpl.documentChanged
• [IDEADEV-22210] - [#7562] Throwable: FileProcessingCompilerStateCache.update
• [IDEADEV-22312] - [#7616] AE: StableInvocationHandler.invoke
• [IDEADEV-22335] - [#7637] IAE: VfsUtil.isAncestor
• [IDEADEV-22453] - [#7698] CME: THashIterator.nextIndex
• [IDEADEV-22455] - [#7699] CME: JSTypeEvaluateManager.doIterateTypeImpl
• [IDEADEV-22500] - [#7722] SOE: TreeUtil.findChild
• [IDEADEV-22502] - [#7724] AE: SpringModelTreeElement.getSpringModel
• [IDEADEV-22563] - [#7740] ISE: ClassNode.getElement
• [IDEADEV-22658] - [#7745] NPE: JSVariableImpl.getIcon
• [IDEADEV-22664] - Exception when I try to compile
• [IDEADEV-22717] - [#7747] SVNCE: SvnProgressCanceller.checkCancelled
• [IDEADEV-22718] - [#7748] AIOOBE: XmlMover.checkAvailable
• [IDEADEV-22719] - [#7749] AE: CheckDtdReferencesInspection$AddDtdDeclarationFix.applyFix
• [IDEADEV-22726] - [#7756] AE: VcsGroupsWrapper.update
• [IDEADEV-22734] - [#7766] NPE: MethodParameterInfoHandler.appendModifierList
• [IDEADEV-22741] - [#7770] AE: QlReferenceExpressionImpl.getPsiType
• [IDEADEV-22763] - NPE in form snapshot tool on null layout
• [IDEADEV-22772] - [#7773] IMSE: DefaultLockAdapter.unlock
• [IDEADEV-22786] - [#7787] RE: Entry.getEntry
• [IDEADEV-22787] - [#7788] NPE: JavaDocManager.getTitle
• [IDEADEV-22846] - [#7802] SOE: DefaultLockAdapter.lock
• [IDEADEV-22849] - [#7805] NPE: DialogAppender$
• [IDEADEV-22850] - [#7806] IAE: GlobalSearchScope.moduleWithDependenciesAndLibrariesScope
• [IDEADEV-22903] - [#7814] NPE: DefaultStateSerializer.serializeState
• [IDEADEV-22906] - [#7817] AE: ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent
• [IDEADEV-22907] - [#7818] SIOOBE: SchemaReferencesProvider$TypeOrElementOrAttributeReference.getCanonicalText
• [IDEADEV-22921] - [#7825] CCE: PsiElement2UsageTargetAdapter.canNavigate
• [IDEADEV-22922] - [#7826] NPE: LookupManager.getInstance
• [IDEADEV-22926] - [#7828] IAE: UsageInfo.<init>
• [IDEADEV-22929] - [#7830] IAE: UsageInfo.<init>
• [IDEADEV-22931] - [#7832] AE: ComponentManagerImpl.getPicoContainer
• [IDEADEV-22942] - [#7844] assert: DomRootInvocationHandler.isValid
• [IDEADEV-22945] - [#7847] IVFAE: PersistentFS.getFileId
• [IDEADEV-22950] - [#7852] : FormatProcessor.getIndentAt
• [IDEADEV-22951] - [#7853] PIEAE: EvaluatedXmlNameImpl.getNamespace
• [IDEADEV-22952] - [#7854] PIEAE: EvaluatedXmlNameImpl.getNamespace
• [IDEADEV-22953] - [#7855] AE: DomInvocationHandler.doInvoke
• [IDEADEV-22954] - [#7856] NPE: ComponentManagerImpl.getComponentFromContainer
• [IDEADEV-22974] - Exception when trying to create a new project...
• [IDEADEV-22995] - NPE on CVS checkout
• [IDEADEV-23001] - [#7861] AE: DomSpringBeanPointer.getSpringBean
• [IDEADEV-23002] - [#7862] NPE: FilePatch.apply
• [IDEADEV-23008] - [#7867] IAE: LookupItemUtil.addLookupItem
• [IDEADEV-23015] - [#7874] NPE: DefaultStateSerializer.serializeState
• [IDEADEV-23028] - [#7887] AE: DomReflectionUtil.invokeMethod
• [IDEADEV-23029] - [#7888] AE: JpaAnnoRelationshipAttributeManipulator.setJoinTable
• [IDEADEV-23030] - [#7889] AE: DomReflectionUtil.invokeMethod
• [IDEADEV-23031] - [#7890] NPE: DefaultUserResponse.getPersistenceUnitName
• [IDEADEV-23035] - [#7893] NPE: XmlUtil.createChildTag
• [IDEADEV-23037] - [#7895] PIEAE: EvaluatedXmlNameImpl.getNamespace
• [IDEADEV-23038] - [#7896] AE: DomInvocationHandler.doInvoke
• [IDEADEV-23049] - Spring: bean update (dependency/property adding, bean rename etc) causes exception on opening graph
• [IDEADEV-23053] - Exportable extension point for plugins does not work
• [IDEADEV-23068] - Spring: exception on NoMatchingConstructorFound quickfix applying if few beans matching the constructor argument are found
• [IDEADEV-23071] - [#7868] CCE: JSReferenceExpressionImpl.bindToElement
• [IDEADEV-23099] - Spring: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Equal objects must have equal hashcodes
• [IDEADEV-23130] - Spring: exception on switching from graph with nodes group selected
• [IDEADEV-23144] - NPE through StarteamConfigurable.selectWorkingPath() when opening chooser for Working path in Template project settings
• [IDEADEV-23160] - Exception when IDEA refreshing filesystem...
• [IDEADEV-23167] - Spring: exception on attempt to create fileset in one of modules of imported multimodule project
• [IDEADEV-23203] - [#7897] assert: DataManagerImpl.validated
• [IDEADEV-23207] - [#7901] IAE: TObjectHash.throwObjectContractViolation
• [IDEADEV-23210] - [#7904] NPE: SpringAdviceLocalAopModel.getIntroductions
• [IDEADEV-23213] - [#7908] NPE: ExplorerSettingsEditor.updateTitle
• [IDEADEV-23214] - [#7909] assert: ProblemDescriptorImpl.<init>
• [IDEADEV-23215] - [#7910] NPE: JSResolveUtil.treeWalkUp
• [IDEADEV-23217] - [#7912] assert: ChangesUtil.findValidParent
• [IDEADEV-23218] - [#7913] NPE: SpringFilesTree.buildModuleNodes
• [IDEADEV-23222] - [#7917] NPE: CvsChangeProvider.processEntriesIn
• [IDEADEV-23230] - [#7927] PIEAE: PsiElementBase.getContainingFile
• [IDEADEV-23233] - [#7930] assert: FacetDetectionProcessor$MyFacetDetectorRegistry.<init>
• [IDEADEV-23235] - [#7932] IAE: GridChangeUtil.check
• [IDEADEV-23241] - [#7938] ROME: DocumentImpl.insertString
• [IDEADEV-23243] - [#7940] CME: THashIterator.nextIndex
• [IDEADEV-23244] - [#7941] NPE: Handler$ClearStateVisitor.visitElement
• [IDEADEV-23262] - [#7960] IAE: ResourceUtil.loadText
• [IDEADEV-23263] - [#7961] NPE: XmlUtil.findLocalNameByQualifiedName
• [IDEADEV-23266] - [#7964] NPE: EquivalenceChecker.declarationStatementsAreEquivalent
• [IDEADEV-23267] - [#7965] assert: SmartPointerManagerImpl.initPointer
• [IDEADEV-23274] - [#7972] PIEAE: LeafPsiElement.getProject
• [IDEADEV-23278] - [#7976] AE: GraphBase._wrap
• [IDEADEV-23290] - [#7979] PIEAE: CompositePsiElement.getContainingFile
• [IDEADEV-23291] - [#7980] PIEAE: CompositePsiElement.getContainingFile
• [IDEADEV-23299] - [#7988] CME: OfflineInspectionRVContentProvider.excludeProblem
• [IDEADEV-23313] - [#7995] NPE: ApplyPatchDialog$PatchCellRenderer.assumeProblemWillBeFixed
• [IDEADEV-23315] - [#7997] NPE: IdRefReference.getIdValueElement
• [IDEADEV-23320] - Spring + aop: StackOverflow error on cyclic inheritance detecting in advised class
• [IDEADEV-23324] - [#8002] SOE: ConcurrentWeakValueHashMap.get
• [IDEADEV-23328] - Spring Facet - New File Set.. ceased to work
• [IDEADEV-23331] - [#8006] NPE: ChangeListSynchronizer$ConnectionKey.hashCode
• [IDEADEV-23364] - [#8017] STE: XMLEntityManager.setupCurrentEntity
• [IDEADEV-23372] - [#8024] PIEAE: NonSlaveRepositoryPsiElement.getContainingFile
• [IDEADEV-23376] - [#8028] ISE: SpringUtils.getSpringBeanName
• [IDEADEV-23384] - Exception while trying to start IDEA with Substance LAF
• [IDEADEV-23412] - [#8034] assert: FileManagerImpl.findFile
• [IDEADEV-23419] - [#8041] NPE: TypeConversionUtil.getSuperClassSubstitutor
• [IDEADEV-23422] - [#8044] RE: SingleRootFileViewProvider.beforeDocumentChanged
• [IDEADEV-23427] - [#8049] assert: ContentEntryImpl.addSourceFolder
• [IDEADEV-23431] - [#8054] ISE: LibraryDownloadInfo.getPresentableUrl
• [IDEADEV-23446] - [#8069] NPE: SelectLocationDialog.init
• [IDEADEV-23451] - java.lang.AssertionError: Already disposed
• [IDEADEV-23457] - [#8075] SOE: ASTWrapperPsiElement.getFirstChild
• [IDEADEV-23462] - ClearCase: exception on project reopening after all changelists remove
• [IDEADEV-23477] - Recursion on validation of Hibernate model causes inspection/completion functionlaity to freeze up
• [IDEADEV-23497] - VSS: exception on old project opening
• [IDEADEV-23566] - [#8091] SIOOBE: JspElVariablesProvider.getTextToMatch
• [IDEADEV-23583] - [#8105] NPE: PluginModuleType.isOfType
• [IDEADEV-23588] - [#8109] IAE: TObjectHash.throwObjectContractViolation
• [IDEADEV-23589] - [#8110] NPE: JsfElVariablesProvider.hasJsfNsDefinedIn
• [IDEADEV-23596] - [#8116] NPE: HighlightInfo$IntentionActionDescriptor.getOptions
• [IDEADEV-23597] - [#8117] RE: EditorFactoryImpl.createEditor
• [IDEADEV-23601] - [#8121] IAE: TObjectHash.throwObjectContractViolation
• [IDEADEV-23611] - [#8131] IOE: VirtualDirectoryImpl.getInputStream
• [IDEADEV-23614] - [#8134] NPE: ContentRevisionVirtualFile.loadContent
• [IDEADEV-23642] - [#8150] IOOBE: EditorImpl.calcLogicalLineNumber
• [IDEADEV-23662] - [#8162] CCE: FileManagerImpl.getAllCachedFiles
• [IDEADEV-23702] - [#8192] assert: PsiNameHelperImpl.isIdentifier
• [IDEADEV-23703] - [#8193] NPE: JavaParameters.setWorkingDirectory
• [IDEADEV-23748] - NPE when setting up incorrect package depency rules

New Feature
• [IDEADEV-2692] - Filter Call Hierarchy based on test scope
• [IDEADEV-16869] - ClearCase: make the files commiting to different activities more convenient
• [IDEADEV-17510] - @transaction-manager completion/resolving
• [IDEADEV-20242] - Support for mxml files
• [IDEADEV-21955] - Allow setting enterprise plugin repository location through system property
• [IDEADEV-22657] - Configurable libraries dowload site
• [IDEADEV-22675] - Typing } bracket does not automatically unindent in Javascript
• [IDEADEV-22700] - Inspection "Declaration access can be weaker": Thinks an enum constant can be private
• [IDEADEV-22762] - Help for Maven toolwindow
• [IDEADEV-22837] - Return back "Add to Favorites" action
• [IDEADEV-22879] - Reopen IDEADEV-12372: Distinguish Ctrl-Alt and right Alt (especially in nl_BE)
• [IDEADEV-22889] - addClasspath in a war pom.xml
• [IDEADEV-23042] - Support variables in Eclipse .classpath files
• [IDEADEV-23128] - Maven support - build-helper plugin
• [IDEADEV-23129] - maven-antrun-plugin.sourceRoot and maven-antrun-plugin.testSourceRoot are not used when synchronizing with pom.xml
• [IDEADEV-23140] - Starteam plugin stores passwords in plain text
• [IDEADEV-23164] - open api for extract method
• [IDEADEV-23493] - Automatically attach module sources and javadocs if available for Maven dependencies
• [IDEADEV-23500] - XML-Schema Lookup API

Performance Problem
• [IDEADEV-22583] - Memory leak after editing WebLogic EJB-relationship settings
• [IDEADEV-22666] - Idea hangs after auto-replace in spring context file
• [IDEADEV-22898] - Simple edit on a <100line java file takes 10-15s to reparse completely
• [IDEADEV-22928] - Closing Find toolwindow, which has search activity contributing there doesn't cancel search and locks up UI thread 100%
• [IDEADEV-22971] - With Packages view open, edits in a simple text file takes a 1-3s pause at every other characters entered
• [IDEADEV-22979] - >50% cpu usage on a file
• [IDEADEV-22991] - JSP editor: parsing is very slow and blocks the editor
• [IDEADEV-23054] - IntelliJ code completion is unusually slow
• [IDEADEV-23069] - Drag-and-drop operations cause memory leaks
• [IDEADEV-23411] - Hijacking a file in offline mode takes a while.
• [IDEADEV-23621] - Cpu usage boost. No open files, no activity.

• [IDEADEV-22829] - Implement isReferenceTo() in com.intellij.psi.PsiReferenceBase.Poly

Usability Problem
• [IDEADEV-14156] - JSP: EL: improve functions code completion
• [IDEADEV-17504] - Code Fragment Evaluation dialog: list of recent items reversed
• [IDEADEV-20106] - spring facet: "Edit File Set" dialog / "Configuration files" tag: sort files by name
• [IDEADEV-20807] - Disabled plugin can be uninstalled without warning
• [IDEADEV-21133] - Provide help buttons and F1 support for Maven Integration dialog and Maven Projects tool window
• [IDEADEV-21618] - Inspection results: "Group by directory" setting On: directories are not alphabetically sorted
• [IDEADEV-21897] - "Refactor | Convert Anonymous to Inner" not available on anonymous class name identifier
• [IDEADEV-22139] - New module wizard: initially put focus into Name field and preselect value
• [IDEADEV-22184] - Can't find an indication that plugin is really updated after Update command
• [IDEADEV-22222] - "placeholders string values inspection" should be intention action instead
• [IDEADEV-22414] - Missing progress feedback on executing "Before launch" maven targets
• [IDEADEV-22484] - HQL console: add "Do not ask again" check box to "Facet class files are out of date" warning
• [IDEADEV-22669] - In Spring, Intention actions should not suggest refactorings for core JDK classes
• [IDEADEV-22672] - New Find Mechanism requires too many keypresses
• [IDEADEV-22706] - Clearcase : The Use UCM model option should work at the module level, not project
• [IDEADEV-22737] - Clearcase : current activity not visible in change list if no checkout
• [IDEADEV-22770] - Source roots for Web Facet cannot be configured
• [IDEADEV-22804] - Please bring back the old modal find dialog!
• [IDEADEV-22832] - The first whitespaces of the comment box in the Commit Changes are always removed, this prevents us from using correct wiki syntax in our commit messages that will also show up on our trac wiki
• [IDEADEV-22881] - Report incorrect resource type mapped to namespace
• [IDEADEV-22970] - Log File Woes I: Pattern is unusable
• [IDEADEV-23041] - Log File Woes IV: Ordering is random
• [IDEADEV-23329] - Spring facet fileset not sorted in project file causing major headache for sharing project files
• [IDEADEV-23386] - IDEA doesn't remember size of breakpoints window
• [IDEADEV-23410] - Unstable order of configuration entries for Structural Search Inspection in .ipr file
• [IDEADEV-23461] - Option to disable URI validation
• [IDEADEV-23465] - Declare as <jsp:useBean> QuickFix: make "request" the default scope
• [IDEADEV-23521] - Alt-Enter should optimize imports only if "Optimize imports on the fly" is enabled
• [IDEADEV-23629] - Cannot assign to specific space in OS X Leopard
• [IDEADEV-23630] - Apply patch: created directories are not added to version control
• [IDEADEV-23684] - Maven run/debug configuration VM Parameters field is missing popup editor as in other types of run/debug configurations

• [IDEADEV-14367] - Built-in MXML schema should be provided
• [IDEADEV-14368] - ActionScript should be injected into appropriate places of MXML documents
• [IDEADEV-14369] - CSS should be injected into appropriate places of MXML documents
• [IDEADEV-22682] - Wrong static fields support
• [IDEADEV-22690] - "ref" support for array type properties
• [IDEADEV-22981] - Mxml structure view should have css styles and javascript functions

Version 7.0.1 | Release Date: 2007-10-25 | Download

Major release. See URL for details

Version 7.0 | Release Date: 2007-10-15 | Download

This release is focused on further upgrading performance, usability, and enhancing the user experience with the efficient support for new features, technologies, and tools.
Hibernate and Spring integration
Coding assistance with smart completion
Highlighting, code inspections and quick-fixes
Spring file set editor
Spring namespaces support
Spring AOP support with full coding assistance, quick fixes and navigation
Hibernate mapping structure view
Editable Hibernate entities relationship diagram
Hibernate/Spring-aware Refactorings
Tight Hibernate/Spring integration
And more…

New and improved support for multiple languages and technologies
More advanced JavaScript (with basic Flex) support
Ruby/JRuby and Groovy development plugins to be released within coming weeks
Highly anticipated Web services support
And more…

New and innovative VCS features
Rational ClearCase integration
“Review incoming changes”, to raise awareness of team members’ activity
Ability to “shelve” local changes (temporarily remove modifications from code and restore them later)
Other important enhancements

Greater level of team cooperation
Tight, transparent Maven integration
Interoperability with Eclipse projects
Better TeamCity integration, with a dedicated tool window for reviewing inspections and duplicates reports right from the IDE

Numerous productivity-boosting features
New Java refactorings
A rich set of refactorings for XML
Around 50 new code inspections and quick-fixes
More flexible search options
And more…

Variety of other enhancements
New flexible and intuitive approach to configuring complex Enterprise Applications
Completely new debugger UI
Innovative visual Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM)
Top-notch performance
Enhanced usability
And much more!

Version 6.0.5 | Release Date: 2007-03-29 | Download

he key mark of this release is the improved evaluation model. You no longer have to apply for the free 30-day evaluation key.
Just download the installation package, setup and get started. Your free evaluation period starts when you first run IntelliJ IDEA.

Other remarkable features include:

Tomcat 6 support
JUnit 4.2 support
Bundled Ant 1.7.0
Keymap for Eclipse users
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements
For complete list of what’s been fixed, added and improved, see Release Notes.

Version 6.0.4 | Release Date: 2007-01-26 | Download

new major release

Version 5.1.2 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified